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Advanced Programming Using Visual Basic 2005 by Bradley, Julia Case, Millsp... ISBN: 9780073304441 List Price: $99.40
Simply Visual Basic 2005 by Deitel, P. J., Deitel, H. M. ISBN: 9780132438629 List Price: $118.00
Programming Games With Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 by Dwyer, Catherine, Meyer, Je... ISBN: 9780619035617 List Price: $34.95
Advanced Visual Basic .Net Programming Web and Desktop Applications in Ado.Net and Asp.Net by Gefen, David, Govindarajulu... ISBN: 9780130893673 List Price: $127.00
Learning to Program with Visual Basic by McKeown, Patrick G., Piercy... ISBN: 9780471418627 List Price: $129.95
Essential Vb.Net Fast by Cowell, John ISBN: 9781852335915 List Price: $39.95
Hacker's Guide to Visual Basics 4.0 - Vincent Chen - Paperback - BK&DISK by Chen, Vincent, Montgomery, ... ISBN: 9780201870428 List Price: $44.95
Programming With Microsoft Visual Basic .Net by Zak, Diane ISBN: 9780619016623 List Price: $58.95
Visual Basic Coach by Salvage, Jeff ISBN: 9780201745498 List Price: $84.00
New Perspectives on Microsoft Office 2000 Visual Basic for Applications Introductory by Parsons, June J., Thomas, N... ISBN: 9780619019365 List Price: $80.95
Visual Basic 6 How to Program by Crawley, Peter, Dilworth, R... ISBN: 9780130222695
Exploring Vba Primer by Grauer, Robert T. ISBN: 9780131090385 List Price: $40.00
Visual Basic 4.0: A Brief Introduction by Spear, Robert J., Spear, Ti... ISBN: 9780030197772 List Price: $35.00
Visual Basic 4.0 - Robert J. Spear - Paperback by Spear, Robert J., Spear, Ti... ISBN: 9780030155888 List Price: $58.00
Microsoft Visual Basic .Net Introduction to Programming by Sprague, Michael ISBN: 9780619034566 List Price: $64.95
Advanced Visual Basic .Net by Irvine, Kip ISBN: 9781576760987 List Price: $99.40
Advanced Visual Basic 6 by Irvine, Kip, Liang, Kaiyang ISBN: 9781576760307 List Price: $61.95
Vba for Modelers Developing Decision Support Systems With Excel by Albright, S. Christian ISBN: 9780534380120 List Price: $65.95
Visual Basic Net A Laboratory Approach by Gersting, Judith L., Gersti... ISBN: 9780534377908 List Price: $60.95
Microsoft Visual Basic F/appl.-w/cd by CEP Inc., Staff, Sestak ISBN: 9780538695695 List Price: $27.95
Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 For Windows and Mobile Applications Introductory by Shelly, Gary B., Cashman, T... ISBN: 9780619254803 List Price: $72.95
76. Prog.using Vis.basic 5.0-w/cd by Schneider, David I. ISBN: 9780138758578 List Price: $46.50
Building Applications With Microsoft Office & Visual Basic 4/5 by Gilster, Ron, Braunstein-Po... ISBN: 9781576760079 List Price: $37.95
Core Visual Basic 5 by Cornell, Gary ISBN: 9780137483280 List Price: $49.95
Advanced Programming Using Visual With Student Cd by Bradley, Julia Case, Millsp... ISBN: 9780072254914
Visual Basic 6 Interactive Training Course by Deitel and Associates Staff ISBN: 9780130231314 List Price: $52.55
Visual Basic.Net Programming for Business by Koneman, Philip A. ISBN: 9780131027961 List Price: $90.00
Programming in Visual Basic.Net. by Bradley, Julia Case, Millsp... ISBN: 9780072938708 List Price: $104.75
Advanced Programming Using Visual Basic .net W/ 5-cd Vb .net Software by Bradley, Julia Case, Millsp... ISBN: 9780072938289
Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Introductory Concepts and Techniques by Shelly, Gary B., Cashman, T... ISBN: 9780789546531 List Price: $30.95
Programming Bus.appl.w/visual Basic by Langford, Joseph D., Burrow... ISBN: 9780070364356 List Price: $58.25
Microsoft Visual, Withvisual Studio 2005 by Farrell, Joyce ISBN: 9781418836191 List Price: $84.95
Visual Basic Coursebook by Lin, Forest ISBN: 9781881991373 List Price: $40.00
Visual Basic with Applications - Mark G. G. Simkin - Paperback - Older Edition by Simkin, Mark G. ISBN: 9781881991335 List Price: $35.00
Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Reloaded, Advanced by Zak, Diane, Johnson, Richard ISBN: 9781418836436 List Price: $132.95
Exploring Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0; Includes Coverage of 5.0 by Eaton, Carlotta ISBN: 9780136575948 List Price: $62.67
Visual Basic 6 Environment, Programming, & Applications by Eliason, Alan, Malarkey, Ryan ISBN: 9781580762724 List Price: $72.00
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Introduction to Programming by Sprague ISBN: 9780538688215 List Price: $52.95
Developing Projects Using Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 by Tesch, Boggs ISBN: 9780760058558 List Price: $16.95
Visual Basic. NET : An Introduction to Computer Programming by Hong, Victoria, Fischer, La... ISBN: 9781465245205 List Price: $98.80
Enciclopedia de Microsoft Visual Basic by Unknown ISBN: 9780201821512 List Price: $37.33
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