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One important area of business economics will be familiar to students of this discipline. It is the area of decision making and problem solving. If you have been searching for specific books in this area, look no further because we have hundreds of the best titles on this subject. Do you want to learn about quantitative analysis, risk management, financial institutions and auditing? Whatever topic you want information on, you can rent used decision making and problem solving textbooks directly from our marketplace today. For affordable text books aimed at business economics students, we have the best range of cut price books you'll ever need. You can rent some titles and buy others, and often you've got the choice of both. Make the right decision to use our services and look forward to the cheapest purchases you'll ever make! Don't forget you can sell your decision making and problem solving books back as well.

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Risk Assessment and Risk Management by Hester, R. E., Harrison, R. M. ISBN: 9780854042401 List Price: $64.95
Strategic Risk A State-Defined Approach by Collins, James M., Ruefli, ... ISBN: 9780792396611 List Price: $171.00
Good Practice in Risk Assessment and Risk Management by Kemshall, Hazel, Pritchard,... ISBN: 9781853023385 List Price: $36.95
Managed Care Success Reducing Risk While Increasing Patient Satisfaction by Saxton, James W., Leaman, T... ISBN: 9780834210233 List Price: $122.95
Organizing Entrepreneurship by Grandori, Anna, Grandori, A... ISBN: 9780415570374
Risk and Medical Decision Making by Eeckhoudt, Louis ISBN: 9781402070075 List Price: $114.00
Computer Models in Operations Management: A Computer-Augmented System - Roy D. Harris by Harris, Roy D., Maggard, Mi... ISBN: 9780060426668 List Price: $10.50
Do Think Tanks Matter? Assessing the Impact of Public Policy Institutes by Abelson, Donald E. ISBN: 9780773523173 List Price: $29.95
Teaching How to Work in Groups (Communication, Culture, and Information Studies) by Phillips, Gerald M., Dervin... ISBN: 9780893916909 List Price: $73.25
Risk And Crisis Management in the Public Sector by Drennan, Lynn, McConnell, A... ISBN: 9780415378147 List Price: $135.00
Why Managers and Companies Take Risks by Coleman, Les ISBN: 9783790816952 List Price: $89.95
Operations Management: Decision Making in the Operations Function by Schroeder, Roger G. ISBN: 9780070556188
Managerial Sprdsht.mod.+anal.-w/3disk by Hesse, Rick ISBN: 9780256215304 List Price: $68.00
Prin.of Risk Management+insurance by Rejda, George E. ISBN: 9780321014511 List Price: $107.00
Problem Solving and Programming Concepts by Sprankle, Maureen ISBN: 9780675208673 List Price: $42.00
Searching for Safety by Wildavsky, Aaron B. ISBN: 9780912051178 List Price: $32.95
Exploring Risk Communication by Gutteling, Jan M., Wiegman,... ISBN: 9780792340652 List Price: $159.00
Permutation Design : Buildings, Texts and Contexts by Terzidis, Kostas ISBN: 9780415644501
Risk and Citizenship Key Issues in Welfare by Edwards, Rosalind, Glover, ... ISBN: 9780415241595 List Price: $44.95
Global Derivatives A Strategic Risk Management Perspective by Andersen, Torben Juul ISBN: 9780273688549 List Price: $76.00
Decision Behaviour, Analysis and Support by French, Simon, Maule, John,... ISBN: 9780521709781 List Price: $66.99
Bank Capital and Risk-taking The Impact of Capital Regulation, Charter Value, and the Busine... by Stolz, St├ęphanie ISBN: 9783540485445 List Price: $109.00
Risk Philosophical Perspectives by Lewens, Tim ISBN: 9780415422840 List Price: $32.95
Management Science and Decision Technology by Camm, Jeffrey D., Evans, Ja... ISBN: 9780324007152 List Price: $189.95
Marketing Engineering: Computer-Assisted Marketing Analysis and Planning by Lilien, Gary L., Rangaswamy... ISBN: 9780130355492 List Price: $124.00
Modern Financial Intermediaries and Markets by Arshadi, Nasser, Karels, Go... ISBN: 9780131194700
Programming and Problem Solving With Java by Unknown ISBN: 9780534374860 List Price: $78.95
Permutation Design : Buildings, Texts and Contexts by Terzidis, Kostas ISBN: 9780415644495
Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers by Wisniewski, Mik ISBN: 9780273687894 List Price: $109.20
Quantitative Analysis for Management by Harpell, John L., Render, B... ISBN: 9780205076215
The Foundations of Credit Risk Analysis by Semmler, Willi, Bernard, Lucas ISBN: 9781847201485 List Price: $270.00
Problem Solving with People: The Cycle Process by Gallagher, Thomas J. ISBN: 9780819166449
Management Science: An Introduction to Quantitative Analysis for Management by Pinney, William E., McWilli... ISBN: 9780060452223 List Price: $36.33
Risk Management for the Water Utility Sector by Pollard, Simon ISBN: 9781843391371 List Price: $150.75
Interstate Water Resource Risk Management: Towards A Sustainable Future for the Aral Basin by Olsson, Oliver, Bauer, Melanie ISBN: 9781843393085 List Price: $121.95
Knowledge Management And Risk Strategies by Unknown ISBN: 9789812568908 List Price: $62.00
Computer Models in Operations Management: A Computer-Augmented System - Roy D. Harris by Harris, Roy D., Maggard, Mi... ISBN: 9780060426644 List Price: $23.33
Politics of Crisis Management Public Leadership Under Pressure by Boin, Arjen, Stern, Eric, S... ISBN: 9780521845373 List Price: $89.00
Data Analysis Using Microsoft Excel: Updated for Windows 95 by Middleton, Michael R. ISBN: 9780534244262 List Price: $24.95
When Firms Change Direction by Huff, Anne Sigismund, Huff,... ISBN: 9780195136432 List Price: $70.00
Problem Solving for Information Processing by Sprankle, Maureen ISBN: 9780130255990 List Price: $104.00
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