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If you are studying art history, you'll need to buy used history textbooks to help you work your way through your art course. We stock pre-owned books on all areas of art history, including ancient and classical, medieval, prehistoric and primitive and even Romanticism. With more than a thousand titles available, you can buy used history textbooks for your art course here and now. These textbooks are renowned for being expensive, but we don't charge a huge price here. We can provide enormous percentage discounts off the list price, as you'll see if you check the column below. Affordable, pre-owned and ready to buy, you can also rent history textbooks online from us. Don't go elsewhere when you can get the best deals you possibly can right here. Remember, we also have a buyback service that caters for lots of history text books on art, so don't sit on books you don't need anymore.

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Story of Art by Gombrich, E. H. ISBN: 9780138500665 List Price: $31.95
Language of Images in Roman Art by Elsner, Jas, Hölscher, Toni... ISBN: 9780521662000 List Price: $97.00
Language of Images in Roman Art by Hölscher, Tonio, Elsner, Ja... ISBN: 9780521665698 List Price: $36.99
Art of the Baltics The Struggle for Freedom of Artistic Expression Under the Soviets, 1945-1991 by Rosenfeld, Alla, Dodge, Nor... ISBN: 9780813530420 List Price: $110.00
Themes Of Contemporary Art Visual Art After 1980 by Robertson, Jean, McDaniel, ... ISBN: 9780195162158 List Price: $37.95
What Do You See? Phenomenology of Therapeutic Art Expression by Betensky, Mala G., Rubin, J... ISBN: 9781853022616 List Price: $39.95
The Impressionists by Salvi, Fransesco, Galante, ... ISBN: 9780872266391 List Price: $16.95
Modern Art Culture: A Reader by Frascina, Francis, Frascina... ISBN: 9780415231510
Art Across Time Prehistory to the Fourteenth Century by Adams, Laurie Schneider ISBN: 9780072969726 List Price: $115.00
Art Versus Nonart Art Out of Mind by Avital, Tsion, Harries, Joh... ISBN: 9780521824651 List Price: $129.00
Modern Art:painting,sculpture+arch. by Hunter, Sam, Jacobus, John ISBN: 9780135960738 List Price: $60.67
Xoana and the Origins of Greek Sculpture by Donohue, Alice A. ISBN: 9781555401542 List Price: $35.00
Art of Renaissance Rome 1400-1600 by Partridge, Loren ISBN: 9780135701850 List Price: $16.65
Art-As-Art The Selected Writings of Ad Reinhardt by Rose, Barbara, Reinhardt, R... ISBN: 9780520076709 List Price: $26.95
Baroque+rococo:art+culture by Minor, Vernon H. ISBN: 9780810941083 List Price: $75.00
Basic History of Art - Anthony F. Janson - Paperback - 3rd ed by Janson, Anthony F., Janson,... ISBN: 9780130623324 List Price: $41.00
Art and the Early Greek State by Shanks, Michael, Renfrew, C... ISBN: 9780521602853 List Price: $48.00
Looking at Italian Renaissance Sculpture by McHam, Sarah Blake, McHam, ... ISBN: 9780521479219 List Price: $31.99
Art and Archaeology of Venetian Ships and Boats by Martin, Lillian Ray, Bonino... ISBN: 9781585440986 List Price: $77.50
History of Art for Young People by Janson, H. W., Janson, Anth... ISBN: 9780810941502 List Price: $49.50
Roman Art Romulus to Constantine by Ramage, Nancy H., Ramage, A... ISBN: 9780131504875 List Price: $104.40
Perennial Decay On the Aesthetics and Politics of Decadence by Constable, Liz, Denisoff, D... ISBN: 9780812216783 List Price: $26.50
High Gothic The Classic Cathedrals of Chartres, Reims, Amiens by Jantzen, Hans, Palmes, James ISBN: 9780691003726 List Price: $29.95
Ap Art History- the Best Test Prep for the Ap by Chmiel, Frank, Krieger, Lar... ISBN: 9780738602127 List Price: $22.95
Art in Perspective: A Brief History by Dorra, Henri ISBN: 9780155034754 List Price: $57.50
Visual Arts A History by Honour, Hugh, Fleming, John ISBN: 9780131935075 List Price: $138.40
Greek Sculpture and the Problem of Description by Donohue, A. A. ISBN: 9781107400504 List Price: $36.99
True Vine On Visual Representation and the Western Tradition by Bann, Stephen, Bryson, Norman ISBN: 9780521341448 List Price: $140.00
Nineteenth-Century Art by Rosenblum, Robert, Janson, ... ISBN: 9780136226215 List Price: $73.33
Performative Realism Interdisciplinary Studies in Art And Media by Gade, Rune, Jerslev, Anne ISBN: 9788763500784 List Price: $50.00
Renaissance Art A Topical Dictionary by Earls, Irene ISBN: 9780313246586 List Price: $126.95
Daidalos and the Origins of Greek Art by Morris, Sarah P. ISBN: 9780691001609 List Price: $52.50
Calligram: Essays in New Art History from France by Bryson, Norman ISBN: 9780521359276 List Price: $21.95
History of Art - Robert W. Janson - Hardcover - 3rd ed. by Janson, Anthony F. ISBN: 9780133893885 List Price: $42.95
Art+history by Rotberg, Robert I., Rabb, T... ISBN: 9780521335690 List Price: $33.00
Visions of Modernity Representation, Memory, Time and Space in the Age of the Cinema by McQuire, Scott ISBN: 9780761953012 List Price: $50.95
Visual Culture Reader by Mirzoeff, Nicholas ISBN: 9780415252218 List Price: $150.00
Medieval Art Painting, Sculpture, Architecture 4th Through 14th Century by Snyder, James C. ISBN: 9780135734940 List Price: $82.67
Academies of Art : Past and Present by Pevsner, Nikolaus ISBN: 9781107421448 List Price: $32.99
Contexts: Style and Values in Medieval Art and Literature - Daniel Poirion - Paperback by Yale French Studies Staff, ... ISBN: 9780300050349 List Price: $20.00
Hellenistic Sculpture I: The Styles of Ca. 331-200 B. C. by Ridgway, Brunilde Sismondo ISBN: 9780299118204 List Price: $40.00
Fringe and Fortune The Role of Critics in High and Popular Art by Shrum, Wesley Monroe, Jr. ISBN: 9780691026572 List Price: $29.95
Cultural Economics and Cultural Policies by Peacock, Alan, Rizzo, Ilde ISBN: 9780792328681 List Price: $175.00
Best Test Prep for the AP Art History Exam by Chmiel, Frank, Krieger, Lar... ISBN: 9780738602929 List Price: $29.95
From Abacus to Zeus A Handbook of Art History by Pierce, James ISBN: 9780130197283 List Price: $24.60
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