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Financing Climate of Change by Burrup, Percy E., Brimley, ... ISBN: 9780205194384 List Price: $82.00
Economics of Public Education - Charles Scott Benson - Hardcover - 3d ed by Benson, Charles S. ISBN: 9780395186190 List Price: $35.95
Global Market for Higher Education Sustainable Competitive Strategies for the New Millennium by Mazzarol, Tim, Soutar, Geof... ISBN: 9781840643299 List Price: $110.00
Capitalizing Knowledge New Intersections of Industry and Academia by Etzkowitz, Henry, Webster, ... ISBN: 9780791439487 List Price: $29.95
Refinancing the College Dream : Access, Equal Opportunity, and Justice for Taxpayers by St. John, Edward P., Asker,... ISBN: 9781421415789 List Price: $32.95
College Financial Aid Made Easy by Bellantoni, Patrick L. ISBN: 9780964397910 List Price: $16.95
Financial Planning 2000 by McFadden, John J. ISBN: 9780943590912 List Price: $42.00
Business and Economics Funding Guide - Carolyn S. Looff - Hardcover by Looff, Carolyn, Bitting, Ch... ISBN: 9780880440875 List Price: $35.50
Surveys in the Economics of Uncertainty by Hey, John D., Lambert, Pete... ISBN: 9780631153351 List Price: $45.00
Financial AIDS for Higher Education by Keeslar, Oreon ISBN: 9780697076335
Federal Support for Education Fiscal Years 1980 to 1993 by Hoffman, Charlene M. ISBN: 9780788113185 List Price: $25.00
Federal Support for Education Fiscal Years 1980 to 1997 by Hoffman, Charlene M. ISBN: 9780788181368 List Price: $20.00
Managing Finance and Resources in Education by Coleman, Marianne, Anderson... ISBN: 9780761965565 List Price: $86.95
Crisis of the University by Scott, Peter ISBN: 9780709933038 List Price: $28.00
Crisis of the University by Scott, Peter ISBN: 9780709933106 List Price: $15.95
Tearing Down the Walls by Payne, Christine ISBN: 9780963593009
Financial Aids for Higher Education by Keeslar, Oreon, Santamaria,... ISBN: 9780697135506
The National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs, 1988 by American Council on Educati... ISBN: 9780029000212 List Price: $39.95
Guide to School Finance: What Taxpayers, School Board Members and Administrators Need to Kno... by Everett, R. E., Sandstrom, ... ISBN: 9781883559038 List Price: $10.00
Analysis of Proposed Tax and Savings Incentives for Higher Education Joint Committee Print, ... by Archer, Bill, Roth, William... ISBN: 9780788176111 List Price: $20.00
Financial AIDS for Higher Education - Oroen Keelsar - Hardcover - 16TH by Keelsar, Oroen, Santamaria,... ISBN: 9780697222626
Developments in School Finance by Fowler, William J. ISBN: 9780788133619 List Price: $30.00
School Finance Trends In U.s. Education Spending by Unknown ISBN: 9780788127557 List Price: $30.00
School Finance Three States' Experiences With Equity In School Funding by Unknown ISBN: 9780788131172 List Price: $20.00
80. Financial+bus.administration.. by Rebore, William T., Rebore,... ISBN: 9780205135097 List Price: $78.00
Successful Strategies for Marketing School Levies by Graham, Glenn T., Wise, Gor... ISBN: 9780873673105 List Price: $3.00
School Finance : State Efforts to Reduce Funding Gaps Between Poor and Wealthy Districts by Johnson, Eleanor L. ISBN: 9780788176395 List Price: $35.00
What Are You Doing with Your Impact Aid? by Chavers, Dean ISBN: 9781929964024 List Price: $35.00
Pacific Northwest Scholarship Guide : Finding Money for College by Breithaupt, Douglas J., Ter... ISBN: 9781880344026 List Price: $23.95
College and University Budget Information Systems by Earl, Archie William, Sr. ISBN: 9781884169205 List Price: $62.95
College and University Budget Information Systems by Earl, Archie William, Sr. ISBN: 9781884169212 List Price: $47.95
Adams Suburban District Simulation : License Fee by Unknown ISBN: 9781559961417 List Price: $100.00
Readings in Comparative Education by Johnstone, D. Bruce ISBN: 9780924197208 List Price: $10.00
Readings in the Economics and Finance of Higher Education by Johnstone, D. Bruce ISBN: 9780924197215 List Price: $10.00
School Finance : A California Perspective by Schmieder, June ISBN: 9780840397546 List Price: $27.95
Campaign Savvy-School Support by Huyler, Jean W. ISBN: 9780941554022 List Price: $5.95
Selfcalc by Hawkes, Russell A., Hawkes,... ISBN: 9780962150203 List Price: $10.95
School Finance : Its Economics and Politics by Unknown ISBN: 9780801319839 List Price: $24.00
Business and Economics Funding Guide by Looff, Carolyn, Bitting, Ch... ISBN: 9780880440882 List Price: $19.50
Economics of Education by Cohn, Elchanan, Geske, Terr... ISBN: 9780324291544 List Price: $92.95
Advancement Services : Enhancing Fundraising Success by Taylor, John H. ISBN: 9780899644493
Handbook of the Economics of Education by Hanushek, Eric A., J. Machi... ISBN: 9780444634597 List Price: $150.00
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