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Integrating Educational Systems for Successful Reform in Diverse Contexts by Datnow, Amanda, Lasky, Sue,... ISBN: 9780521674348 List Price: $30.99
Leadership in Empowered Schools Themes from Innovative Efforts by Short, Paula M., Greer, Joh... ISBN: 9780024101716 List Price: $39.67
Cultural Leadership The Culture of Excellence in Education by Cunningham, William G., Gre... ISBN: 9780205147090 List Price: $76.20
Educational Administration and Policy Effective Leadership for American Education by Guthrie, James W., Reed, Ro... ISBN: 9780132377362 List Price: $143.00
Grant Writing in Higher Education A Step-By-Step Guide by Henson, Kenneth T. ISBN: 9780205389193 List Price: $43.99
Theories of Educational Leadership and Management by Bush, Tony ISBN: 9780761940524 List Price: $55.95
Social Organization of Schools New Conceptualizations of the Learning Process by Hallinan, M. T. ISBN: 9780306424281 List Price: $97.00
Personnel Function in Educational Administration by Castetter, William B. ISBN: 9780023201752 List Price: $69.00
Restructuring the Middle Level School Implications for School Leaders by Clark, Sally N., Clark, Don... ISBN: 9780791419229 List Price: $31.95
Educational Administration and Policy: Effective Leadership for American Education - James W... by Guthrie, James W., Reed, Ro... ISBN: 9780132356725 List Price: $47.00
Principal's Purpose A Practical Guide to Moral and Ethical School Leadership by Isaacson, Leanna Stohr, Isa... ISBN: 9781596670488 List Price: $34.95
Supervision:guide to Practice by Bondi, Joseph, Wiles, John W. ISBN: 9780024276414 List Price: $72.00
Approaches to Curriculum Management by Preedy, Margaret ISBN: 9780335092499 List Price: $113.00
Educational Administration An Introduction by Kimbrough, Ralph B., Nunner... ISBN: 9780023639708 List Price: $72.00
Principal's Edge by McCall, Jack ISBN: 9781883001087 List Price: $9.95
Middle Management Primary and Secondary School by Bennett, Nigel ISBN: 9781853962691 List Price: $31.95
Organization and Control of American Schools by Campbell, Ronald, Cunningha... ISBN: 9780675211260 List Price: $124.00
Principal As Leader by Hughes, Larry W. ISBN: 9780136295853 List Price: $100.85
Emerging Principalship by Skrla, Linda, Erlandson, Da... ISBN: 9781930556119 List Price: $19.95
Principal New Leadership for New Challenges by Seyfarth, John T. ISBN: 9780134365282 List Price: $101.33
Supervision in Education: Problems and Practices - Daniel Tanner - Hardcover by Tanner, Daniel, Tanner, Lau... ISBN: 9780024189509 List Price: $78.00
Supervision: A Guide to Practice - Jon W. Wiles by Wiles, Jon W. ISBN: 9780024276353 List Price: $57.00
Managerial Imperative and the Practice of Leadership in Schools by Cuban, Larry ISBN: 9780887065941 List Price: $31.95
Staff Development Practices That Promote Leadership in Learning Communities by Zepeda, Sally J. ISBN: 9781883001698 List Price: $29.95
Assessing Reasoning and Problem Solving A Sourcebook for Elementary School Teachers by Krulik, Stephen, Rudnick, J... ISBN: 9780205198542 List Price: $39.99
Problem Analysis Responding to School Complexity by Achilles, Charles M., Reyno... ISBN: 9781883001360 List Price: $19.95
Guide for Preparing a Thesis or Dissertation Proposal in Education, A (Valuepack item only) by Gall, Meredith D., Gall, Jo... ISBN: 9780205499304 List Price: $20.00
Superintendent of the Future Strategy and Action for Achieving Academic Excellence by Spillane, Robert R., Regnie... ISBN: 9780834210974 List Price: $148.95
Cognitive Perspectives on Educational Leadership - Philip Hallinger - Hardcover by Hallinger, Philip, Leithwoo... ISBN: 9780807732786 List Price: $44.00
Educational Administration Concepts and Practices by Lunenburg, Fred C., Ornstei... ISBN: 9780495115854 List Price: $180.95
Elementary School Schedules and Instruction by Canady, Robert Lynn, Rettig... ISBN: 9781596670808 List Price: $79.95
Leadership Mindsets: Innovation and Learning in the Transformation of Schools by Kaser, Linda, Halbert, Judy ISBN: 9780415476942
Conversations With Principals Issues, Values, And Politics by Dubin, Andrew E. ISBN: 9781412916356 List Price: $101.00
Inside a Madrasa: Knowledge, Power and Islamic Identity in India by Alam, Arshad ISBN: 9780415678070 List Price: $95.00
Extending Educational Reform From One School to Many by Datnow, Amanda, Hubbard, Le... ISBN: 9780415240697 List Price: $150.00
Principal Creative Leadership for Excellence in Schools Text only by Ubben, Gerald C., Hughes, L... ISBN: 9780205481378 List Price: $133.33
Art of Educational Leadership Balancing Performance and Accountability by English, Fenwick W. ISBN: 9781412957410 List Price: $75.95
Antisocial Behavior in School With Infotrac Evidence-Based Practices by Walker, Hill M., Ramsey, El... ISBN: 9780534258849 List Price: $149.95
Research Methods in Educational Leadership and Management by Morrison, Marlene, Briggs, ... ISBN: 9781446200445
Administering Special Education Programs A Practical Guide for School Leaders by Weaver, H. Roberta, Landers... ISBN: 9780897898706 List Price: $79.95
Smart, Fast, Efficient The New Principal's Guide to Success by Isaacson, Leanna Stohr, Isa... ISBN: 9781596670167 List Price: $34.95
Principal Creative Leadership for Excellence in Schools by Ubben, Gerald C., Hughes, L... ISBN: 9780205380879 List Price: $105.20
Extending Educational Reform From One School to Many by Datnow, Amanda, Hubbard, Le... ISBN: 9780415240703 List Price: $46.95
The Principles of Educational Leadership & Management by Middlewood, David, Bush, To... ISBN: 9781848602106 List Price: $42.95
Case Studies in 21st Century School Administration Addressing Challenges for Educational Lea... by Gray, David L., Smith, Agne... ISBN: 9781412927529 List Price: $93.95
Human Development by Schiamberg, Lawrence B. ISBN: 9780024068705 List Price: $75.00
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