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Critical Issues in Electronic Media by Penny, Simon ISBN: 9780791423189 List Price: $31.95
POSTMODERN CURRENTS (P) by Lovejoy, Margot ISBN: 9780131587595 List Price: $40.50
Resolution: A Critique of Video Art by Podesta, Patti ISBN: 9780937335017 List Price: $10.00
Videotexts by Gale, Peggy ISBN: 9780889202528 List Price: $19.95
Yael Bartana by Dziewior, Yilmaz (Ed ISBN: 9783775719308
TV Generations by Cranston, Meg, Mann, Jeff, ... ISBN: 9780937335000 List Price: $10.00
Bill Viola : Slowly Turning Narrative by Unknown ISBN: 9780884540687 List Price: $10.00
Hanan Al-Cinema : Affections for the Moving Image by Marks, Laura U. ISBN: 9780262029308
Video Art Theory : A Comparative Approach by Westgeest, Helen ISBN: 9781118475447
New Directions in Mobile Media Art by Baker, Camille ISBN: 9781472467188
Video Art Historicized Traditions and Negotiations by Hayden, Malin Hedlin ISBN: 9781472449771 List Price: $109.95
Video Art Historicized Traditions and Negotiations by Hayden, Malin Hedlin ISBN: 9781472449764 List Price: $109.95
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