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Better Business by Poatsy, Mary Ann, Martin, K... ISBN: 9780132251211 List Price: $120.00
Fundamental Accounting Principles by Wild, John J., Shaw, Ken W.... ISBN: 9780077862275
Essentials of Strategic Management by Gamble, John E., Thompson, ... ISBN: 9780078137143 List Price: $164.20
Business in Action by Bovee, Court, Thill, John V. ISBN: 9780136154082 List Price: $76.00
Cubed : The Secret History of the Workplace by Saval, Nikil ISBN: 9780345802804
Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage by Barney, Jay, Hesterly, William ISBN: 9780136094586 List Price: $192.00
Business in Action by Bovee, Courtland L., Thill,... ISBN: 9780131492660 List Price: $117.33
10. by Boone, Louis E., Kurtz, Dav... ISBN: 9780030224720 List Price: $102.50
Relationship Selling by Johnston, Mark W., Marshall... ISBN: 9780415523509 List Price: $104.95
Major Problems in American Business History Documents And Essays by Blaszczyk, Regina Lee, Scra... ISBN: 9780618044269 List Price: $90.95
Business in Action (5th Edition) (MyBizLab Series) by Bovee, Courtland, Thill, Jo... ISBN: 9780132139656 List Price: $98.00
Connections across Eurasia Transportation, Communications, and Cultural Exchange along the S... by Liu, Xinru, Shaffer, Lynda ... ISBN: 9780072843514 List Price: $30.00
Your Office : Getting Started with Microsoft Office 365 by Kinser, Amy S., Schmieder, ... ISBN: 9780133155051 List Price: $33.00
Commerce of Everyday Life Selections from the Tatler and the Spectator by Mackie, Erin, Addison, Jose... ISBN: 9780312115975
Competing for Advantage by Hoskisson, Robert E., Irela... ISBN: 9780324316667 List Price: $120.95
Competitive Advantage Through People Unleashing the Power of the Work Force by Pfeffer, Jeffrey ISBN: 9780875847177 List Price: $14.95
Century of U.S. Capitalism in Latin America by O'Brien, Thomas F. ISBN: 9780826319968 List Price: $24.95
Arab Seafaring in the Indian Ocean in Ancient and Early Medieval Times by Hourani, George F. ISBN: 9780691000329 List Price: $25.95
Economists and Societies: Discipline and Profession in the United States, Britain, and Franc... by Fourcade, M., Fourcade, Marion ISBN: 9780691148038 List Price: $24.95
Strategic Management Building And Sustaining Competitive Advantage by Pitts, Robert A., Lei, David ISBN: 9780324226218 List Price: $138.95
Complexity of Cooperation Agent-Based Models of Competition and Collaboration by Axelrod, Robert M. ISBN: 9780691015675 List Price: $29.95
Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage by Barney, Jay B. ISBN: 9780130307941 List Price: $160.00
Frontiers of Change Early Industrialism in America by Cochran, Thomas C. ISBN: 9780195032840 List Price: $39.95
New Competitive Advantage The Renewal of American Industry by Best, Michael H. ISBN: 9780198297451 List Price: $65.00
Oil on Water: Tankers, Pirates and the Rise of China by Chambers, Sam T., French, Paul ISBN: 9781848134690 List Price: $29.95
Marketing Strategy Relationships, Offerings, Timing, & Resource Allocation by Sudharshan, Devanathan ISBN: 9780024182647 List Price: $147.80
Macro Practice for the 21st Century by Burghardt, Steve F. ISBN: 9781412972994 List Price: $67.95
Commerce before Capitalism in Europe, 1300-1600 by Howell, Martha C. ISBN: 9780521148504 List Price: $29.99
Human Action A Treatise on Economics by von Mises, Ludwig, Greaves,... ISBN: 9780865976313 List Price: $36.00
Law and Competition in Twentieth Century Europe Protecting Prometheus by Gerber, David J. ISBN: 9780199244010 List Price: $99.00
Competition Policy in America History, Rhetoric, Law by Peritz, Rudolph J. R. ISBN: 9780195144093 List Price: $60.00
Technology, Organization, and Competitiveness Perspectives on Industrial and Corporate Change by Dosi, Giovanni, Teece, Davi... ISBN: 9780198290964 List Price: $85.00
Getting Started With File Management by Prentice-Hall Staff ISBN: 9780131466395 List Price: $22.00
Downscoping How to Tame the Diversified Firm by Hoskisson, Robert E., Hitt,... ISBN: 9780195078435 List Price: $100.00
Commerce+coalitions by Rogowski, Ronald ISBN: 9780691078120 List Price: $39.50
Evolving Patterns in Global Trade and Finance by Arndt, Sven W. ISBN: 9789814603409
Hinterland Dreams : The Political Economy of a Midwestern City by Morser, Eric J. ISBN: 9780812242768 List Price: $55.00
International Economics by Kreinin, Mordechai E. ISBN: 9780558588830
Coaching and Mentoring : Theory and Practice by Garvey, Bob, Stokes, Paul, ... ISBN: 9781446272336
Recent Developments in Monopoly and Competition Policy by Norman, George ISBN: 9781847204844 List Price: $370.00
Advertising Media Planning : A Brand Management Approach by Kelley, Larry D., Sheehan, ... ISBN: 9780765640895 List Price: $99.95
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