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If you are looking to buy cheap contemporary (1945-) textbooks on architecture we have some gems that you may be interested in. Our discounts are often well in excess of 50% so there is a real potential to save a considerable amount of money here. Look out for deals on titles such as Third World Modernism: Architecture, Development and Identity; Fay Jones: The Architecture of E Fay Jones, Faia; Bernard Tschumi: Parc de la Villette; and Aldington, Craig and Collinge. There are many other examples of affordable books you can buy or rent from us on this particular period in history. When you rent used contemporary (1945-) textbooks you still get a good price but you get the freedom to borrow, read and return them in either a semester or a quarter. This is the best way to make sure you get the deals you really want for your college studies.

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Third World Modernism: Architecture, Development and Identity by Lu, Duanfang ISBN: 9780415564588 List Price: $53.95
Critical Architecture and Contemporary Culture by Lillyman, William J., Moria... ISBN: 9780195078190 List Price: $120.00
Bernard Tschumi - Parc de la Villette by Rattenbury ISBN: 9780415457880
Between Garden and City: Jean Canneel-Claes and Landscape Modernism by Imbert, Dorothee ISBN: 9780822943709 List Price: $55.00
Fay Jones The Architecture of E. Fay Jones, Faia by Ivy, Robert Adams ISBN: 9780071358316 List Price: $39.95
Postmodern Urbanism by Ellin, Nan ISBN: 9781557863621 List Price: $53.95
Third World Modernism: Architecture, Development and Identity by Lu, Duanfang ISBN: 9780415564571 List Price: $165.00
Reconstructing Architecture: Critical Discourses and Social Practices by Dutton, Thomas A., Mann, Li... ISBN: 9780816628094 List Price: $21.95
Process and Expression in Architectural Form by Birkerts, Gunnar, Kudrna, J... ISBN: 9780806126425 List Price: $42.95
Connections: Architecture of Richard England, 1964-84 by Knevitt, Charles, Sharp, De... ISBN: 9780853314714 List Price: $29.95
Bernard Tschumi - Parc de la Villette by Rattenbury ISBN: 9780415457873
Richard Rogers : Centre Pompidou by Rattenbury ISBN: 9780415457866
Richard Rogers : Centre Pompidou by Rattenbury ISBN: 9780415457859
Performalism : Form and Performance in Digital Architecture by Grobman, Yasha, Neuman, Eran ISBN: 9780415583602
Aldington, Craig and Collinge (TWENTIETH-CENTURY ARCHITECTS) by Powers, Alan ISBN: 9781859463024 List Price: $40.00
Truth Against the World : Frank Lloyd Wright Speaks for an Organic Architecture by Meehan, Patrick J., Wright,... ISBN: 9780894644290 List Price: $49.50
Infraeireann : Infrastructure and the Architectures of Modernity in Ire by Boyd, Gary A., Mclaughlin, ... ISBN: 9781472446862
Liquid Architecture by Tony Owen & Partners (Firm)... ISBN: 9788494191541
Sanctioning Modernism : Architecture and the Making of Postwar Identities by Kuli, Vladimir, Parker, Tim... ISBN: 9781477307595 List Price: $24.95
Martiennssen and the International Style by Herbert, Gilbert ISBN: 9780869610381 List Price: $95.00
Figures : Essays on Contemporary Architecture by El-Khoury, Rodolphe ISBN: 9789881224958
Displaced : Llonch+Vidalle Architecture by Corea, Mario, Guzzardo, Pau... ISBN: 9789881512529
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