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Drivers have a responsible task to stay safe and drive safely at all times. This becomes even more important when you drive for a living, which is why we have a selection of college text books that are ideal for students learning various aspects of driving in this way. Look for titles including Introduction to Trucking in various modules. You'll soon be learning the basics of emergency maneuvers and how to control a vehicle in lots of different situations. There is more to this process than meets the eye too, since you can find out about coupling and uncoupling among other topics. Rent cheap driver education books from us today at low prices, or alternatively buy used driver education books so you can lay claim to the books you want. With lots of titles available for all college students on relevant courses, it couldn't be simpler to take full advantage of our website and the pre-owned books you'll find here.

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Introduction To Trucking Emergency Maneuvers; Skid Control, Module 17 And 18 by PTDI Staff ISBN: 9780766863989 List Price: $23.85
Pass Your Driving Test - First Time! by Gilhespy, Mike, Deadman, Ad... ISBN: 9781853680724
Introduction To Trucking Backing, Coupling, Uncoupling, Modules 8,9,10 by PTDI Staff ISBN: 9780766863941 List Price: $23.85
Introduction To Trucking Accident Procedures; Sliding 5th, Module 19,20,21 by PTDI Staff ISBN: 9780766863996 List Price: $23.85
Introduction To Trucking Basic Control; Shiftng, Module 6 And 7 by PTDI ISBN: 9780766863934 List Price: $23.85
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