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Education in a Free Society by Rippa, S. Alexander ISBN: 9780801306068 List Price: $49.00
Teachers, Schools, and Society With Student Cd-rom by Sadker, David M., Sadker, M... ISBN: 9780073331614 List Price: $145.00
Battleground by Mathison, Sandra, Ross, E. ... ISBN: 9780313339417
Decline of Donnish Dominion The British Academic Professions in the Twentieth Century by Halsey, Albert H. ISBN: 9780198279730 List Price: $74.00
Teachers, Schools, and Society by Sadker, Myra P., Sadker, Da... ISBN: 9780070549227 List Price: $56.80
American Education in the Twentieth Century A Documentary History by Lazerson, Marvin ISBN: 9780807728512 List Price: $17.00
Teachers, Schools And Society A Brief Introduction to Education by Sadker, David M., Zittleman... ISBN: 9780073230078 List Price: $94.06
Teachers, Schools, and Society by Sadker, Myra, Sadker, David... ISBN: 9780072877724 List Price: $105.00
Stasis and Change: The Cultural Foundations of Education by Besag, Frank P., Nelson, Jack ISBN: 9780075543381 List Price: $38.45
America's Teachers An Introduction to Education by Newman, Joseph W. ISBN: 9780801308437 List Price: $39.50
History of Education in America by Pulliam, John D. ISBN: 9780675212229 List Price: $28.00
Voices from Haskell: Indian Students between Two Worlds, 1884-1927 by Vuckovic, Myriam ISBN: 9780700616176 List Price: $34.95
Today's College Students : A Reader by Sasso, Pietro A., DeVitis, ... ISBN: 9781433123948
Introduction to the Foundations of Education - Allan C. Ornstein - Hardcover - 3rd ed by Ornstein, Allan C., Levine,... ISBN: 9780395358047 List Price: $43.96
Foundational Studies in Teacher Education: A Reexamination by Anderson, Thomas H., Armbru... ISBN: 9780807730591 List Price: $17.95
Minding Women Reshaping the Educational Realm by Gelfond, Holly, Gelfond, Ho... ISBN: 9780916690328 List Price: $24.95
Henry Morris Collection by Rèe, Harry ISBN: 9780521266123 List Price: $54.95
Scholarly Environments Centres of Learning and Institutional Contexts, 1560-1960 by MacDonald, A. A., Huussen, ... ISBN: 9789042914117 List Price: $55.01
Classics Transformed Schools, Universities, and Society in England, 1830-1960 by Stray, Christopher ISBN: 9780198150138 List Price: $150.00
Civil war and Reconstruction in Mississipi by Jackson, Broadus B. ISBN: 9781886017085 List Price: $39.99
Teaching German in America: Prolegomena to a History (Monatshefte Occasional, Vol 7) by Benseler, David, Lohns, Wal... ISBN: 9780299970222 List Price: $25.00
History of Education and Culture in America by Button, H. Warren, Provenzo... ISBN: 9780133901627 List Price: $60.00
America's Teachers An Introduction To Education, Mylabschool by Newman, Joseph W. ISBN: 9780205464746 List Price: $64.60
In History and in Education Essays Presented to Peter Gordon by Aldrich, Richard J. ISBN: 9780713002010 List Price: $45.00
Education and First Principles: A Historical Perspective by Willis, Earl T., Willis, Ea... ISBN: 9780813006468 List Price: $15.95
Myth of the Common School by Glenn, Charles L., Jr. ISBN: 9780870236020 List Price: $37.50
Political Agenda Of Education A Study Of Colonialist And Nationalist Ideas by Kumar, Krishan ISBN: 9780761933175 List Price: $24.95
Better Than the Sons of Kings Boys and Monks in the Early Middle Ages by Quinn, Patricia A. ISBN: 9780820404721 List Price: $59.00
Political Agenda Of Education A Study Of Colonialist And Nationalist Ideas by Kumar, Krishan ISBN: 9780761933168 List Price: $71.95
Scientific and Technical Education in Early Industrial Britain by Stephens, M. D., Roderick, ... ISBN: 9780902031616
Scientific and Technical Education in Early Industrial Britain by Stephens, M. D., Roderick, ... ISBN: 9780785570035
Making a Difference in Education by Cassen, Robert, McNally, Sa... ISBN: 9780415529211
Educational Reform in New Mexico Tireman, San Jose, and Nambe by Bachelor, David L. ISBN: 9780826312761 List Price: $10.95
Education, Economic Change and Society in England 1780-1870 by Sanderson, Michael ISBN: 9780521557795 List Price: $25.99
Legacy of Learning A History of Western Education by Power, Edward J. ISBN: 9780791406106 List Price: $28.50
Popular Education and Democratic Thought in America by Welter, Rush ISBN: 9780231025607 List Price: $60.00
English Popular Education 17801975 by Wardle, David, Wardle, M. E. ISBN: 9780521212021 List Price: $24.95
Wissensorganisierende und wissensvermittelnde Literatur im Mittelalter: Perspektiven ihrer E... by Wolf, Norbert Richard, Sond... ISBN: 9783882263848 List Price: $100.00
HISTORY WOMENS EDUCA ENGLAND PB (Gender and Education Series) by Purvis, June ISBN: 9780335097753 List Price: $28.95
History of Islamic Origins of Western Education by Nakosteen, Mehdi K. ISBN: 9780936347325 List Price: $50.00
Literacy and the Social Order - David Cressy - Hardcover by Cressy, David ISBN: 9780521225144 List Price: $49.95
Foundations of Education by Ornstein ISBN: 9780395637821 List Price: $66.36
American School 1642-1993 by Spring, Joel ISBN: 9780070605398 List Price: $39.75
American School 1642-1996 by Spring, Joel H. ISBN: 9780070605602 List Price: $50.63
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