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Have you ever had a job and thought to yourself, "If only I were a manager, I would be able to whip this place in shape!" It is safe to say that there are many managers throughout the land that are in need of a course on how to manage an organization, department or small group of workers. Now is your chance to learn to be an exceptional manager or decide if the management path is for you. One of the best self-management decisions you can make today, is to buy used textbooks and save lots of money. Our extensive library of Management textbooks includes Marketing Management, Financial Management, Organizational Management, Human Resource Management, Retail Management and more! You'll find that our cheap textbooks for college will save you hundreds of dollars, and buying online saves you lots of precious time. Management 101 spells out the importance of time, and the best managers make every second count. Find the Management textbooks you are looking for by browsing through our extensive used textbook database. Search by author name, book title and/or ISBN number to assure that you have the right edition. After submitting your order, you can enjoy the rest of your day and look forward to receiving your textbooks soon!

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Fundamentals of Management by Donnelly, James H., Jr., Gi... ISBN: 9780256125405 List Price: $68.95
Business Research Methods by Zikmund, William G. ISBN: 9780030184321 List Price: $84.50
Business Policy And Strategy the Art of Competition by Babson, Harold C., Van Deus... ISBN: 9780849383243 List Price: $84.95
Business Communication by Andrews ISBN: 9780536662859 List Price: $59.00
Becoming a Master Manager A Competing Values Approach by Quinn, Robert E., Faerman, ... ISBN: 9780470050774 List Price: $114.95
Understanding Management Research An Introduction to Epistemology by Johnson, Phil, Duberley, Jo... ISBN: 9780761969181 List Price: $44.95
Developing Management Skills by Whetten, David A., Cameron,... ISBN: 9780130914088 List Price: $97.33
Quantitative Mgmt.-w/2-5disks by Levin, Richard I., Rubin, D... ISBN: 9780078324543 List Price: $68.00
Leadership in Education: Concepts, Themes and Impact by Dimmock, Clive ISBN: 9780415404372
Essentials of Health Information Management (Book Only) by Green, Michelle A., Bowie, ... ISBN: 9781111320591 List Price: $126.95
Guide To Managerial Communication Effective Business Writing And Speaking by Munter, Mary, Haley, Thea ISBN: 9780131467040 List Price: $56.00
Developing Management Skills What Great Managers Know And Do by Baldwin, Timothy, Bommer, B... ISBN: 9780072920109 List Price: $105.63
Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation by Robert Burgelman, Clayton C... ISBN: 9780072536959
Designing Research for Publication by Huff, Anne Sigismund ISBN: 9781412940153 List Price: $54.95
Building Strengths And Skills A Collaborative Approach To Working With Clients by Corcoran, Jacqueline ISBN: 9780195154306 List Price: $56.95
Introduction to Critical Management Research by Kelemen, Mihaela L., Rumens... ISBN: 9781412901871
Essentials of Management by DuBrin, Andrew J. ISBN: 9780324114676 List Price: $60.95
Introduction to Organization Theory by Eriksson-Zetterquist, Ulla,... ISBN: 9780199569304 List Price: $49.95
Storytelling in Organizations Facts, Fictions, and Fantasies by Gabriel, Yiannis ISBN: 9780198297062 List Price: $54.99
Contemporary Management by Jones, Gareth R., George, J... ISBN: 9780072918908 List Price: $136.70
New Products Management by Crawford, C. Merle, Di Bene... ISBN: 9780072471632 List Price: $157.65
Management With Infotrac Challenges for Tomorrow's Leaders With Infotrac College Edition by Lewis, Pamela S., Goodman, ... ISBN: 9780324155570 List Price: $198.95
Strategic Organizational Communication by Conrad, Charles ISBN: 9780155007864 List Price: $62.00
Land Administration by Dale, Peter F., McLaughlin,... ISBN: 9780198233909 List Price: $135.00
Statistics for Management by Levin, Richard I., Rubin, D... ISBN: 9780138519650 List Price: $69.33
Management Personal Management Edition by Schermerhorn, John R., Jr.,... ISBN: 9780471763482 List Price: $33.95
Managerial Decision Modeling With Spreadsheets by Render, Barry, Stair, Ralph... ISBN: 9780130783813 List Price: $129.00
Audit Society Rituals of Verification by Power, Michael ISBN: 9780198289470 List Price: $99.00
Understanding Management-text Only by Daft, Richard L. ISBN: 9780030985829 List Price: $77.50
One Minute Manager : Revised Edition by Blanchard, Ken ISBN: 9780062367549 List Price: $23.99
Competing With Flexible Lateral Organizations by Galbraith, Jay R. ISBN: 9780201508369 List Price: $73.33
Managing by Geneen, Harold, Moscow, Alvin ISBN: 9780385174961
Guide For Internationals Culture, Communication, and ESL* by Reynolds, Sana, Valentine, ... ISBN: 9780131705241 List Price: $28.67
Organizational Dynamics Diagnosis and Intervention by Kotter, John P. ISBN: 9780201038903 List Price: $49.80
Statistics for Management and Economics With Infotrac Abbreviated by Keller, Gerald, Warrack, Brian ISBN: 9780534391881
Fundamentals of Management: Essential Concepts and Applications by Robbins, Stephen P., DeCenz... ISBN: 9780130176011 List Price: $55.50
New Products Management by Crawford, C. Merle, Di Bene... ISBN: 9780072961447 List Price: $168.31
International Management Text and Cases by Beamish, Paul W. ISBN: 9780072476446 List Price: $133.15
Statistics for Managers Using Microsoft Excel by Levine, David M., Stephan, ... ISBN: 9780130290908 List Price: $126.67
Managerial Communication Bridging Theory and Practice by Beck, Charles E. ISBN: 9780138498863 List Price: $107.00
Organizational Change Through Effective Leadership by Guest, Robert H., Hersey, P... ISBN: 9780136413905 List Price: $97.20
Management Science for Management Decisions by Knotts, Ulysses S., Swift, ... ISBN: 9780205060399 List Price: $78.67
Remade in America Transplanting and Transforming Japanese Management Systems by Liker, Jeffrey, Fruin, Mark... ISBN: 9780195118155 List Price: $125.00
Organizations Rational, Natural, and Open Systems by Scott, W. Richard ISBN: 9780132663540 List Price: $64.00
Communication Skills for Business and Professions by Timm, Paul R., Stead, James... ISBN: 9780133486087 List Price: $105.00
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