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Graphic novels are sort of like longer versions of the more traditional comic book. These novels use visual means, or illustrations, to convey a story. The major difference between graphic novels and comics are length and the fact that graphic novels are published in book format. Comics and graphic novels textbooks can help you learn about the art of making, writing, and publishing a comic or a graphic novel. Explore ValoreBooks to find the comic and graphic novel textbooks that you are looking for. Or find some of the famous comics and graphic novels below, all of which are offered by ValoreBooks:

The Dark Knight Manual
A treat for all Batman fans, The Dark Knight Manual by Brandon T. Snider can be described as a guide to the tools, vehicles, and technologies used by Christopher Nolan's Batman in his Batman film trilogy.

Classic Comics: Macbeth
Classic Comics: Macbeth is an attempt to bring students back to the classics. Catchy visuals and modern story telling techniques are used in these graphic novels that captivate the reader. In this book, the classic story of Macbeth is presented in an interesting and riveting manner.

The Complete Persepolis
An autobiographical account of Marjane Satrapi, this is a story of growing up in Iran during and after the Islamic revolution. This graphic novel gained a lot of popularity and was also made into an animated feature film.

Complete History of American Comic Books
A book by Shirrel Rhoades, this textbook reflects the author's insights into the development of comics in America. The book explores the development of comic books from 1930s to the current trends of graphic novels and animated movies.

ValoreBooks has a collection of more than 300 comics and graphic novels textbooks. You may buy or rent these books. You can also choose either new or used copies.

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Baker Street Four, Vol. 4 by Legrand, Olivier, Djian, Je... ISBN: 9781683832447
Atomic Frenchie [ARC] by McWeeney, Tom, Sniegoski, Tom ISBN: 9781683833840 List Price: $14.99
Clockwork Lives by Insight Editions ISBN: 9781683833772 List Price: $29.99
Blackbird by Maurel, Pierre, Maurel, Pie... ISBN: 9781772620092
Coconut Cream by Mystress, Manga ISBN: 9781947289963 List Price: $8.50
Ranch Side : Funny Farm! (Color) by Reynolds, Dan, Reynolds, Da... ISBN: 9781943760800 List Price: $14.95
Open : Fowl Play! by Reynolds, Dan, Reynolds, Da... ISBN: 9781943760787 List Price: $14.95
Barnyard Side : The Funny Side Collection: Animal House! (Color) by Reynolds, Dan, Reynolds, Da... ISBN: 9781943760824 List Price: $14.95
Farm Side : The Funny Side Collection: Fowl Play (Color) by Reynolds, Dan, Reynolds, Da... ISBN: 9781943760909 List Price: $14.95
Silent Bird by Toluenesister, Eab ISBN: 9781943695133 List Price: $12.95
Spicey's Tale : A Factual, Radial Love Story by Deans, Elinda, Deans, J. Ro... ISBN: 9781943348121
Murder Ballads BAM by Soria, Gabe, Reinwand, Paul... ISBN: 9781940878188 List Price: $24.99
Murder Ballads Amyn by Soria, Gabe, Reinwand, Paul... ISBN: 9781940878195 List Price: $24.99
Tsu and the Outliers by Johnson, Erik, Johnson, Erik ISBN: 9781941250242 List Price: $15.95
Clandestinauts by Sievert, Tim, Sievert, Tim ISBN: 9781941250259 List Price: $19.95
Big Planet Comics : Red by Burrier, Mark, Burrier, Mar... ISBN: 9781940398709 List Price: $6.00
How to Be Alive by Booth, Tara, Booth, Tara ISBN: 9781940398693 List Price: $8.00
Grimm Fairy Tales Legacy by Brusha, Joe, Tedesco, Ralph... ISBN: 9781942275671
Grimm Fairy Tales Tarot by Zenescope Entertainment ISBN: 9781942275725
Grimm Girls Art Book by Zenescope Entertainment, Ty... ISBN: 9781942275695
2019 Grimm Girls Calendar by Zenescope Entertainment, Ze... ISBN: 9781942275701
Van Helsing vs the Werewolf by Dixon, Chuck, Zenescope Ent... ISBN: 9781942275756
Van Helsing 2018 Calendar by Zenescope Entertainment ISBN: 9781942275763
Black Sable by Brusha, Joe ISBN: 9781942275732
Robyn Hood the Hunt by Morgan, Latoya, Zenescope E... ISBN: 9781942275749
Hels Labyrinth, Vol. 1 by Raska, Ari, Raska, Ari, Hoo... ISBN: 9781942023456 List Price: $25.00
Kuma Miko Volume 7 by Yoshimoto, Masume, Yoshimot... ISBN: 9781944937447
Kuma Miko Volume 8 by Yoshimoto, Masume, Yoshimot... ISBN: 9781944937454
Maria Holic Volume 13 by Endou, Minari, Endou, Minari ISBN: 9781944937423
Maria Holic Volume 14 by Endou, Minari, Endou, Minari ISBN: 9781944937430
I Hear the Sunspot : Theory of Happiness by Fumino, Yuki, Fumino, Yuki ISBN: 9781944937416 List Price: $13.95
All New Popular Comics : Fantastic First Issue by Noe, David, Noe, David, Lud... ISBN: 9781945667541 List Price: $11.99
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