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Have you ever had a job and thought to yourself, "If only I were a manager, I would be able to whip this place in shape!" It is safe to say that there are many managers throughout the land that are in need of a course on how to manage an organization, department or small group of workers. Now is your chance to learn to be an exceptional manager or decide if the management path is for you. One of the best self-management decisions you can make today, is to buy used textbooks and save lots of money. Our extensive library of Management textbooks includes Marketing Management, Financial Management, Organizational Management, Human Resource Management, Retail Management and more! You'll find that our cheap textbooks for college will save you hundreds of dollars, and buying online saves you lots of precious time. Management 101 spells out the importance of time, and the best managers make every second count. Find the Management textbooks you are looking for by browsing through our extensive used textbook database. Search by author name, book title and/or ISBN number to assure that you have the right edition. After submitting your order, you can enjoy the rest of your day and look forward to receiving your textbooks soon!

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Management by Staude, Gavin, Louw, Lynett... ISBN: 9780199077366 List Price: $40.00
Business Communications by Chappell, R. T., Read, W. L. ISBN: 9780712102728 List Price: $18.50
5S System : Workplace Organization and Standardization by Productivity, Press ISBN: 9781138409682
5S Office Version 1 by Enna (Firm) Staff ISBN: 9781138069251
5S Office : Participant Workbook by Enna (Firm) Staff ISBN: 9781138069268
MBA Management Models by Harding, Sue ISBN: 9781138433700
Value Stream Mapping for Healthcare Made Easy by Jimmerson, Cindy Leduc ISBN: 9781138432024
Change or Die : The Business Process Improvement Manual by Attong, Maxine, Metz, Terrence ISBN: 9781138423244
Creating Organizational Advantage by Egan, Colin ISBN: 9781138441095
Communicating Strategy by Jones, Phil ISBN: 9781138469891
A3 Quick Study Guide by Enna (Firm) Staff ISBN: 9781926537689
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