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Learning programming languages is like learning a new language all together. It is effectively an artificial language designed to communicate with computers. The good news is that it is a very specialized area and not many people are able to 'speak the language', which means you will be very much in demand with your new skills when you finish your studies. We have an extensive range of great value, cheap programming languages textbooks available to buy or rent, to help you become fluent in the language of computers! It is a daunting subject but we have new and pre-owned textbooks that will help you through the subject, and they are all in great condition. As someone who is already great with computers you will appreciate that buying textbooks in your college bookstore is a waste of precious time. It is far more time efficient to buy your books online. You don't need any special computer lingo to use our website, just use the ISBN numbers to find the exact programming languages textbooks that you want and we will mail them straight to your door.

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C: The Complete Reference, 4th Ed. by Herbert Schildt ISBN: 9780072121247 List Price: $41.99
Embedded C Programming And The Atmel AVR by Cox, Sarah, Barnett, Richar... ISBN: 9781418039592 List Price: $152.95
ANSI Common Lisp by Graham, Paul ISBN: 9780133708752 List Price: $83.60
Invitation to Computer Science: Java Version by Schneider, G. Michael, Baas... ISBN: 9780534374884 List Price: $74.95
Lisp (3rd Edition) by Patrick Winston, Berthold Horn ISBN: 9780201083194 List Price: $56.20
Java Programs to Accompany PL+D by Farrell, Joyce, Smith, Jo Ann ISBN: 9780538744805 List Price: $39.95
Object-oriented Programming in Java A Graphical Approach; Preliminary Edition by Sanders, Kathryn E., Van Da... ISBN: 9780321245748 List Price: $108.00
Programming in Visual Basic 2010: The Very Beginner's Guide by McKeown, Jim ISBN: 9780521721110 List Price: $80.00
Concepts of Programming Language by Mitchell, John C. ISBN: 9780521780988 List Price: $90.00
Java Software Solutions by Lewis, John, Loftus, William ISBN: 9780321532053 List Price: $113.00
Fortran 90 Engineers by Etter, Delores M. ISBN: 9780471364269 List Price: $61.95
Python How to Program by Deitel, Harvey M., Deitel, ... ISBN: 9780130923615 List Price: $129.80
C by Dissection The Essentials of C Programming by Kelley, Al, Pohl, Ira ISBN: 9780201713749 List Price: $105.20
Problem Solving with C++ with CDROM by Savitch, Walter, Mock, Kenrick ISBN: 9780321531346 List Price: $120.00
Data Abstraction And Problem Solving With Java Walls and Mirrors by Carrano, Frank, Prichard, J... ISBN: 9780321304285 List Price: $124.00
Programming Language Concepts by Ghezzi, Carlo, Jazayeri, Mehdi ISBN: 9780471104261 List Price: $124.95
Numerical Recipes The Art of Scientific Computing by Press, William H., Teukolsk... ISBN: 9780521880688 List Price: $89.00
Karel J Robot: A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Object-Oriented Programming in Java by Bergin, Joseph, Stehlik, Ma... ISBN: 9780970579515 List Price: $25.00
Data Structures Using Java by Augenstein, Moshe J., Langs... ISBN: 9780130477217 List Price: $104.00
New Perspectives On Html And Xhtml Introductory by Carey, Patrick ISBN: 9780619267469 List Price: $66.95
Introduction To Programming Using Visual Basic 2005 by Schneider, David I. ISBN: 9780130306579 List Price: $90.00
Programming Languages Concepts and Constructs by Sethi, Ravi, Stone, Tom ISBN: 9780201590654 List Price: $110.40
Data Structures and Program Design in C by Kruse, Robert L., Ryba, Ale... ISBN: 9780137689958 List Price: $135.00
C++ Programming With Design Patterns Revealed by Muldner, Tomasz ISBN: 9780201722314 List Price: $94.00
Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design by E. Reed Doke, Susan Rebstoc... ISBN: 9780619160104 List Price: $146.95
Data Abstraction & Problem Solving With C++ Walls & Mirrors by Carrano, Frank M. ISBN: 9780321433329 List Price: $122.00
Introduction to C++ by Etter, Delores Maria ISBN: 9780130118547 List Price: $37.00
Rpg IV Programming on the As/400 by Meyers, Stanley E. ISBN: 9780134604114 List Price: $92.80
Assembly Language Programming for the IBM PC Family by Jones, William B., Jr. ISBN: 9781576760581 List Price: $111.00
Introduction to FORTRAN 90 (ESource Series) by Nyhoff, Larry, Leestma, San... ISBN: 9780130131461 List Price: $47.00
C++ for Java Programmers by Budd, Timothy A. ISBN: 9780201612462 List Price: $77.00
Programming Language Processors in Java Compilers and Interpreters by Watt, David A., Brown, Dery... ISBN: 9780130257864 List Price: $93.33
Fortran 90 for Engineers and Scientists by Nyhoff, Larry, Leestma, San... ISBN: 9780135197295 List Price: $132.00
Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C by Weiss, Mark Allen ISBN: 9780201361223 List Price: $123.40
Starting out with Python by Gaddis, Tony ISBN: 9780321537119 List Price: $113.00
Introduction to Computer Programming With Visual Basic 6 A Problem-Solving Approach by Harriger, Alka R., Gotwals,... ISBN: 9780130165336 List Price: $86.60
Using R for Introductory Statistics by Kelly, Laurie ISBN: 9781584884507 List Price: $53.95
Introduction to Engineering Programming In C, Matlab and Java by Austin, Mark, Chancogne, David ISBN: 9780471001164 List Price: $129.95
Computer Graphics Using Java 2D and 3D by Liang, Y. Daniel, Zhang, Hong ISBN: 9780130351180 List Price: $123.60
Simply Visual Basic 2008 by Deitel and Associates Inc. ... ISBN: 9780136053033 List Price: $128.00
Simply Java Programming An Application-Driven Tutorial Approach by Deitel and Associates Staff... ISBN: 9780131426481 List Price: $122.00
Oracle SQL by Bordoloi, Bijoy, Bock, Doug... ISBN: 9780131011380 List Price: $82.40
Programming with Alice and Java by Lewis, John, DePasquale, Peter ISBN: 9780321512093 List Price: $108.00
Web Design Made Easy: Learn HTML, Xhtml and CSS by Gaskill, Dennis ISBN: 9780895827357 List Price: $57.95
Teach Yourself Java by O'Neil, Joseph ISBN: 9780078825705 List Price: $29.99
Essentials of Visual Basic 6.0 Programming by Schneider, David I. ISBN: 9780130127204 List Price: $86.60
Addison Wesley's Review for the AP Computer Science Exam in Java by Horwitz, Susan, Sudol, Leig... ISBN: 9780136068617
Karel ++ A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Object-Oriented Programming by Bergin, Joseph, Stehlik, Ma... ISBN: 9780471138099 List Price: $53.95
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