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Are you looking for in depth information on internships? Perhaps you want to know more about the process of job hunting or creating resumes? Whatever you want to know, we can provide the chance to buy cheap careers textbooks packed with the knowledge you need. Why not rent used careers textbooks instead (or as well as), if you'd rather keep books for a short time? Among the impressive titles we have at discounted prices are Human Resource Development, Applying Career Development Theory to Counseling and Career Counseling A Holistic Approach. With so many expertly written text books to choose from, you're bound to find just what you need. Sell your careers books back in order to earn money if you wish, and invest in other pre-owned ones. It's all possible on our website, so why not take a closer look round for your bargains now? We've got plenty to offer.

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Keys to Success : Building Analytical, Creative and Practical Skills, Brief Edition by Carter, Carol J., Bishop, J... ISBN: 9780137073559 List Price: $72.40
Keys to Success: Building Analytical, Creative, and Practical Skills (7th Edition) by Carter, Carol J., Bishop, J... ISBN: 9780137073603 List Price: $74.40
Career Development Interventions in the 21st Century by Niles, Spencer G., Harris-B... ISBN: 9780132254380 List Price: $126.67
Applying Career Development Theory to Counseling by Sharf, Richard S. ISBN: 9780495804703 List Price: $166.95
Career Patterns A Kaleidoscope of Possibilities by Harris-Tuck, Liz H., Price,... ISBN: 9780131109650 List Price: $41.20
Career Readiness Kit Success in Your Externship and Beyond by Silvis, Carol A., DuVivier,... ISBN: 9781418015497 List Price: $34.95
Career Counseling A Holistic Approach by Zunker, Vernon G. ISBN: 9780534640170 List Price: $159.95
Your Career How to Make It Happen by Levitt, Julie G. ISBN: 9780538727082 List Price: $55.95
Curriculum in Early Education by Gestwicki, Carol ISBN: 9781401898182
Your Career How to Make It Happen by Levitt, Julie Griffin ISBN: 9780538721912 List Price: $40.95
Resumes, Cover Letters, & Interviewing Setting the Stage for Success by Eischen, Clifford W., Eisch... ISBN: 9780324014044 List Price: $22.95
Peak Performance Success in College and Beyond by Ferrett, Sharon ISBN: 9780073125497 List Price: $55.40
Resumes, Cover-Letters, Networking, and Interviewing by Eischen, Clifford W., Eisch... ISBN: 9780324588668 List Price: $50.95
Step by Step to College and Career Success (Thomson Advanatage Books Series) by Gardner, John N., Jewler, A... ISBN: 9780534646738 List Price: $22.95
Keys To Success Building Successful Intelligence For College, Career, And Life by Carter, Carol, Bishop, Joyc... ISBN: 9780131474215 List Price: $49.33
Introduction to Occupation The Art and Science of Living by Christiansen, Charles, Town... ISBN: 9780130133038 List Price: $55.40
Successful Career Skills by ICDC Publishing Inc. Staff ISBN: 9780131718609 List Price: $61.35
Ultimate Job Hunter's Guidebook by Greene, Susan, Martel, Mela... ISBN: 9781111531768 List Price: $110.95
Your Career: How to Make it Happen (with CD-ROM) by Levitt, Julie ISBN: 9780538730990 List Price: $77.99
Career Development Techniques A Complete Guide for Human Service Professionals by Duggan, Molly H., Jurgens, ... ISBN: 9780205452385 List Price: $93.33
Cooperative Occupational Education Including Internships, Apprenticeships, and Tech-Prep by Adams, Elaine P., Husted, S... ISBN: 9780131104129 List Price: $71.60
Successful Job Interviews for Dummies : Australian and New Zealand Edition by Southam, Kate, Kennedy, Joy... ISBN: 9780730308058 List Price: $26.99
The Job Searchers Handbook by Robbins, Carolyn R. ISBN: 9780132356022 List Price: $34.40
Helping Professions A Careers Sourcebook by Burger, William, Youkeles, ... ISBN: 9780534364755 List Price: $54.95
Career Flow : A Hope-Centered Approach to Career Development by Niles, Spencer, Amundson, N... ISBN: 9780132241908 List Price: $55.40
100% Job Search Success by Solomon, Amy, Tyler, Lori, ... ISBN: 9781418016319 List Price: $29.95
Managing Career Transitions: Your Career As A Work In Progress by Hayes, Kit Harrington ISBN: 9780139240515 List Price: $48.20
Career Tool Kit Skills for Success by Carter, Carol, Izumo, Gary,... ISBN: 9780130884183 List Price: $45.33
Taking Charge Of Your Career Direction Career Planning Guide, Book 1 by Lock, Robert D. ISBN: 9780534574260 List Price: $93.95
Using Assessment Results for Career Development by Osborn, Debra S., Zunker, V... ISBN: 9781111521271 List Price: $132.95
French Worker Autobiographies of the Early Industrial Era by Traugott, Mark ISBN: 9780520079328 List Price: $29.95
Brand You for Marketing : Real People Real Choices by Solomon, Michael R., Marsha... ISBN: 9780130388537 List Price: $41.00
100% Career Success by Solomon, Amy, Tyler, Lori, ... ISBN: 9781418016326 List Price: $29.95
Career Development And Planning: A Comprehensive Approach by Reardon, Robert, Lenz, Jane... ISBN: 9781426631351 List Price: $110.95
Building Professionals Creating a Successful Portfolio by Orton, Dianne J., Freelin, ... ISBN: 9780130493149 List Price: $10.67
Understanding Careers A Metaphor-Based Approach by Inkson, Kerr ISBN: 9780761929505 List Price: $58.95
Take Hold of Your Future - JoAnn Harris-Bowlsbey - Paperback by Harris-Bowlsbey, JoAnn ISBN: 9780976224419 List Price: $49.95
Now You're Thinking about College by Chartrand, Judy M. ISBN: 9780132825740
Field Experiences: Practicum and Internship in Ear by Chenoweth, Lillian, Bold, Mary ISBN: 9781418040833 List Price: $40.95
The Interviewing Guidebook: Essentials of Human Communication by DeVito, Joseph A. ISBN: 9780205730513 List Price: $10.80
Solving the Professional Development Puzzle: 101 Solutions for Career and Life Planning by Montgomery, Rhonda, Sherfie... ISBN: 9780135003657 List Price: $34.80
Beginning Your Career Search A Hands-On Approach To Building Your Career Portfolio by O'Rourke, James S., IV ISBN: 9780131727984 List Price: $41.33
Reece Student Achievement Series by Reece, Barry, Brandt, Rhonda ISBN: 9780618975990 List Price: $73.95
Essential Elements of Career Counseling by Niles, Spencer G., Amundson... ISBN: 9780131582187 List Price: $33.33
Workplace Interpersonal Strengths And Leadership by Pace, Joseph ISBN: 9780078605697 List Price: $27.70
Career Success Right Here, Right Now by Hess, Peter M. ISBN: 9781418049270 List Price: $86.95
Keys to Career Success How to Achieve Your Goals by Izumo, Gary, Carter, Carol,... ISBN: 9780130911834 List Price: $36.00
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