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Collaborations in Architecture and Engineering by Olsen, Clare J., Mac Namara... ISBN: 9780415840620
Gadamer for Architects by Kidder, Paul ISBN: 9780415522731
Collaborations in Architecture and Engineering by Olsen, Clare J., Mac Namara... ISBN: 9780415840613
Sinan's Autobiographies : Five Sixteenth-Century Texts by Crane, Howard, Akin, Esra ISBN: 9789004259638 List Price: $63.00
Frank Lloyd Wright and His Manner of Thought by Klinkowitz, Jerome ISBN: 9780299301446
Gadamer for Architects by Kidder, Paul ISBN: 9780415522724
Mies Van der Rohe - the Built Work by Krohn, Carsten ISBN: 9783038212881
Bespoke Home : Bates Masi Architects by Bates, Harry, Bates Masi Ar... ISBN: 9781941806395
Francis Cauffman History by Francis Cauffman Architects... ISBN: 9781941806005
Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz : Architects and Planners by Sanborn, Margaret, Sanborn,... ISBN: 9780614956672 List Price: $39.99
Pablo Horv�th by Horv�th, Pablo, Sik, Mirosl... ISBN: 9783907631805
George Hadfield : Architect of the Federal City by King, Julia ISBN: 9781472412744 List Price: $119.95
Foucault for Architects by Fontana-Giusti, Gordana ISBN: 9780415693301
Master Builders : A Guide to Famous American Architects by Maddex, Diane ISBN: 9780685105061 List Price: $9.95
Death and Memory : Soane and the Architecture of Legacy by Dorey, Helen, Drysdale, Tom... ISBN: 9780993204111
Modernism and the Mediterranean : The Maeght Foundation by Birksted, Jan K. ISBN: 9781138279360
Women in Architecture by Sinha, Sumita ISBN: 9781138832930
Corbusier in the Antipodes Art Architecture Urbanism by Moulis, Antony ISBN: 9781472464835
Lacan for Architects by Holm, Lorens ISBN: 9781138854321
Lacan for Architects by Holm, Lorens ISBN: 9781138854314
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