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If you have never tried looking at art history before, you can find out a huge amount simply by purchasing some text books from our collection. Buy used modern (late 19th Century to 1945) textbooks now and look out for some of the cheapest prices you will find on these books. They can include such examples as Surrealist Art and Writing, 1919-1939: The Gold of Time; Picasso's Les Demoiselles D'Avignon; Left Wing Nietzscheans: The Politics of German Expressionism, 1910-1920; and England and Its Aesthetes: Biography and Taste. There are many other affordable and discounted books in pre-owned condition alongside these as well, so secure your favorite books today and find out everything you can. With dozens of books coming in via our buyback service on a daily basis as well, it couldn't be easier to get the cheapest offers you have ever seen for college text books online at Valore Books.

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Burne-Jones, the Pre-Raphaelites and Their Century by Morgan, Hilary ISBN: 9781872508016
Ancient Lights and Certain New Reflections, Being the Memories of a Young Man by Ford, Ford Madox ISBN: 9780598646491 List Price: $109.50
Aesthetic Movement in England by Hamilton, Walter ISBN: 9780598767998 List Price: $41.90
What Is Surrealism? : Selected Writings by Breton, Andr´┐Ż, Gascoyne, David ISBN: 9780598837622 List Price: $30.40
Aesthetic Movement in England by Hamilton, Walter ISBN: 9780608383200 List Price: $47.20
Since Cezanne by Bell, Clive ISBN: 9780598585097 List Price: $84.40
Pre-Raphaelites Masterpieces of Art by Kerr, Gordon ISBN: 9781783613595
Pre-Raphaelites : Beauty and Rebellion by Newall, Christopher, Walker... ISBN: 9781781383032
Impressionism by Grimme, Karin ISBN: 9783836536974
Screen in Surrealist Art and Thought by Finkelstein, Haim ISBN: 9781138275089
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