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How much do you know about street art? This is a unique sub-classification of art that many people don't pay any attention to at all. However it hides a revealing amount of talent and a modern take on art in this form. Buy cheap graffiti and street art textbooks from our collection today and shed some light on what this type of art can do, not to mention what it means. Look for Gangs, Graffiti and Violence: A Realistic Guide to the Scope and Nature of Gangs in America; War Art Murals and Graffiti: Military Life, Power and Subversion; Moscow Graffiti: Language and Subculture; and Writing the Memory of the City: The Avantgarde Spirit of Berling Graffiti Writing. Make sure you have the best and cheapest range of affordable deals from us by looking for discounted copies of pre-owned books today. You can sell your graffiti and street art books back whenever you wish as well.

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Gangs Graffiti and Violence A Realistic Guide to the Scope and Nature of Gangs in America by Rush, George E., Smith, Ant... ISBN: 9781928916024 List Price: $40.95
Moscow Graffiti: Language and Subculture by Bushnell, John ISBN: 9780044451693 List Price: $19.95
Ancient Graffiti in Context by Baird, Jennifer, Taylor, Cl... ISBN: 9780415878890 List Price: $95.00
Ornament and Order : An Ethnographic Exploration of Graffiti and Street-Art by Schacter, Rafael ISBN: 9781472409980 List Price: $124.95
War Art Murals And Graffiti - Military Life, Power And Subversion by Cocroft, Wayne, Devlin, Sch... ISBN: 9781902771564 List Price: $35.00
Conform by Folk, Saskia ISBN: 9781876832681
Subway Art by Cooper, Martha, Chalfant, H... ISBN: 9780500292129
(Un)sanctioned : The Art on New York Streets by Park, Luna ISBN: 9781908211330
Graffiti : Vandalism or Art? by Collins, Anna ISBN: 9781534561120
Anthologie du Street Art by Danysz, Magda ISBN: 9782072619540
Street Art Activity Book by Beazley, Mitchell ISBN: 9781784723224
Dare to Be Different : Sigi Von Koeding ] 1968-2010 by Amann, Yvette, Buchhart, Di... ISBN: 9783939566441
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