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Economics is a term that originated from the Ancient Greek word oikonomia, meaning management of a household or administration. Monetary surpluses, lead to a happy household, while deficits inspire grumps. Scholars, researchers, politicians and everyday men and women understand this concept and try to find creative ways to inspire surpluses. Students should do the same! The first step is to buy used textbooks for sale online. We've got an extensive catalog of cheap Economics textbooks covering a wide range of topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, applied economics, positive and normative economics and behavioral economics. And of course there is the law of supply and demand! The beauty of it is that in our free economy you can find cheap textbooks for college online and save exponentially. Browse through our Economics textbooks or search for a specific book by author, title or ISBN number. Before making a purchase, compare the ISBN number provided in your course syllabus with your chosen title. Submit your order, and the next thing you know you'll have a package at your door! No more waiting in long lines at the book store, now you can sit back, relax and save by purchasing used college textbooks.

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Population of Malaysia (Second Edition) by Saw, Swee-Hock ISBN: 9789814620369 List Price: $58.35
Servants of Globalization : Migration and Domestic Work by Parre�as, Rhacel Salazar ISBN: 9780804791519
Math in Economics by Wang, Susheng ISBN: 9789814663816
Smartest Targets for the World : The Nobel Laureates' Guide To 2016-2030 by Lomborg, Bjorn ISBN: 9781940003108 List Price: $9.99
Nachhaltigkeit Ist F�r Jeden by AtKisson, Alan, Lepuschitz,... ISBN: 9780991102242 List Price: $5.95
E$caping Oz : Navigating the Crisis by Mosquera, Jim, Mosquera, Ji... ISBN: 9780983296621 List Price: $19.95
Market Power and Market Manipulation in Energy Markets : From the California Crisis to the P... by Broehm, Fox-Penner, Ledgerwood ISBN: 9780910325349 List Price: $119.00
Budgeting for the Majority of Americans : For Those Falling below, Floating above and Swimmi... by Burks, Lasondra, Gaston, Velva ISBN: 9780990490326 List Price: $10.00
Guide to Colorado Real Estate Investing by Welsh, Lon, Roberts, Charle... ISBN: 9780991407019
Plunkett's Chemicals, Coatings and Plastics Industry Almanac 2016 : Chemicals, Coatings and ... by Plunkett, Jack W., Plunkett... ISBN: 9781628313703 List Price: $349.99
Principles of Macroeconomics by Sweeney, Gray, Singh ISBN: 9781629242255 List Price: $93.00
Self-Employment and Health Care Reform : Evidence from Massachusetts by Becker, Thealexa, Tuzemen, ... ISBN: 9781457865503 List Price: $25.00
AVMA Report on the Market for Veterinarians by AVMA Economics Division ISBN: 9781882691425 List Price: $160.00
Microeconomics Textbook Made Super Sexy by U. R. Luv ISBN: 9781629241937 List Price: $10.00
Macroeconomics Textbook Made Sexier by U. R. Luv ISBN: 9781629242101 List Price: $10.00
Corporate Responsibility : Social Action, Institutions and Governance by Manos, Ronny, Drori, Israel ISBN: 9781137450715
Forging Capitalism in Nehru's India by Tyabji, Nasir ISBN: 9780199457595 List Price: $40.00
Introduction to Dynamic Macroeconomic General Equilibrium Models (Second Edition) by Torres Chacon, Jose Luis ISBN: 9781622730308 List Price: $55.00
Excuse Me, Professor : Challenging the Myths of Progressivism by Reed, Lawrence W., Robinson... ISBN: 9781621574651
Chinese Research Perspectives on Population and Labor, Volume 2 : From Demographic Dividend ... by Cai, Fang, Wang, Meiyan ISBN: 9789004279933 List Price: $135.00
Economics, Life, and You (Second Edition) by Ciobanu, Ceslav ISBN: 9781634878340
Economics, Life, and You (Second Edition) by Ciobanu, Ceslav ISBN: 9781634878333
Economics of Transformation : Theory and Practice in the New Market Economies by Schipke, A., Taylor, A.M. ISBN: 9783540573876 List Price: $99.00
Methods for Solving Manpower Problems by Appley, Lawrence A. ISBN: 9780598823526 List Price: $30.00
Mathematical Interpretation of the Balance Sheet by Palomba, G. ISBN: 9780685174081 List Price: $34.00
Public Corporate Governance : Ein Kodex f�r �ffentliche Unternehmen by Ruter, Rudolf X., Sahr, Kar... ISBN: 9783409143097
Lexikon der Englischen Wirtschafts- und Rechtssprache by Sal�zites, H. -Joerg, Saliz... ISBN: 9783486227154
Logik Kollektiver Entscheidungen by Kern, Lucian, Nida-R�melin,... ISBN: 9783486210163
Lexikon der Englischen Wirtschafts- und Rechtssprache by Sal�zites, H. -Joerg, Saliz... ISBN: 9783486227109
Virtue Vices and Economy : Essays on Morality and Markets by Bielskis, Andrius, Knight, ... ISBN: 9781472412560 List Price: $119.95
Messianic Zionism : Faith Politcb by Selengut, Charles ISBN: 9781442216853 List Price: $36.00
Revolutionary Subjectivity in Post-Marxist Thought Laclau Negri Badiou by Harrison, Oliver ISBN: 9781472421357 List Price: $109.95
Project Management in Research and Development by Basu, Ron ISBN: 9781472450104
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