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Expanding the Opportunity to Produce: Revitalizing the American Economy through New Enterpri... by Friedman, Robert E., Schwek... ISBN: 9780960580408 List Price: $19.95
Enterprise and Small Business - Dylan Jones-Evens - Paperback by Jones-Evans, Dylan, Carter,... ISBN: 9780201398526
Entrepreneur Boot Camp by Perone, Jerry, Sanow, Arnold ISBN: 9780787202538 List Price: $29.95
Small Firms and Economic Development in Developed and Transition Economies A Reader by Watson, Anna, Kirby, David A. ISBN: 9780754630609 List Price: $89.95
Starting Your Business Successful Operating Techniques and Pitfalls by Bouquet, Frank L., Kimmel, ... ISBN: 9781562160524 List Price: $35.00
Starting Your Business Operating Procedures by Bouquet, Frank L., Kimmel, ... ISBN: 9781562160654 List Price: $25.00
New Enterprises : A Start-Up Case Book by Birley, Susan ISBN: 9780709906803
Making a Business Plan by Grit, Roel ISBN: 9789001786151
How to Start and Run Your Own Business by Mogano, Mike C. ISBN: 9781853330933
Think up a Business by Hawkins, H., Bage, B. ISBN: 9781856310024
How to Start and Operate a Limousine Service by Nyborg, Randell L. ISBN: 9781877767012 List Price: $37.00
Starting a Small Business Handbook : How to Start and Operate Your Own Small Business by Lynn, Andrew J. ISBN: 9781877983009 List Price: $19.95
Starting a Small Business Handbook : How to Start and Operate Your Own Small Business by Lynn, Andrew J. ISBN: 9781877983016 List Price: $29.95
Small Business Tax Handbook : Guide to Understanding Business Taxes by Kennard, William C. ISBN: 9781877983023 List Price: $15.95
Entrepreneurship Marketing Nwankwo : Principles and Practice of SME Marketing by Nwankwo, Sonny, Gbadamosi, ... ISBN: 9780415573757
Startup : An Entrepreneur's Guide to Launching and Managing a New Venture by Unknown ISBN: 9780962163401 List Price: $24.95
Starting Your Own Business by Granary Pr Ltd Staff ISBN: 9780862360306
Entrepreneurship As Organizing : Selected Papers of William B. Gartner by Gartner, William B. ISBN: 9781783471140 List Price: $150.00
#girlboss by Amoruso, Sophia ISBN: 9781591847939 List Price: $16.00
Entrepreneur and the Business Idea by Confederation College Staff ISBN: 9781552700891 List Price: $14.95
Steps to Starting a Successful Business in the Digital Age : How to Use the Latest Technolog... by Inc. Staff ISBN: 9781552703014 List Price: $24.95
Steps to Starting a Successful Retail Business : How to Find a Niche and Turn It into a Mone... by Inc. Staff ISBN: 9781552703595 List Price: $24.95
Entrepreneurial Finance by Shulman, Shmuel ISBN: 9780324004656
In the Pink The Making of Successful Gay and Lesbian-Owned Businesses by Levin, Sue, Levin, Sue, Gil... ISBN: 9781560239413 List Price: $22.95
Strategy, Markets and Governance by Boscheck, Ralf, Batruch, Ch... ISBN: 9780521688451 List Price: $44.99
Your Business in 1992 by Dewhurst, D. ISBN: 9780948032189 List Price: $35.00
Small Business: Planning and Management for the First-Time Entrepreneur by Doster, D. Howard, Connelly... ISBN: 9780936894430 List Price: $24.95
Starting up: An Interactive Adventure That Challenges Your Entrepreneurial Skills by Rye, David E., Hickman, Cra... ISBN: 9780133122404 List Price: $22.95
Entrepreneurship by Dollinger, Marc J. ISBN: 9780256119800 List Price: $66.95
Entrepreneurship-w/3disk by Fry, Fred L., Burvikovs ISBN: 9780314009487 List Price: $50.75
Small Business Management by Siropolis, Nicholas C. ISBN: 9780395472071 List Price: $75.56
Venture Out, 3e by Lynn, Monty ISBN: 9781932274653
Buying a Business : A Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing a Business by McGregor, Ronald J., Zernow... ISBN: 9781879103009 List Price: $14.95
How to Set up Your Own Small Business Student Study Guide by Fallek, Max ISBN: 9780939069613 List Price: $19.95
How to Write Your Own Business Plan Project Kit by Fallek, Max, Phelps, Sarah ISBN: 9780939069262 List Price: $85.00
Entrepreneurship : The Supercareer of the Nineties by Deleon, Benjamin ISBN: 9780942731248 List Price: $21.95
How to Set up and Operate Your Own Small Business by Fallek, Max ISBN: 9780685246764 List Price: $149.95
Getting Started : How to Set up Your Own Business by Robson Rhodes Staff ISBN: 9780749408749
Business Start-Up for Beginners : How to Become Your Own Boss by Inc Staff ISBN: 9781552704448 List Price: $19.99
Steps to Starting a Recession-Proof Business : Where to Find Ideas and How to Start by Inc. Staff ISBN: 9781552703816 List Price: $24.95
Self-Employment for Beginners : How to Create Your Own Job in a Recession by Inc. Staff ISBN: 9781552703823 List Price: $24.95
Be Your Own Boss : How to Hit the Ground Running: Start a Business! by Inc Staff... ISBN: 9781552707098 List Price: $24.95
Crowdfunding for Beginners : How to Raise Money for Start-Ups, Early Stage Enterprises, Char... by Inc Staff... ISBN: 9781552707067 List Price: $24.95
Starting a Business by Hatton, Fran ISBN: 9781627133951
Technology Ventures : From Idea to Enterprise by Byers, Thomas H., Dorf, Ric... ISBN: 9780073523422
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