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A biography is an account of somebody's life written by a person other than the subject of the book, and they are usually descriptions of and tributes to people who have led extraordinary and often inspiring lives. On the other hand, an autobiography (a memoir) is an account a person has written of his/her life himself/herself. Notably, Valore Books features an extensive collection of biography and autobiography textbooks, include these popular titles:

Le Morte d'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory
This book is a biography of King Arthur, and it discusses his Knights of the Round Table. The Round Table was a historic example of the exhibition of equality in stature and rights, which defined King Arthur's rule.

Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
This heart-wrenching book is a self-account of a young Jewish girl living in Nazi Germany; it is actually a published version of Anne Frank's personal diary.

A Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela
This famous text by Nelson Mandela discusses his early years, his foray into politics and his imprisonment on Robben Island.

Hitler by Ian Kershaw
In his book, Hitler, Ian Kershaw provides an account of Hitler's life up until 1936. The book is an fascinating study of Hitler both as a politician and a fanatic ideologist.

Albert Einstein: A Biography by Trevor Lipscombe and Alice Calaprice
Written by Trevor Lipscombe and Alice Calaprice, this book examines the life of Albert Einstein; it also provides a brief introduction to his many contributions to the field of science.

Valore Books offers a vast collection of biography and autobiography textbooks that you may either buy or rent. Valore offers both new and used copies of the books you need, as well as cheaper alternative editions.

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Qianlong Emperor by Elliott, Mark, Stearns, Peter ISBN: 9780321084446 List Price: $23.40
Hitler and Nazi Germany by Spielvogel, Jackson J., Red... ISBN: 9780205695324 List Price: $67.80
About Prison by Santos, Michael G. ISBN: 9780534623555 List Price: $69.95
The Student-Athlete's College Recruitment Guide by Benjamin, Ashley B., Cauthe... ISBN: 9780816076635 List Price: $14.95
Darwin Reader by Darwin, Charles, Ridley, Mark ISBN: 9780393969672 List Price: $20.60
Fukuzawa Yukichi From Samurai to Capitalist by Hopper, Helen M. ISBN: 9780321078025 List Price: $23.40
William Penn And the Quaker Legacy by Moretta, John, Carnes, Mark C. ISBN: 9780321163929 List Price: $24.40
American Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and Business Visionaries by Carey, Charles W. ISBN: 9780816045594 List Price: $65.00
Churchill by Robbins, Keith ISBN: 9780582437593 List Price: $30.00
Life and Adventures of Joaquin Murieta The Celebrated California Bandit by Ridge, John R. ISBN: 9780806114293 List Price: $19.95
Woodrow Wilson Revolution, War, and Peace by Link, Arthur S. ISBN: 9780882957982 List Price: $12.95
Paradoxes of Police Work Walking the Thin Blue Line Walking the Thin Blue Line by Perez, Douglas W. ISBN: 9780942728729 List Price: $38.95
Gandhi and King The Power of Nonviolent Resistance by Nojeim, Michael J. ISBN: 9780275965747 List Price: $55.00
Vindiction of the Rights of Woman and The Wrongs of Woman, or Maria A Longman Cultural Edition by Wollstonecraft, Mary, Chao,... ISBN: 9780321182739 List Price: $13.20
Feel of Silence by Tucker, Bonnie Poitras, Haf... ISBN: 9781566393522 List Price: $27.95
Rise and Fall of a Frontier Entrepreneur Benjamin Rathburn, "Master Builder and Architect" by Whitman, Roger, Eberle, Sco... ISBN: 9780815603375 List Price: $19.95
Lenin And the Making of the Soviet State A Brief History With Documents by Brooks, Jeffrey, Chernyavsk... ISBN: 9780312412661
Stalin's Genocides (Human Rights and Crimes Against Humanity) by Naimark, Norman ISBN: 9780691152387 List Price: $16.95
Book of Margery Kempe A New Translation, Contexts, Criticism by Windeatt, Barry, Windeatt, ... ISBN: 9780393976397 List Price: $43.32
Benito Mussolini The First Fascist by Cardoza, Anthony L., Stearn... ISBN: 9780321095879 List Price: $15.50
Women's Lives by Ferraro, Kathleen ISBN: 9780205404476 List Price: $79.80
Napoleon Conquest, Reform and Reorganization by Emsley, Clive ISBN: 9780582437951 List Price: $26.00
Emiliano Zapata Revolution and Betrayal in Mexico by Brunk, Samuel ISBN: 9780826316202 List Price: $26.95
Thomas Edison and Modern America A Brief History With Documents by Collins, Theresa M., Gitelm... ISBN: 9780312247348
Napoleon and Europe by Dwyer, Philip G. ISBN: 9780582318373 List Price: $44.40
Alfred the Great War, Kingship and Culture in Anglo-Saxon England by Abels, Richard P. ISBN: 9780582040472 List Price: $61.60
American Lives Since 1877 by Randall, Willard S., Nahra,... ISBN: 9780673469878 List Price: $60.60
Effective Functional Progressions in Sport Rehabilitation by Ellenbecker, Todd, Carlo, M... ISBN: 9780736063814 List Price: $42.00
Arvo Part by Hillier, Paul ISBN: 9780198166160 List Price: $55.00
United States Since 1980 by Baker, Dean ISBN: 9780521677554 List Price: $20.99
Charles A. Lindbergh Lone Eagle by Hixson, Walter L. ISBN: 9780321090935 List Price: $20.00
Simon Bolivar Liberation and Disappointment by Bushnell, David ISBN: 9780321156679 List Price: $23.20
President as Leader by Siegel, Michael E. ISBN: 9780135024072
Many Are the Crimes McCarthyism in America by Schrecker, Ellen ISBN: 9780691048703 List Price: $35.00
Nazi Revolution Hitler's Dictatorship and the German Nation by Mitchell, Allan ISBN: 9780669416947 List Price: $54.95
College Athlete's Guide to Academic Success Tips from Peers And Profs by Nathanson, Bob, Kimmel, Art... ISBN: 9780132379472 List Price: $30.60
Divider, A, Not a Uniter (2nd Edition) by Jacobson, Gary C. ISBN: 9780205776030 List Price: $33.27
Hillary Clinton's Race for the White House: Gender Politics and the Media on the Campaign Trail by Lawrence, Regina G., Rose, ... ISBN: 9781588266958 List Price: $26.50
Diary and Life of Samuel Sewall by Yazawa, Melvin ISBN: 9780312133948
Encyclopedia of Women and Sport in America by Oglesby, Carole A., Greenbe... ISBN: 9780897749930 List Price: $93.95
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