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Creating Safe Schools for All Children by Duke, Daniel Linden ISBN: 9780205320189 List Price: $89.00
School Violence and Primary Prevention by Miller, Thomas W. ISBN: 9780387756608 List Price: $79.95
School Crime and Policing by Turk, William L. ISBN: 9780130924919 List Price: $44.00
Charter Schools in Action Renewing Public Education by Finn, Chester E., Jr., Mann... ISBN: 9780691090085 List Price: $26.95
Change Forces Probing the Depths of Educational Reform by Fullan, Michael G. ISBN: 9781850008262 List Price: $42.50
"Business" of Reforming American Schools by Gelberg, Denise ISBN: 9780791435069 List Price: $31.95
Empowering Ourselves and Transforming Schools Educators Making a Difference by Irwin, Judith W. ISBN: 9780791431047 List Price: $29.95
COLOR OF SCHOOL REFORM by Henig, Jeffrey R. ISBN: 9780691016344 List Price: $55.00
Stopping School Violence An Essential Guide by Aspen Health and Administra... ISBN: 9780834217164 List Price: $59.95
Violence in America's Schools Understanding, Prevention, and Responses by Thomas, R. Murray ISBN: 9780275993290 List Price: $44.95
Education Reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa Paradigm Lost? by Moulton, Jeanne, Mundy, Kar... ISBN: 9780313317774 List Price: $102.95
Managing Educational Innovations by Nicholls, Audrey ISBN: 9780043701461 List Price: $9.95
Violence and Security on Campus : From Preschool Through College by Fox, James Alan, Burstein, ... ISBN: 9780313362682 List Price: $49.00
Schools for a New Century A Conservative Approach to Radical School Reform by Allen, Dwight W. ISBN: 9780275936495 List Price: $87.95
Equal Educational Opportunity Brown's Elusive Mandate by Ehrlander, Mary F. ISBN: 9781931202459 List Price: $75.00
Teaching the Future: A Guide to Future-Oriented Education - Draper L. Kauffman,Jr. - Hardcover by Kauffman, Draper L., Jr. ISBN: 9780882800240 List Price: $19.95
School Violence Views of Students & the Community Congressional Hearings by Castle, Michael N. ISBN: 9780756709525 List Price: $40.00
Schools Under Surveillance: Cultures of Control in Public Education (Critical Issues in Crim... by Monahan, Torin, Torres, Rod... ISBN: 9780813546803 List Price: $24.95
Troubled Dream The Promise and Failure of School Desegregation in Louisiana by Bankston, Carl L., III, Cal... ISBN: 9780826513892 List Price: $24.95
Subjects in Question Departmental Organization and the High School by Siskin, Leslie Santee, Litt... ISBN: 9780807734537 List Price: $22.95
Beyond Schools: Education for Economic, Social and Personal Development by Reed, Horace B., Loughran, ... ISBN: 9780934210102 List Price: $15.00
Creating Safe and Drug-Free Schools An Action Guide by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9780788186226 List Price: $25.00
Charter Schools in Action Renewing Public Education by Finn, Chester E., Jr., Mann... ISBN: 9780691004808 List Price: $60.00
Charter Schools: Hope or Hype? by Buckley, Jack, Schneider, Mark ISBN: 9780691143194 List Price: $24.95
Towards Bully-Free Schools by Glover, Derek, Cartwright, ... ISBN: 9780335199297 List Price: $28.95
Culture of the School by Sarason, Seymour B. ISBN: 9780205077007 List Price: $41.00
Preventing Violence and Crime in America's Schools: From Put-Downs to Lock-Downs by Lassiter, William L., Perry... ISBN: 9780313353963
Troubled Dream The Promise and Failure of School Desegregation in Louisiana by Bankston, Carl L., III, Cal... ISBN: 9780826513885 List Price: $49.95
Parents Founding Charter Schools Dilemmas of Empowerment and Decentralization by Yancey, Patty ISBN: 9780820449081 List Price: $29.95
Elementary and Middle School Teachers in the Midst of Reform Common Thread Cases by Bliss, Traci, Mazur, Joan ISBN: 9780137164745 List Price: $35.00
Evolution of School Disturbance in America Colonial Times to Modern Day by Crews, Gordon A., Counts, M... ISBN: 9780275958428 List Price: $95.00
Leading Schools to Success : Constructing and Sustaining High-Performing Learning Cultures by Schuermann, Patrick, Guthri... ISBN: 9781412979016 List Price: $41.95
Encyclopedia of School Crime and Violence by Finley, Laura ISBN: 9780313362385 List Price: $173.00
Creating Educational Access, Equity, and Opportunity for All : Real Change Requires Redesign... by Surgenor, Everette W. ISBN: 9781475806977 List Price: $55.00
Emancipatory Promise of Charter Schools Towards a Progressive Politics of School Choice by Rofes, Eric E., Stulberg, L... ISBN: 9780791462362 List Price: $29.95
School Discipline+school Violence by Hyman, Irwin A., Dahbany, A... ISBN: 9780205158126 List Price: $48.00
Images of Educational Change by Altrichter, Herbert ISBN: 9780335201884 List Price: $29.95
Education and the Environment Learning to Live With Limits by Smith, Gregory A. ISBN: 9780791411384 List Price: $29.95
Education Reform by Sherrow, Victoria, Marzilli... ISBN: 9781604139037 List Price: $35.00
Charter School Outcomes by Berends, Mark, Walberg, Her... ISBN: 9780805862225
Students against Violence: Primary by Holden, Gerri, Bruce, Kathy ISBN: 9781557345189 List Price: $7.99
Charter Schools by Berends, Mark, Springer, Ma... ISBN: 9780805862218
Role of Service-Learning in Educational Reform - Robert D. Bhaerman - Paperback by Bhaerman, Robert D., Cordel... ISBN: 9780536010285 List Price: $23.40
Teaching the Future: A Guide to Future-Oriented Education - Draper L. Kauffman,Jr. - Paperback by Kauffman, Draper L., Jr. ISBN: 9780882800257 List Price: $12.95
Finding The Right Balance Freedom, Autonomy And Accountability In Education by Glenn, Charles, De Groof, Jan ISBN: 9789059311152 List Price: $87.00
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