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When you need to buy general textbooks online to help you learn all about software development and engineering, it makes sense to find the cheapest and best source. We are that source. Buy used general textbooks from us today and get some of the best titles on this topic you can find anywhere. These titles include 98-374 MTA Game Development Fundamentals; Software Engineering; Practical Software Engineering; and Looking at the Broad Picture: Smarter Software Development for Irish Companies. There is a broad selection of books here so you can always get the discounted prices you love on the titles you need. It doesn't matter whether they are for college or beyond, you can always find and buy (or rent) cheap general textbooks at Valore Books. Make sure you get the access you need to these books today and find the best chance to sell your general books back as well.

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Fundamental Approaches to Software Engineering : 17th International Conference, FASE 2014, H... by Gnesi, Stefania, Rensink, A... ISBN: 9783642548031 List Price: $95.00
Software and Data Technologies : 7th International Conference, ICSOFT 2012, Rome, Italy, Jul... by Cordeiro, Jos�, Hammoudi, S... ISBN: 9783642454035 List Price: $84.00
Evaluation of Novel Approaches to Software Engineering : 7th International Conference, ENASE... by Maciaszek, Leszek A., Filip... ISBN: 9783642454219 List Price: $84.00
Microsoft . NET Framework 2. 0 Application Development Foundation by Microsoft Official Academic... ISBN: 9780470183700 List Price: $33.95
Knowledge Based Automated Software Engineering by Stanev, Ivan, Grigorova, Ka... ISBN: 9781443837712
Software Engineering by Behforooz, Ali ISBN: 9780030125591 List Price: $77.50
Practical Software Engineering by Schach, Stephen R. ISBN: 9780256112146
Developing Connector Applications for CICS by Connolly, G. Michael ISBN: 9780738432816
Software Engineering : A Practitioner's Approach by Pressman ISBN: 9780078022128
Developing Large Software Systems by Mercado ISBN: 9781850321996 List Price: $37.00
Using Prototyping in Instructional Design by Putman, Sean ISBN: 9781562869601
Evidence-Based Software Engineering by Budgen, David, Kitchenham, ... ISBN: 9781482228656
Die Software-Krise und Ihre Macher by Weber, Herbert ISBN: 9783540551720 List Price: $69.95
Fundamentals of Multicore Software Development by Pankratius, Victor, Adl-Tab... ISBN: 9781138114371
Beginning IPhone Development with Swift : Exploring the IOS SDK by Mark, Dave, Nutting, Jack, ... ISBN: 9781484204092
Develop Microsoft HoloLens Apps Now by Taylor, Allen G. ISBN: 9781484222010
Certifiable Software Applications 1 : Main Processes by Jean-Louis, Boulanger ISBN: 9781785481178
Software Engineering Research, Management and Applications by Lee, Roger ISBN: 9783319384023 List Price: $129.00
2015 24th Australasian Software Engineering Conference (ASWEC) by IEEE Staff ISBN: 9781467393911 List Price: $203.00
Mastering XPages : A Step-by-Step Guide to XPages Application Development and the XSP Language by Donnelly, Martin, Wallace, ... ISBN: 9780134845470 List Price: $79.99
VC++ MFC Extensions by Example by Swanke, John ISBN: 9781138412408
Certified Function Point Specialist Examination Guide by Garmus, David, Edwards, Roy... ISBN: 9781138468498
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