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A biography is an account of somebody's life written by a person other than the subject of the book, and they are usually descriptions of and tributes to people who have led extraordinary and often inspiring lives. On the other hand, an autobiography (a memoir) is an account a person has written of his/her life himself/herself. Notably, Valore Books features an extensive collection of biography and autobiography textbooks, include these popular titles:

Le Morte d'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory
This book is a biography of King Arthur, and it discusses his Knights of the Round Table. The Round Table was a historic example of the exhibition of equality in stature and rights, which defined King Arthur's rule.

Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
This heart-wrenching book is a self-account of a young Jewish girl living in Nazi Germany; it is actually a published version of Anne Frank's personal diary.

A Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela
This famous text by Nelson Mandela discusses his early years, his foray into politics and his imprisonment on Robben Island.

Hitler by Ian Kershaw
In his book, Hitler, Ian Kershaw provides an account of Hitler's life up until 1936. The book is an fascinating study of Hitler both as a politician and a fanatic ideologist.

Albert Einstein: A Biography by Trevor Lipscombe and Alice Calaprice
Written by Trevor Lipscombe and Alice Calaprice, this book examines the life of Albert Einstein; it also provides a brief introduction to his many contributions to the field of science.

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Distinguished Asian American Business Leaders by Smith, Henrietta M., Hiraha... ISBN: 9781573563444 List Price: $81.95
Black Womans Odyssey Through Russia and Jamaica The Narrative of Nancy Prince by Prince, Nancy, Walters, Ron... ISBN: 9781558760196 List Price: $16.95
From Fugitive Slave to Free Man The Autobiographies of William Wells Brown by Brown, William Wells, Andre... ISBN: 9780826214751 List Price: $24.95
Reforms of Peter the Great Progress Through Coercion in Russia by Anisimov, Evgenii V., Alexa... ISBN: 9781563240485 List Price: $29.95
Sporting Lives by Pipkin, James W. ISBN: 9780826217790
Encyclopedia of Women and Sports - Victoria Sherrow - Hardcover by Sherrow, Victoria ISBN: 9780874368260 List Price: $75.00
U.S. Presidents and Latin American Interventions by Grow, Michael ISBN: 9780700615865
Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen Paradox In Atomic, Nuclear, and Particle Physics by Afriat, Alexander, Selleri, F. ISBN: 9780306458934 List Price: $169.00
Betty Friedan by Oliver, Susan, Carnes, Mark C. ISBN: 9780321393883 List Price: $24.40
Anton Chekhov's Selected Plays by Chekhov, Anton ISBN: 9780393924657 List Price: $15.65
Book of Jerry Falwell Fundamentalist Language and Politics by Harding, Susan Friend ISBN: 9780691089584 List Price: $27.95
Mere Discipleship, by Camp, Lee C. ISBN: 9781587432309 List Price: $21.99
The Actor's Workbook by Hubbard, Valorie, Brandenbu... ISBN: 9780205592319 List Price: $25.80
Mao by Breslin, Shaun G. ISBN: 9780582437487 List Price: $30.00
Tom Paine and Revolutionary America by Foner, Eric ISBN: 9780195021820 List Price: $27.95
Theodore Roosevelt In the Vanguard of the Modern by Cordery, Stacy A. ISBN: 9780155066106 List Price: $53.95
Making Music Modern New York in the 1920s by Oja, Carol J. ISBN: 9780195058499 List Price: $125.00
Pinochet Effect Transnational Justice in the Age of Human Rights by Roht-Arriaza, Naomi ISBN: 9780812219746 List Price: $24.95
James K. Polk and the Expansionist Impulse by Haynes, Sam W., Carnes, Mar... ISBN: 9780321370747 List Price: $23.20
Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano by Equiano, Olaudah, Allison, ... ISBN: 9780312111274 List Price: $101.95
In Search Of The Promised Land A Slave Family In The Old South by Franklin, John Hope, Schwen... ISBN: 9780195160871 List Price: $23.00
Union at Risk Jacksonian Democracy, Stages' Rights, and Nullification Crisis by Ellis, Richard E. ISBN: 9780195061871 List Price: $50.00
Bernard of Clairvaux by Evans, Gillian R. ISBN: 9780195125269 List Price: $50.00
The Rise of American Democracy, Brief Version by Wilentz, Sean ISBN: 9780393931112 List Price: $18.75
Righteous Cause The Life of William Jennings Bryan by Cherny, Robert W. ISBN: 9780806126678 List Price: $19.95
Home Style : House Members in Their Districts by Fenno, Richard F., Jr. ISBN: 9780673394408 List Price: $55.00
Narrative of Life of Mrs.mary Jemison by Seaver, James E., Namias, June ISBN: 9780806123813 List Price: $24.95
Napoleon and Europe by Wright, D. G. ISBN: 9780582354579 List Price: $20.00
What a Life! Stories of Amazing People by Broukal, Milada ISBN: 9780201619973 List Price: $28.33
Adams and Jefferson A Revolutionary Dialogue by Peterson, Merrill D. ISBN: 9780195023558 List Price: $34.95
Political Presidency Practice of Leadership/from Kennedy Through Reagan by Kellerman, Barbara ISBN: 9780195040371 List Price: $45.95
Martin Luther: A Life Reformed (Library of World Biography Series) by Robinson, Paul W., Stearns,... ISBN: 9780205604920 List Price: $21.40
Cato A Tragedy, and Selected Essays by Addison, Joseph, Henderson,... ISBN: 9780865974432 List Price: $14.50
Finding Grace in the Concert Hall : Community and Meaning among Springsteen Fans by Randall, Linda K. ISBN: 9781577666851 List Price: $15.95
McCarthyism The Great American Red Scare A Documentary History by Fried, Albert ISBN: 9780195097016 List Price: $39.95
Zheng He China And the Oceans in the Early Ming Dynasty, 1405-1433 by Dreyer, Edward L. ISBN: 9780321084439 List Price: $22.60
Ho Chi Minh: A Biography by Brocheux, Pierre ISBN: 9781107622265 List Price: $24.99
Thomas Edison and The Modernization of America by Melosi, Martin V. ISBN: 9780205539390 List Price: $23.20
Muhammad and the Origins of Islam by Peters, F. E. ISBN: 9780791418765 List Price: $31.95
Yeltsin's Russia Myths and Reality by Shevtsova, Lilia ISBN: 9780870031274 List Price: $19.95
The Slave's Narrative by Davis, Charles T., Gates, H... ISBN: 9780195066562 List Price: $50.00
Parliamentary Versus Presidential Government by Lijphart, Arend ISBN: 9780198780441 List Price: $55.00
Empire of Liberty The Statecraft of Thomas Jefferson by Tucker, Robert W., Hendrick... ISBN: 9780195074833 List Price: $50.00
With Santa Anna in Texas A Personal Narrative of the Revolution by De La Pena, Jose E., Perry,... ISBN: 9780890965276 List Price: $13.95
American Scientists by Carey, Charles W. Jr ISBN: 9780816054992 List Price: $65.00
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