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Ph Planner by Muse, Charles ISBN: 9780132199476 List Price: $2.00
Becoming a Superintendent Challenges of School District Leadership by Chapman, Carolyn H. ISBN: 9780133981735 List Price: $60.00
Educational Administration Theory, Research, and Practice by Hoy, Wayne K., Miskel, Ceci... ISBN: 9780073403748 List Price: $153.75
Conversations With Principals Issues, Values, And Politics by Dubin, Andrew E. ISBN: 9781412916363 List Price: $52.95
What Great Principals Do Differently Fifteen Things That Matter Most by Whitaker, Todd ISBN: 9781930556478 List Price: $29.95
School Leadership and Administration Important Concepts, Case Studies and Simulations by Snowden, Petra E., Gorton, ... ISBN: 9780072397772 List Price: $41.25
School Leadership & Administration: Important Concepts, Case Studies, and Simulations by Gorton, Richard, Alston, Judy ISBN: 9780073378657 List Price: $93.13
Schools and Society A Sociological Approach to Education by Ballantine, Jeanne H., Spad... ISBN: 9780534619565 List Price: $63.95
Effective Educational Leadership by Bennett, Nigel, Crawford, M... ISBN: 9780761940562 List Price: $40.95
City Teachers Teaching and School Reform in Historical Perspective by Rousmaniere, Kate ISBN: 9780807735886 List Price: $23.95
Public Relations in Schools by Kowalski, Theodore J. ISBN: 9780131747975 List Price: $136.00
Educational Leadership And Planning For Technology by Picciano, Anthony G. ISBN: 9780131194717 List Price: $78.67
Ambiguous Empowerment The Work Narratives of Women School Superintendents by Chase, Susan E. ISBN: 9780870239502 List Price: $20.95
Being and Becoming a Principal Role Conceptions for Contemporary Principals and Assistant Pr... by Matthews, L. Joseph, Crow, ... ISBN: 9780321080608 List Price: $125.33
'framework for School Leaders by Hessel, Karen, Holloway, Jo... ISBN: 9780131723962 List Price: $38.67
Educational Administration in a Pluralistic Society by Capper, Colleen A. ISBN: 9780791413746 List Price: $31.95
Professional Student Affairs Administrator Educator, Leader, and Manager by Winston, Roger B., Creamer,... ISBN: 9781583910665 List Price: $59.95
Educational Leadership A Reference Handbook by Williams-Boyd, Pat ISBN: 9781576073537 List Price: $45.00
Geology of School Reform The Successive Restructuring of a School District by Brouillette, Liane ISBN: 9780791429907 List Price: $29.95
Improving Educational Management Through Research And Consultancy by Bennett, Nigel, Glatter, Ro... ISBN: 9781853962776 List Price: $45.95
Contemporary Issues in Educational Policy and School Outcomes by Hoy, Wayne K., Miskel, Ceci... ISBN: 9781593114770 List Price: $39.95
Standards for Instructional Supervision Enhancing Teaching and Learning by Gordon, Stephen P., Gordon,... ISBN: 9781596670112 List Price: $36.95
Handbook F/practicum Students+interns.. by McCreight, Carolyn ISBN: 9781878016539 List Price: $39.95
Planning For Instruction A Year-long Guide by Queen, J. Allen, Burrell, J... ISBN: 9780130219961 List Price: $6.60
Leading and Managing in the Early Years by Aubrey, Carol ISBN: 9781849207553 List Price: $44.95
Plan Book With Pizzazz by Frank Schaffer Publications... ISBN: 9780768205954 List Price: $12.99
School Leader Internship Developing, Monitoring, & Evaluating Your Leadership Experience by Martin, Gary E., Martin, Ga... ISBN: 9781596670099 List Price: $39.95
School Law for the Intuitive Principal: A Survival Guide for Practitioners by Shoop, Robert J., Dunklee, ... ISBN: 9780205134472 List Price: $65.50
Instructional Supervision Applying Tools and Concepts by Zepeda, Sally J. ISBN: 9781596670419 List Price: $74.95
Human Resources Administration Personnel Issues and Needs in Education by Webb, L. Dean, Norton, M. S... ISBN: 9780130423252 List Price: $129.33
Schools and Society: A Sociological Approach to Education by Ballantine, Jeanne H., Spad... ISBN: 9781412950527 List Price: $67.95
Lead With Me A Principal's Guide to Teacher Leadership by Moller, Gayle, Pankake, Ani... ISBN: 9781596670259 List Price: $34.95
School Leadership And Administration Important Concepts, Case Studies, & Simulations by Snowden, Petra E., Alston, ... ISBN: 9780073010304 List Price: $78.75
Supervision and Instructional Leadership A Developmental Approach by Glickman, Carl D., Gordon, ... ISBN: 9780205322022 List Price: $84.00
Human Resources Administration Personnel Issues and Needs in Education by Webb, L. Dean ISBN: 9780024249739 List Price: $81.00
Opportunity Program Administrators by Gross, Ervin J. ISBN: 9781556051791 List Price: $16.00
Managing Finance, Resources and Stakeholders in Education by Anderson, Lesley, Briggs, A... ISBN: 9780761972594 List Price: $29.95
Stability and Change in American Education Structure, Process, and Outcomes by Hallinan, Maureen T., Gamor... ISBN: 9780971958784 List Price: $29.50
Leading Schools Financially: A practical anthology to school Finance by Dykiel, Thomas J., Hobbs, C... ISBN: 9780978726874 List Price: $100.00
Leading Schools Financially: The ABCs of School Finance: Indiana Extracurricular Guide by Roberson, William E., Hobbs... ISBN: 9780979017476 List Price: $24.95
STRATEGIC MARKETING FOR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS by Kotler, Philip, Fox, Karen F. ISBN: 9780136689898 List Price: $92.20
Countdown to the Principalship A Resource Guide for Beginning Principals by O'Rourke, Anne, Provenzano,... ISBN: 9781596670310 List Price: $39.95
Restructuring Schools Promising Practices and Policies by Hallinan, M. T. ISBN: 9780306450341 List Price: $87.95
Dealing With Difficult Teachers by Whitaker, Todd ISBN: 9781930556454 List Price: $29.95
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