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Buy used sustainability and green design textbooks now and make sure you have the very best opportunities that exist to save money. When you opt to buy pre-owned textbooks you can enjoy affordable prices and discounted titles wherever you look. This is certainly the case at Valore Books because we specialize in making sure college students across America get the books they need. These books are among the cheapest available too, and that's good news for you. You can rent cheap sustainability and green design textbooks as well if you wish - it all amounts to the best selection of information on this aspect of architecture you could ever want. We've got a range of titles including Green Building Fundamentals; Health, Sustainability and the Built Environment; Sustainable Construction and Design; and Sustainable Design for Interior Environments. The world of architecture might be fascinating and in depth, but the best place to learn about it is right here.

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Architecture and Building Materials by Zhou, Xuejun ISBN: 9783037852453 List Price: $345.00
Water Efficiency in Buildings : Theory and Practice by Adeyeye, K. ISBN: 9781118456576 List Price: $120.00
Global Warming and the Built Environment by Prasad, Deo K. ISBN: 9781138408708
Daylight Performance of Buildings by Fontoynont, Marc ISBN: 9781138408548
Building Tradition : Contemporary Qatari Architecture by Slavid, Ruth ISBN: 9781908531759
Eco-Library Design by Flannery, John A., Smith, K... ISBN: 9789401779548 List Price: $129.00
Sustainable Laboratory Handbook : Design, Equipment, and Operation by Dittrich, Egbert ISBN: 9783527337095 List Price: $215.00
Environment and Children by Day, Christopher, Midbjer, ... ISBN: 9781138140486
Places of the Soul by Day, Christopher ISBN: 9781138172982
Spirit and Place by Day, Christopher ISBN: 9781138153486
Tropical Sustainable Architecture by Bay, Joo-Hwa, Ong, Boon Lay ISBN: 9781138134409
Healthy Homes : Designing with Light and Air for Sustainability and Wellbeing by Baker, Nick, Steemers, Koen ISBN: 9781859467138
Passive Solar Architecture Pocket Reference by Haggard, Ken ISBN: 9781138468764
Valuation of Green Commercial Real Estate by Runde, Timothy P., Thoyre, ... ISBN: 9781935328704
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