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Distribution in Japan by Miwa, Yoshiro, Nishimura, K... ISBN: 9780199248902 List Price: $150.00
American Business An Introduction by Mauser ISBN: 9780155036154 List Price: $50.95
Cournot Oligopoly Characterization And Applications by Daughety, Andrew F. ISBN: 9780521022842 List Price: $84.00
British-atlantic Trading Community, 1760-1810 Men, Women, And the Distribution of Goods by Haggerty, Sheryllynne ISBN: 9789004150188 List Price: $125.00
Empress of China by Smith, Philip C. ISBN: 9780913346099 List Price: $29.95
Alternative Systems of Business Organization and Workers' Remuneration by Meade, James E. ISBN: 9780043311127 List Price: $39.95
China Business ABC The China Market Survival Kit by Krott, Martin, Williamsson,... ISBN: 9788763001168 List Price: $24.00
Modern Competitive Analysis by Oster, Sharon M. ISBN: 9780195058451 List Price: $36.00
Changing Patterns in Foreign Trade and Payments by Balassa, Bela A. ISBN: 9780393091380
Relational Wealth The Advantages of Stability in a Changing Economy by Leana, Carrie R., Rousseau,... ISBN: 9780195134476 List Price: $29.50
Dynamic Models of Advertising Competition Open- And Closed-Loop Extensions by Erickson, Gary M. ISBN: 9780792391463 List Price: $114.00
To the Ends of the Earth: The Great Travel and Trade Routes of History by Franck, Irene M., Brownston... ISBN: 9780871966476 List Price: $45.00
Expanding Disciplinary Space: on the Potential of Critical Marketing by Brownlie, Douglas, Hewer, P... ISBN: 9780415816151
Graduate Career Guidebook by Rook, Steve ISBN: 9780230391758
Coaching and Mentoring : Theory and Practice by Garvey, Bob, Stokes, Paul, ... ISBN: 9781446272329
Analysis of Competition Policy and Sectoral Regulation by Peitz, Martin, Spiegel, Yossi ISBN: 9789814616355
Sustainability in Accounting Education by Cadiz Dyball, Maria, Thomso... ISBN: 9781138779730
Psyllium Production in India by Gupta, V. K. ISBN: 9788120404663 List Price: $22.00
Inequality and Economic Integration by Farina, Francesco, Savaglio... ISBN: 9780415648516
Whither Chinese HRM? : Paradigms, Models and Theories by Warner, Malcolm ISBN: 9780415816106
Trade Shows in the Globalizing Knowledge Economy by Bathelt, Harald, Golfetto, ... ISBN: 9780199643080 List Price: $100.00
Got a Solution? : HR Approaches to 5 Common and Persistent Business Problems by Dwyer, Dale J., Caldwell, S... ISBN: 9781586443665
Trouble at Work by Fevre, Ralph, Lewis, Duncan... ISBN: 9781472557483
Trade and Transport Corridor Management Toolkit by Kunaka, Charles, Carruthers... ISBN: 9781464801433
White Paper International Trade in Japan, 89 by Unknown ISBN: 9784822404734
Management : The Competitive Edge by Gray, Edmund R., Smeltzer, ... ISBN: 9780023462207 List Price: $30.60
Change and Challenge on the Korean Peninsula Developments, Trends, and Issues by Ok, Tae H., Ku, Jae H., Eir... ISBN: 9780892063420 List Price: $10.95
Antitrust, the Market, and the State The Contributions of Walter Adams by Brock, James W., Elzinga, K... ISBN: 9780873328555 List Price: $43.95
Management Strategy Achieving Sustained Competitive Advantage by Marcus, Judith ISBN: 9780072951875 List Price: $60.63
New Handshake : Sales Meets Social Media by Curtis, Joan C., Giamanco, ... ISBN: 9780313382710
Small Business Guide to Creating Your Employee Handbook by King, Kimberley ISBN: 9781770402010
Competing for Advantage by Hoskisson, Robert E., Irela... ISBN: 9780324316612 List Price: $92.95
Strategic Management and Competitve Advantage Concepts and Cases by Hesterly, William, Barney, ... ISBN: 9780132338233 List Price: $192.00
Retailing in Emerging Markets : A Policy and Strategy Perspective by Mukherjee, Malobi, Cuthbert... ISBN: 9780415730877
The Tongking Gulf Through History (Encounters with Asia) by Cooke, Nola, Li, Tana, Ande... ISBN: 9780812243369 List Price: $59.95
Studies in the Pure Theory of International Trade by Batra, Raveendra N. ISBN: 9780312772109 List Price: $25.00
Econometric Models of Asian Link by Ichimura, S., Ezaki, M. ISBN: 9780387700076 List Price: $65.95
Strategic Management With Infotrac Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage by Pitts, Robert A., Lei, David ISBN: 9780324116892 List Price: $67.95
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