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If you are a computing student at college you may require text books on various processing topics. Here you can buy cheap speech and audio processing textbooks to help you find out how this aspect of computing takes place. With the best discounted prices you can hope to find, we provide every student who comes to us with an impressive array of text books to choose from. Make sure you are able to enjoy the best deals and the most outstanding quality text books when you choose from our site. Look for Speech and Language Processing, Theory and Applications of Digital Speech Processing, Experiencing Music Technology Updated and Dragon Naturally Speaking Quick Tutorial. These barely scratch the surface of the incredible selection of books you can choose from, so buy used speech and audio processing textbooks from us now to ensure you get value for money on every single book.

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Speech and Language by Wheddon ISBN: 9780412378003 List Price: $114.50
Listening to Speech : An Auditory Perspective by Greenberg, Steven, Ainswort... ISBN: 9781138003842
Musical Creativity : Strategies and Tools in Composition and Improvisation by Mazzola, Guerino, Park, Joo... ISBN: 9783662508640 List Price: $89.95
Automatic Speech Recognition : A Deep Learning Approach by Yu, Dong, Deng, Li ISBN: 9781447169673 List Price: $99.00
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