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GO! with Office 365 Getting Started by Gaskin, Shelley, Ferret, Ro... ISBN: 9780132955744
Your Office Getting Started with Business Communication by Kinser, Amy S., Jones, Dorothy ISBN: 9780132675482
Student Video CD for Skills for Success with Office 2010 Volume 1 by Townsend, Kris, Ferrett, Ro... ISBN: 9780132881890
Student CD for GO! with Office 2010 Volume 1 by Ferrett, Robert L., Vargas,... ISBN: 9780132840798
Podcasts for GO! with Microsoft Office 2010 Volume 1 by Gaskin, Shelley ISBN: 9780132896405
Sage Instant Accounts for Dummies by Kelly, J. E. ISBN: 9781118848050 List Price: $22.99
Understanding the Predictive Analytics Lifecycle by Cordoba, Alberto ISBN: 9781118867105 List Price: $49.95
Agile Anywhere : Essays on Agile Projects and Beyond by Hazzan, Orit, Dubinsky, Yael ISBN: 9783319101569 List Price: $54.99
Model-Driven Design Using IEC 61499 : A Systematic Approach for Embedded and Automation Systems by Yoong, Li Hsien, Roop, Part... ISBN: 9783319105208 List Price: $129.00
RPG II with Business Applications by Myers, Stanley E. ISBN: 9780835963046
Writing Successful UX Proposals by Hass, Chris ISBN: 9780128000687 List Price: $19.95
Essentials Accpac for Windows by Genzer, Erik ISBN: 9780201830439
Excel VBA Programming for Dummies by Walkenbach, John ISBN: 9781119077398 List Price: $34.99
VS BASIC for Business : For the IBM 360-370 by Parker, Alan J. ISBN: 9780835984393 List Price: $12.95
Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.2 for Accounting : Canadian Edition by Michelman, Jeffrey E., Conr... ISBN: 9781878748034
Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.2 for Accounting : Canadian Edition by Michelman, Jeffrey E., Conr... ISBN: 9781878748027
Microcomputer Based Data Analysis for the IBM Personal Computer by McNichols, Charles W. ISBN: 9780835943505
Business Analyst Toolbox : A Handy Desk Reference for Every Business Analyst by Underhill, Tina M. ISBN: 9781604271096 List Price: $39.95
BASIC for Business for the PDP-11 by Parker, Alan J., Silbey, V. ISBN: 9780317063356 List Price: $15.95
Count Data Modelling : An Intro by Zimmermann, Klaus F., Rotte... ISBN: 9781858985015
Your Office : Getting Started with Advanced Cases by Kinser, Amy S., Raney, David ISBN: 9780134480954 List Price: $40.00
Materials Requirement Planning and Software Selection : Software Package by Hollander, Nathan ISBN: 9780789503329 List Price: $20.00
Learning Microsoft Office 2013 Deluxe Edition by Mehaffie, Andrea, Skintik, ... ISBN: 9781269305587
TTL of a Penetration by Dalziel, Max, Bradley, Jaro... ISBN: 9780128047194 List Price: $39.95
Exploring Microsoft Office Excel 16 Comprehensive by Poatsy, Mary Anne, Mulbery,... ISBN: 9780134479446 List Price: $150.00
Business Systems Design by Hodge, Bartow K., Clements,... ISBN: 9780835905206
2015 Information Technologies in Innovation Business Conference (ITIB) by IEEE Staff ISBN: 9781509002344 List Price: $198.00
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