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Microarchitecture of Pipelined and Superscalar Computers by Omondi, Amos R. ISBN: 9780792384632 List Price: $219.00
Computer Architecture by Boulaye, G., Lewin, Douglas ISBN: 9789027708038 List Price: $176.00
Computer System Architecture by Mano, M. Morris ISBN: 9780131666115 List Price: $72.00
Analysis of Cache Performance for Operating Systems and Multiprogramming by Agarwal, Anant ISBN: 9780792390053 List Price: $154.00
Parallel Algorithms in Computational Science by Heermann, D. W., Burkitt, A... ISBN: 9780387534183 List Price: $49.95
Parallel Processing : CONPAR 92 - VAPP V, Second Joint International Conference of Vector an... by Robert, Yves, Cosnard, M., ... ISBN: 9780387558950 List Price: $121.00
Distributed Computing and Networking : 15th International Conference, ICDCN 2014, Coimbatore... by Chatterjee, Mainak, Cao, Ji... ISBN: 9783642452482 List Price: $107.00
Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing : 13th International Conference, ICA3PP... by Kolodziej, Joanna, Di Marti... ISBN: 9783319038582 List Price: $95.00
Enterprise Architecture Using the Zachman Framework by O'Rourke, Carol J., Fishman... ISBN: 9780619064464 List Price: $61.95
PowerPC System Architecture - Tom Shanley - Paperback by Shanley, Tom ISBN: 9780201409901 List Price: $34.95
Computer Architecture:designer's Text.. by Feldman, James M. ISBN: 9780070204539 List Price: $58.74
Computer Architecture by Higbie, Lee, Baron, Robert J. ISBN: 9780201509236 List Price: $68.50
See Mips Run by Sweetman, Dominic ISBN: 9781558604100 List Price: $68.95
Distributed Systems Concepts and Design by Coulouris, George ISBN: 9780201624335 List Price: $60.00
Performance Modelling of Communication Networks and Computer Architectures by Harrison, Peter G., Patel, ... ISBN: 9780201544190 List Price: $43.13
Parallel Computing: Theory and Practice by Michael J. Quinn ISBN: 9780070512948 List Price: $68.00
High-Performance Computer Architecture by Stone, Harold S. ISBN: 9780201526882 List Price: $104.60
How to Become an It Architect by Bojinca, Cristian ISBN: 9781630811464 List Price: $119.00
Residue Number Systems : Theory and Applications by Ananda Mohan, P. V. ISBN: 9783319413839 List Price: $129.00
Computer Architecture: Design and Performance by Wilkinson, Barry ISBN: 9780135182000 List Price: $65.00
Introduction to Parallel Processing Algorithms and Architectures by Parhami, Behrooz ISBN: 9780306459702 List Price: $219.00
Solutions Manual for Distribution System Modeling and Analysis by Kersting, William H., Strau... ISBN: 9780849303944 List Price: $0.01
Handbook of Randomized Computing : Volume I/II by Rajasekaran, Sanguthevar, P... ISBN: 9781461348863 List Price: $99.00
Process Algebra: Equational Theories of Communicating Processes (Cambridge Tracts in Theoret... by Baeten, Jos, Basten, Twan, ... ISBN: 9780521820493 List Price: $86.00
Distributed Operating Systems The Logical Design by Goscinski, Andrze ISBN: 9780201417043 List Price: $49.00
Computer Architecture: Case Studies by Baron, Robert J., Higbie, Lee ISBN: 9780201558043 List Price: $45.66
Advanced Microprocessor Architectures by Ciminiera, Luigi, Valenzano... ISBN: 9780201145502 List Price: $39.95
Distributed and Parallel Computing by El Rewini, Hesham, Lewis, T... ISBN: 9780137955923
Computer Organization by Hamacher, V. Carl, Vranesic... ISBN: 9780070256835 List Price: $67.98
Architecture of High Performance Computers - R. N. N. Ibbett - Hardcover by Ibbett, R. N., Topham, Nige... ISBN: 9780387913537 List Price: $36.95
Pci System Architecture by Shanley, Tom, Anderson, Don ISBN: 9780201409932 List Price: $36.95
Digital Design Concepts and Technical Guide Foundations of Web Design Using Fireworks MX 200... by Macromedia, Inc. Staff, Dha... ISBN: 9780619183974 List Price: $33.95
Pipelined and Parallel Computer Architectures by Shiva, Sajjan G. ISBN: 9780673520937 List Price: $100.00
80486 System Architecture by Shanley, Tom ISBN: 9780201409949 List Price: $19.95
Computer Design+architecture by Shiva, Sajjan G. ISBN: 9780673396839 List Price: $76.95
11th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems Proceedings, PDC... by Bukhees, E. O., Choudhary, ... ISBN: 9781880843253 List Price: $100.00
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