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Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of an active lifestyle, and more and more adults and children are getting involved in physical activity for health and enjoyment reasons. Because of this graduates in physical education are increasingly in demand, so you have picked a great course to study! We have a huge range of discounted physical education textbooks for you to choose from here online. Our new and pre-owned books are all in great condition. These are the same books that are on sale at your college bookshop but we sell them at far lower prices. Not only are our physical education textbooks cheaper, but they are also easier to purchase here online at our website. Just use the ISBN numbers from your tutor's reading list to help you find exactly the right books, place your order, and then sit back and wait from them to drop into your mailbox. Or if you're studying physical education sitting back and relaxing probably isn't your style. Go for a jog instead!

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Dynamic Phys.ed.f/ Children by Pangrazi, Robert P. ISBN: 9780205269051 List Price: $58.50
Introduction to Physical Education, Fitness, and Sport by Siedentop, Daryl ISBN: 9780072930320 List Price: $100.15
Boys' Bodies : Speaking the Unspoken by Kehler, Michael ISBN: 9781433106262 List Price: $33.95
Lesson Plans for Classroom Teachers Third and Fourth Grades by Pangrazi, Robert P. ISBN: 9780205193646 List Price: $22.00
Fitness Education Teaching Concepts-Based Fitness in the Schools by Strand, Bradford N., Scantl... ISBN: 9780137766345 List Price: $87.00
Documentation For Athletic Training by Konin, Jeff G., Frederick, ... ISBN: 9781556426414 List Price: $47.95
Essentials Of Athletic Injury Management by Prentice, William E., Arnhe... ISBN: 9780072985368
Multicultural Approach to Physical Education Proven Strategies for Middle and High School by Clements, Rhonda L., Kinzle... ISBN: 9780736038829 List Price: $26.00
Introduction to Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science by Safrit, Margaret J., Wood, ... ISBN: 9780801678493 List Price: $41.95
Contemporary Coaching Issues and Trends by Holbrook, James E., Barr, K... ISBN: 9781884125676 List Price: $35.00
Using Technology in Physical Education by Unknown ISBN: 9781893166967 List Price: $35.00
Essentials of Athletic Training With Dynamic Human by Arnheim, Daniel D., Prentic... ISBN: 9780072488913 List Price: $105.10
Fundamentals of Human Performance - George A. Brooks - Hardcover by Brooks, George A., Fahey, T... ISBN: 9780023151507 List Price: $85.00
Principles of Athletic Training by Arnheim, Daniel D. ISBN: 9780801665646 List Price: $55.95
Athletic Training and Sports Medicine by Schenck, Robert C., Guskiew... ISBN: 9780892031726 List Price: $114.95
Elementary Classroom Teachers As Movement Educators Moving into the Future, Nationa Standard... by Kovar, Susan K., Combs, Cin... ISBN: 9780073252223 List Price: $72.45
Training for Sports Speed and Agility: An Evidence-Based Approach by Gamble, Paul ISBN: 9780415591263 List Price: $47.95
Measurement By the Physical Educator Why and How by Miller, David K. ISBN: 9780697166210 List Price: $53.55
Introduction to Physical Education by Nixon ISBN: 9780721667928 List Price: $18.00
Physical Education and Sport in a Changing Society by Freeman, William H. ISBN: 9780023397059 List Price: $50.00
Physical Education, Curriculum, and Culture Critical Issues in the Contemporary Crisis by Kirk, David, Monash, Richar... ISBN: 9781850006756 List Price: $48.00
Research Design and Statistics for Physical Education by Rothstein, Anne L. ISBN: 9780137741427 List Price: $52.00
Bridges to Accessibility by Project Adventure Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780840378910 List Price: $14.00
Assessing Clinical Proficiencies in Athletic Training A Modular Approach by Knight, Kenneth L. ISBN: 9780736041997 List Price: $38.00
Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children (Canadian) by Pangrazi, Robert P., Gibbon... ISBN: 9780205340682
Introduction to Physical Education, Exercise Science, and Sport Studies by Lumpkin, Angela ISBN: 9780072851663 List Price: $73.43
Physical Best Activity Guide Elementary Level by National Association for Sp... ISBN: 9780736048033 List Price: $29.00
Special Physical Education by Dunn, John M., Fait, Hollis F. ISBN: 9780697086242 List Price: $92.75
Instructional Strat.f/sec.schl.phys.ed. by Harrison, Joyce M., Blakemo... ISBN: 9780697101150 List Price: $34.20
Physical Education Curriculum by Stillwell, Jim L., Willgoos... ISBN: 9780132969970 List Price: $39.95
Sport in the Global Village by Wilcox, Ralph C., Brown, Er... ISBN: 9780962792649 List Price: $46.00
Curriculum in Physical Ed. by Willgoose, Carl E. ISBN: 9780131960725 List Price: $72.00
Stories on the Move Integrating Literature and Movement With Children, from Infants to Age 14 by Cohen, Arlene, McAllister, ... ISBN: 9781591584186 List Price: $32.00
More Team Building Challenges by Midura, Daniel W., Glover, ... ISBN: 9780873227858 List Price: $17.95
Essentials of Physical Education Module 2 by Spindt, Gary B. ISBN: 9780840353320 List Price: $9.99
Core Concepts by Insel, Paul M., Roth, Walto... ISBN: 9780767423731 List Price: $26.30
Cultivation of Body and Mind in Nineteenth-Century American Delsartism by Ruyter, Nancy Lee Chalfa ISBN: 9780313310423 List Price: $105.00
Physical Literacy: Throughout the Lifecourse (International Studies in Physical Education an... by Whitehead, Margaret, Bailey... ISBN: 9780415487429 List Price: $140.00
Improving Teaching and Learning in Physical Education by Grout, Harvey, Long, Gareth ISBN: 9780335234066
Teaching with Movies Recreation, Sports, Tourism, and Physical Education by O'Bannon, Teresa, Goldenber... ISBN: 9780736065085 List Price: $26.00
In Pursuit of Excellence A Contemporary Issue by Hill, Michael ISBN: 9780415423540 List Price: $41.95
Curriculum Theory and Design in Physical Education by Annarino, Anthony A. ISBN: 9780801602979 List Price: $22.95
Physical Educ.+sport in Changing Soc. by Freeman, William H. ISBN: 9780205263929 List Price: $46.50
Lessons of Locker Room by Miracle, Andrew W., Jr., Re... ISBN: 9780879758790 List Price: $28.00
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