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Change and Stability in Schooling by Popkewitz, Thomas S. ISBN: 9780730000020
Conceptual Issues in the Role of Education Decentralization in Promoting Effective Schooling... by Behrman, Jere R., Deolalika... ISBN: 9780756735173 List Price: $25.00
Overview and Inventory of State Education Reforms : 1990 to 2000 by McArthur, Edith, Plisko, Val ISBN: 9780756738013 List Price: $35.00
Successful Charter Schools by Paige, Rod ISBN: 9780756747169
Deadly School and Campus Violence by Brezina, Corona ISBN: 9781608547241 List Price: $58.50
Bullying As a Social Experience : Social Factors Prevention and Intervention by Migliaccio, Todd, Raskauska... ISBN: 9781409470106 List Price: $104.95
Crisis and Hope : The Educational Hopscotch of Latin America by Fischman, Gustavo, Ball, St... ISBN: 9781138966963
Making the Future Now : The Schools Our Children Need by Gallagher-Mackay, Kelly, St... ISBN: 9780385685382
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