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Graphic novels are sort of like longer versions of the more traditional comic book. These novels use visual means, or illustrations, to convey a story. The major difference between graphic novels and comics are length and the fact that graphic novels are published in book format. Comics and graphic novels textbooks can help you learn about the art of making, writing, and publishing a comic or a graphic novel. Explore ValoreBooks to find the comic and graphic novel textbooks that you are looking for. Or find some of the famous comics and graphic novels below, all of which are offered by ValoreBooks:

The Dark Knight Manual
A treat for all Batman fans, The Dark Knight Manual by Brandon T. Snider can be described as a guide to the tools, vehicles, and technologies used by Christopher Nolan's Batman in his Batman film trilogy.

Classic Comics: Macbeth
Classic Comics: Macbeth is an attempt to bring students back to the classics. Catchy visuals and modern story telling techniques are used in these graphic novels that captivate the reader. In this book, the classic story of Macbeth is presented in an interesting and riveting manner.

The Complete Persepolis
An autobiographical account of Marjane Satrapi, this is a story of growing up in Iran during and after the Islamic revolution. This graphic novel gained a lot of popularity and was also made into an animated feature film.

Complete History of American Comic Books
A book by Shirrel Rhoades, this textbook reflects the author's insights into the development of comics in America. The book explores the development of comic books from 1930s to the current trends of graphic novels and animated movies.

ValoreBooks has a collection of more than 300 comics and graphic novels textbooks. You may buy or rent these books. You can also choose either new or used copies.

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Riven Seal : Volume 1 by wright, Julie, Gomes, Amanda ISBN: 9780997172904
Carthago by Unknown ISBN: 9781594651519 List Price: $34.95
Tinker 02/01 by Uildriks, Rachel ISBN: 9781942519218 List Price: $3.99
Heavy Sketches among Worldly Distractions by Rohl, Red, Rohl, Red ISBN: 9780996561105 List Price: $19.99
Poet and the Flea (Volume 1) : Ode to William Blake by Gallas, G. E., Gallas, G. E. ISBN: 9780692541449 List Price: $20.00
Tit for Tat Dog and Cat : The Cat by Laurel, Alyson ISBN: 9780996532716 List Price: $15.00
Era of Great Wonders : Collection 1 by Myers, John, Myers, Jenn ISBN: 9780989279925 List Price: $20.00
Tundra by Hurst, Shannon, Hurst, Shan... ISBN: 9780692599181 List Price: $18.99
R. R. H. Volume 1 TPB * by Harding, Orlando, Esparza, ... ISBN: 9781618551238 List Price: $17.99
Holy Night by Chick, Jack T. ISBN: 9780758911124 List Price: $0.16
Problema Sa Puso? by Chick, Jack T. ISBN: 9780758911278 List Price: $0.16
I Draw Manga : Sketchbook and Reference Guide by Marrocco, Matthew, Marrocco... ISBN: 9780997138900 List Price: $24.99
Mage, Inc - Bundle : The Intern by Bury, Shon, Waryanto, Ian, ... ISBN: 9781941581650 List Price: $9.00
HeroCorp Knights 04/01 by Hughes, Jon ISBN: 9781942519249 List Price: $3.99
Moon Girl #3 : Flashback Replica #9 by Moldoff, Sheldon ISBN: 9781934044162 List Price: $17.99
Pandora's Eyes by Unknown ISBN: 9781594651564 List Price: $19.95
Total Incal by Unknown ISBN: 9781594651540 List Price: $19.95
Whisper Campaign by Grant, Steven, David, Peter... ISBN: 9781939888181 List Price: $50.00
Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery, Volume 6 by Smith, Rick, Smith, Rick, S... ISBN: 9780983187967 List Price: $15.00
Milan K. by Unknown ISBN: 9781594651595 List Price: $19.95
Atomic Terrier Volume 6 by Createspace ISBN: 9780989961158 List Price: $15.00
Attack on Titan 17 by Isayama, Hajime ISBN: 9784063954463 List Price: $13.95
Tit for Tat Dog and Cat : The Dog by Laurel, Alyson ISBN: 9780996532709 List Price: $15.00
Plus Ultra 05/01 by Hughes, Jon ISBN: 9781942519263 List Price: $3.99
Draconis Project #6 : The Duel by Phillips, Michael, Phillips... ISBN: 9780989092890 List Price: $4.99
Box City Wallops : Issue 2 by Lawson, Jim, Lawson, Jim ISBN: 9780989170239 List Price: $4.99
Box City Wallops : Issue 1 by Lawson, Jim, Lawson, Jim ISBN: 9780989170222 List Price: $4.99
Famous Monsters Chronicles by Skulan, Tom, Skulan, Tom, S... ISBN: 9780938782339 List Price: $395.00
Famous Monsters Chronicles by Skulan, Tom, Skulan, Tom, S... ISBN: 9780938782322 List Price: $125.00
Better to Find You With by McDonald, Kel ISBN: 9780982786475 List Price: $10.00
Stark Plug Book. com by Chappell, Steve C., Chappel... ISBN: 9780975931820
Chicken : A Comic Cat Memoir by Jungle, Terese, Jungle, Ter... ISBN: 9780976203520 List Price: $17.99
Tales from the Third Rail : The Terrorist by Andors, Nick, Tucker, Dylan ISBN: 9780998382807 List Price: $5.99
P.B.Soldier : Episode 2.5 "The New Revolution, Part 2" by Gifted, Naseed, Gifted, Nas... ISBN: 9780998360829 List Price: $4.99
P. B. Soldier : Episode 1. 0 the Awakening by Gifted, Naseed, Gifted, Nas... ISBN: 9780998360805 List Price: $9.99
P.B.Soldier : Episode 2.0 "The New Revolution, Part 1" by Gifted, Naseed, Gifted, Nas... ISBN: 9780998360812 List Price: $4.99
Good Time Served by Engesser ISBN: 9780998456317 List Price: $9.95
Gamer Girl and Vixen : Flirty Money by McDowell, Kristi, Mills, Se... ISBN: 9780998434308 List Price: $19.95
SICK WORLD Book One : Collection Plate by denny, joe ISBN: 9780998444208 List Price: $19.99
Stories to Make You Say UGH! by Von Sholly, Pete, Von Sholl... ISBN: 9780998448503 List Price: $24.95
Silicon Heroes by Floyd, Joseph ISBN: 9780998009704 List Price: $29.99
Beautiful Like Me : Coloring and Activity Book by Browner, Jennifer, Browner,... ISBN: 9780692119648 List Price: $2.50
Quirky Rectangles of Mirth : A 'Loose Parts' Cartoon Collection by Blazek, Dave, Blazek, Dave ISBN: 9780692117682 List Price: $12.95
Ravens of Unresting Thought by Lantz, Timothy, Lantz, Timo... ISBN: 9780692113189 List Price: $25.00
Viki Valentino : El Enigma de Emma by Mel�ndez Rodr�guez, Sara� ISBN: 9780692106204 List Price: $25.00
Mari Tula en Gringolandia by Muller, Edith ISBN: 9780692105672 List Price: $6.99
Sole Vigilance : Volume I by Baldwin, C. M., Tfotr ISBN: 9780692102411 List Price: $20.00
Interminable Cockroach Man Volume 1 : Cosplay Popsicles by Albro, Sam, Albro, Sam ISBN: 9780692102527 List Price: $9.99
Revelation Chronicles : Episode 1 - Road to Revival by Hoffman ISBN: 9780692101490 List Price: $8.88
Eric by Manning, Tom, Manning, Tom,... ISBN: 9780692099278 List Price: $29.95
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