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When you start developing an interest in computing it becomes clear there is always a lot more to learn. With some well-chosen text books for college, this won’t be a problem. Here, you can buy distributed systems and computing textbooks online at far cheaper prices than you would see elsewhere. We've got more than a hundred books at discounted prices and in pre-owned condition, so take a closer look today to see how many titles you could benefit from. Look for Introduction to Parallel Computing; Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms; Principles of Concurrent and Distributed Programming; and The Art of Multiprocessor Programming. As you can see there is real depth here, so it makes sense to buy used distributed systems and computing systems textbooks whenever you get the chance. Valore Books also has a buyback system, so you can always choose to sell back if you find you have outgrown the books you originally bought here.

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Introduction to Parallel Computing (2nd Edition) by Ananth Grama, George Karypi... ISBN: 9780201648652 List Price: $142.00
Distributed Systems Principles And Paradigms by Tanenbaum, Andrew S., Van S... ISBN: 9780132392273 List Price: $138.00
Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design (5th Edition) by Coulouris, George, Dollimor... ISBN: 9780132143011 List Price: $133.33
Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design (4th Edition) by Jean Dollimore, Tim Kindber... ISBN: 9780321263544 List Price: $159.00
Distributed Systems Concepts and Design by Coulouris, George, Dollimor... ISBN: 9780201619188 List Price: $121.20
Distributed Systems Principles and Paradigms by Tanenbaum, Andrew S., Van S... ISBN: 9780130888938 List Price: $108.00
Fundamentals of Parallel Processing by Jordan, Harry F., Alaghband... ISBN: 9780139011580 List Price: $113.40
Distributed Systems by Mullender, Sape ISBN: 9780201624274 List Price: $52.50
Limits to Parallel Computation P-Completeness Theory by Greenlaw, Raymond, Hoover, ... ISBN: 9780195085914 List Price: $275.00
Distributed Systems Concepts and Design by Coulouris, George, Dollimor... ISBN: 9780201180596 List Price: $43.25
Concurrent Scientific Computing by Van De Velde, Eric F. ISBN: 9780387941950 List Price: $89.95
Data Organization in Parallel Computers by Wijshoff, Harry A. ISBN: 9780898383041 List Price: $169.00
Conditional Specification of Statistical Models by Arnold, Barry C., Castillo,... ISBN: 9780387987613 List Price: $129.00
Principles of Distributed Systems by Garg, Vijay K. ISBN: 9780792396680 List Price: $199.00
Highly Parallel Computing by Almasi, George S. ISBN: 9780805304435 List Price: $54.95
Parallel Algorithms for Irregular Problems State of the Art by Ferreira, Alfonso, Rolim, J... ISBN: 9780792336235 List Price: $199.00
Distributed Computing: Implementation and Management Strategies by Khanna, Raman ISBN: 9780132201384 List Price: $72.00
Parallel Processing : CONPAR 92 - VAPP V, Second Joint International Conference of Vector an... by Robert, Yves, Cosnard, M., ... ISBN: 9780387558950 List Price: $121.00
Distributed Computing and Networking : 15th International Conference, ICDCN 2014, Coimbatore... by Chatterjee, Mainak, Cao, Ji... ISBN: 9783642452482 List Price: $107.00
Parallel Algorithms in Computational Science by Heermann, D. W., Burkitt, A... ISBN: 9780387534183 List Price: $49.95
Mathematical Foundations of Parallel Computing by Voevodin, V. V. ISBN: 9789810208202 List Price: $100.00
Systolic Array Parallelizing Compiler by Tseng, Ping S. ISBN: 9780792391227 List Price: $149.00
Proceedings of the Danish Institute at Athens I by Dietz, Soren, Hallager, Eri... ISBN: 9788772887210 List Price: $37.00
Parallel Computing Methods, Algorithms and Applications Proceedings of the International Me... by Evans, D. J., Sutti, C. Nodari ISBN: 9780852742242 List Price: $53.95
Parallel Computation and Computers for Artificial Intelligence by Kowalik, Janusz S. ISBN: 9780898382273 List Price: $182.00
Parallel and Real-Time Systems Proceedings of the 5th Annual Australasian Conference by Hawick, Kenneth A., James, ... ISBN: 9789814021227 List Price: $84.95
Dependence Analysis for Supercomputing by Banerjee, Uptal ISBN: 9780898382891 List Price: $98.00
Introduction to Parallel and Vector Scientific Computing by Shonkwiler, Ronald W., Left... ISBN: 9780521864787 List Price: $116.00
Total Area of Computing: A Distributed Approach by Norris, Mark, Winton, N. ISBN: 9780201877380 List Price: $39.99
Distributed Applications in Engineering: Building New Applications and Managing Legacy Appli... by Wijegunaratne, Inji, Fernan... ISBN: 9783540762102 List Price: $69.95
Hardware-Software Co-Synthesis of Distributed Embedded Systems by Ti-Yen Yen, Wolf, Wayne ISBN: 9780792397977 List Price: $189.00
Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing : 13th International Conference, ICA3PP... by Kolodziej, Joanna, Di Marti... ISBN: 9783319038582 List Price: $95.00
Distributed Systems Concepts and Design by Coulouris, George ISBN: 9780201624335 List Price: $60.00
Introduction to Parallel Processing Algorithms and Architectures by Parhami, Behrooz ISBN: 9780306459702 List Price: $219.00
Distributed Computing by Attiya, Hagit, Welch, Jennifer ISBN: 9780077093525 List Price: $81.25
Process Algebra: Equational Theories of Communicating Processes (Cambridge Tracts in Theoret... by Baeten, Jos, Basten, Twan, ... ISBN: 9780521820493 List Price: $86.00
Memory Storage Patterns in Parallel Processing by Mace, Mary E. ISBN: 9780898382396 List Price: $131.00
Load Balancing in Parallel Computers Theory and Practice by Xu, Chengzhong, Lau, Franci... ISBN: 9780792398196 List Price: $215.00
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