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Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the health benefits of an active lifestyle, and more and more adults and children are getting involved in physical activity for health and enjoyment reasons. Because of this graduates in physical education are increasingly in demand, so you have picked a great course to study! We have a huge range of discounted physical education textbooks for you to choose from here online. Our new and pre-owned books are all in great condition. These are the same books that are on sale at your college bookshop but we sell them at far lower prices. Not only are our physical education textbooks cheaper, but they are also easier to purchase here online at our website. Just use the ISBN numbers from your tutor's reading list to help you find exactly the right books, place your order, and then sit back and wait from them to drop into your mailbox. Or if you're studying physical education sitting back and relaxing probably isn't your style. Go for a jog instead!

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Dynamics of Skills Acquisitions by Davids, Keith, Bennett, Sim... ISBN: 9780736036863 List Price: $71.00
Childhood and Nature by Sobel, David ISBN: 9781571107411 List Price: $17.50
Performance Based Assessment for Middle and High School Physical Education by Lund, Jacalyn Lea, Kirk, Ma... ISBN: 9780736083607 List Price: $39.00
Introduction to Physical Education and Sport Science by France, Robert C. ISBN: 9781418055295 List Price: $106.95
Perspectives in Athletic Training by Cummings, Nancy H., Stanley... ISBN: 9780323033855 List Price: $102.00
Children Moving A Reflective Approach to Teaching Physical Education by Graham, George, Holt-Hale, ... ISBN: 9780072556940 List Price: $113.13
Essentials of Athletic Training by Arnheim, Daniel D., Prentic... ISBN: 9780072457605 List Price: $65.93
Children Moving-text by Graham, George, Holt-Hale, ... ISBN: 9781559349215 List Price: $59.95
Health Education in the Elementary and Middle School with PowerWeb: Health and Human Perform... by Telljohann, Susan K., Symon... ISBN: 9780072468137 List Price: $80.95
Critical Inquiry and Problem Solving in Physical Education Working With Students in Schools by Wright, Jan, Burrows, Liset... ISBN: 9780415291637 List Price: $135.00
Using Technology in Physical Education by Mohnsen, Bonnie ISBN: 9781893166516 List Price: $25.00
Dynamic Physical Education Curriculum Guide: Lesson Plans for Implementation by Pangrazi, Robert P. ISBN: 9780321561640 List Price: $49.40
Sports Coaching : Professionalisation and Practice by Lyle, John, Cushion, Chris ISBN: 9780702030543 List Price: $49.95
Managing Organizations for Sport and Physical Activity A Systems Perspective by Chelladurai, P. ISBN: 9781890871321 List Price: $43.00
Controversial Issues in Adventure Programming by Martin, Bruce, Wagstaff, Mark ISBN: 9781450410915 List Price: $49.00
Understanding Physical Education by Green, Ken ISBN: 9781412921138
Physical Education Assessment Toolkit by Giles-Brown, Liz ISBN: 9780736057967 List Price: $36.00
Maximum Middle School Physical Education by Hirt, Mary, Ramos, Irene ISBN: 9780736057790 List Price: $30.00
Designing Effective Instructional Tasks for Physical Education and Sports by Griffey, David C., Housner,... ISBN: 9780736041751 List Price: $26.00
On the Move Lesson Plans to Accompany Children Moving by Holt-Hale, Shirley Ann ISBN: 9780072921137 List Price: $61.80
Children Moving by Graham, George, Holt-Hale, ... ISBN: 9781559341301 List Price: $54.95
History And Philosophy Of Sport And Physical Education From Ancient Civilizations To The Mod... by Mechikoff, Robert A., Estes... ISBN: 9780072973020 List Price: $96.23
Introduction to Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science by Safrit, Margaret J., Wood, ... ISBN: 9780072506198 List Price: $103.70
Measurement And Evaluation in Physical Education And Exercise Science by Lacy, Alan C., Hastad, Doug... ISBN: 9780805300697 List Price: $118.40
Physical Education for Children Daily Lesson Plans for Elementary School by Thomas, Katherine T., Lee, ... ISBN: 9780873226813 List Price: $61.00
Step by Step A Complete Movement Education Curriculum by Kogan, Sheila ISBN: 9780736044097 List Price: $39.00
Developmental Movement Exercises for Children by Gallahue, David L. ISBN: 9780023403309 List Price: $75.00
Athletic Intruders Ethnographic Research on Women, Culture, and Exercise by Bolin, Anne, Granskog, Jane ISBN: 9780791455845 List Price: $31.95
Sport Foundations for Elementary Physical Education A Tactical Games Approach by Mitchell, Stephen A., Oslin... ISBN: 9780736038515 List Price: $29.00
Invitation to Physical Education by Lawson, Hal A. ISBN: 9780931250477 List Price: $27.00
Mix, Match, and Motivate 107 Activities for Skills and Fitness by Carpenter, Jeff ISBN: 9780736046046 List Price: $22.00
Guidelines for Physical Education Programs Grades K-12 Standards, Objectives, and Assessments by Chepko, Steveda F., Arnold,... ISBN: 9780205283262 List Price: $63.80
Teaching Physical Ed. by Mosston, Muska, Ashworth, Sara ISBN: 9780023841835 List Price: $49.50
Introduction to Physical Education - John E. Nixon - Hardcover - 9th ed by Nixon, John, Jewett, Ann E. ISBN: 9780030567780 List Price: $40.50
Strategies for Inclusion A Handbook for Physical Educators by Lieberman, Lauren, Houston-... ISBN: 9780736003247 List Price: $30.00
Purposeful Play Early Childhood Movement Activities on a Budget by McCall, Renee M., Craft, Di... ISBN: 9780736046411 List Price: $25.00
Teaching Lifetime Sports by Butler, Lawrence F. ISBN: 9780897896559 List Price: $26.95
Athletic Training Exam Review A Student Guide to Success by Van Ost, Lynn, Manfre, Kare... ISBN: 9781556426384 List Price: $36.95
Outdoor Learning : Past and Present by Joyce, Rosaleen ISBN: 9780335243013
Move to learn: Lesson plans for elementary physical education by Seagraves, Margaret C. ISBN: 9780894590481 List Price: $12.95
Clinical Athletic Training by Konin, Jeff ISBN: 9781556423154 List Price: $38.95
Innovative Games by Lichtman, Brenda ISBN: 9780873224888 List Price: $20.00
Methods of Research in Physical Education by Thorpe, Jo A. ISBN: 9780398051747 List Price: $54.00
Physical Education and Sport for Exceptional Students by Horvat, Michael A. ISBN: 9780697112217 List Price: $18.13
Brockport Physical Fitness Test Manual by Winnick, Joseph P., Short, ... ISBN: 9780736000215 List Price: $35.00
Motor Learning in Practice: A Constraints-Led Approach by Renshaw, Ian, Davids, Keith... ISBN: 9780415478632 List Price: $140.00
Management of Physical Education and Sport by Bucher, Charles Augustus, K... ISBN: 9780815113027 List Price: $76.40
Foundations Of Physical Education, Exercise Science And Sport by Wuest, Deborah A., Bucher, ... ISBN: 9780073138930 List Price: $106.75
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