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American Regional Cooking by Heyman, Patricia A. ISBN: 9780131708563 List Price: $100.40
American Ethnic Cookbook for Students by Zanger, Mark H. ISBN: 9781573563451 List Price: $46.95
Adult and Pediatric Urology by Gillenwater, Jay Y. ISBN: 9780815134763 List Price: $225.00
American Cuisine A Regional Approach by Leonard, Edward ISBN: 9781418042325 List Price: $50.95
Smithsonian Folklife Cookbook by Kirlin, Katherine S., Kirli... ISBN: 9781560980919 List Price: $35.00
Ultimate Officers Cookbook by Nightingdale, C. I. ISBN: 9780962021008 List Price: $14.95
Gran's Pantry by Stallcup, Ros ISBN: 9781567705089 List Price: $12.95
Mouth-Watering Recipes with a Southern Touch by Maultsby, Regenia ISBN: 9780806235523
Simply in Season : A World Community Cookbook by Lind, Mary Beth, Hockman-We... ISBN: 9780836199130
Simply in Season : A World Community Cookbook by Lind, Mary Beth, Hockman-We... ISBN: 9780836199123
Modern Family Cookbook by Modern Family ISBN: 9780848753825
Pathways To Discovery Vol. 3 : Recipe Book by Unknown ISBN: 9780687303717 List Price: $9.95
American Regional Cuisine, Third Edition WileyPLUS Learning Space Card by Nenes, Michael F., The Inte... ISBN: 9781118846063 List Price: $69.95
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