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We have more than one hundred different text books to show you concerning this particular period in history. Architecture has changed markedly over time, and you can buy ancient and classical textbooks online on this period now. We provide affordable prices for all our college students, which is why so many of them are eager to come back for more. With lots of appealing deals to look for it is always simple to buy cheap ancient and classical textbooks that suit your budget. For example, you can get your own pre-owned copies of Comalcalco Tabasco, Mexico Maya Art and Architecture with Boxed Maps; The Origins of the Greek Architectural Orders; Brick Architecture in Ancient Egypt; and Lord Elgin and Ancient Greek Architecture: The Elgin Drawings at the British Museum. There are countless more examples and we buy back ancient and classical books too, so whenever you visit you will find something new.

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Building in Egypt Pharaonic Stone Masonry by Arnold, Dieter ISBN: 9780195113747 List Price: $70.00
How the Maya Built Their World: Energetics and Ancient Architecture by Abrams, Elliot M. ISBN: 9780292704626 List Price: $25.00
How the Greeks Built Cities by Wycherley, R. E. ISBN: 9780393008142 List Price: $8.00
Architecture for the Dead Cairos Medieval Necropolis by Kadi, Galila El ISBN: 9789774160745 List Price: $39.95
Encyclopedia of Ancient Egyptian Architecture by Arnold, Dieter ISBN: 9780691114880 List Price: $45.00
Roman Villas A Study in Social Structure by Smith, J. T. ISBN: 9780415167192 List Price: $150.00
Ancient Egypt Art, Architecture and History by Tiradritti, Francesco ISBN: 9780714119502 List Price: $17.95
Dams and Water Management Systems of Minoan Pseira by Betancourt, Philip ISBN: 9781931534666
Architecture and Mathematics in Ancient Egypt by Rossi, Corinna ISBN: 9780521690539 List Price: $52.00
Pantheon Design, Meaning and Progeny by MacDonald, William L. ISBN: 9780674653467 List Price: $17.50
Architecture of Greece by Darling, Janina K. ISBN: 9780313321528 List Price: $51.95
The Origins of the Greek Architectural Orders by Barletta, Barbara ISBN: 9780521124225 List Price: $27.99
Mortuary Temple of Senwosret III at Abydos by Wagner, Joseph, Wegner, Jos... ISBN: 9780974002545 List Price: $170.00
Lost Temples of the Maya by Waring, Rob ISBN: 9781424044252
Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture (Eye on Art) by Nardo, Don ISBN: 9781420506747 List Price: $33.45
Early Twentieth-Century Islamic Architecture in Cairo by Mohamed, Tarek, Sakr, Refaat ISBN: 9789774243004
Understanding Early Classic Copan by Bell, Ellen E., Canuto, Mar... ISBN: 9781931707510 List Price: $59.95
Parthenon Enigma by Connelly, Joan Breton ISBN: 9780307476593
Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Art and Architecture by Marconi, Clemente, Steiner,... ISBN: 9780199783304 List Price: $150.00
Brick Architecture in Ancient Egypt by Spencer ISBN: 9780856681288
Social Origins of Christian Arch.,v.i by White, L. Michael ISBN: 9781563381805 List Price: $18.00
Roman Granaries and Store Buildings by Rickman, Geoffrey ISBN: 9780521077248
How the Maya Built Their World: Energetics and Ancient Architecture by Abrams, Elliot M. ISBN: 9780292704619 List Price: $30.00
Cosa III: The Buildings of the Forum: Colony, Municipium, and Village, Vol. 37 by Brown, Frank E., Richardson... ISBN: 9780271008257 List Price: $75.00
Southwest Necropolis of Satricum Excavations, 1981-1986 by Gnade, Marijke, Gnade, Mari... ISBN: 9789051701586 List Price: $157.00
Kukulkan's Realm : Urban Life at Ancient Mayap�n by Masson, Marilyn, Peraza Lop... ISBN: 9781607323198
Old Babylonian Public Buildings in the Part 1 Excavations at Ishchali, Part 2 Khafajah Mou... by Hill, Harold D., Jacobsen, ... ISBN: 9780918986627 List Price: $60.00
Unis Cemetery at Saqqara The Tomb of Irukaptah by McFarlane, Annette ISBN: 9780856688188 List Price: $110.00
Studies in Roman and Early Christian Architecture by Perkins, J.B.Ward- ISBN: 9780907132769
Deir El-Gebrawi The Northern Cliff by Kanawati, Naguib ISBN: 9780856688072 List Price: $130.00
Pyramids and Palaces, Monsters and Masks: The Golden Age of Maya Architecture by Andrews, George F. ISBN: 9780911437829 List Price: $150.00
Greek and Roman Architecture by Robertson, D. S. ISBN: 9780521094528 List Price: $92.00
Architecture of Ancient Greece by Dinsmoor, William B. ISBN: 9780393044126
Late Roman Villas in the Danube-Balkan Region (bar s) by Mulvin, Lynda ISBN: 9781841714448 List Price: $85.00
Searching for Ancient Egypt by Silverman, David ISBN: 9781931707367 List Price: $49.95
Inschriftliche Denkmaler als Medien der Selbstdarstellung in der romischen Welt (Heidelberge... by Alföldy, Géza, Panciera, Si... ISBN: 9783515078917 List Price: $71.00
Architecture of Petra, Vol. 1 by McKenzie, Judith ISBN: 9780197270004 List Price: $170.00
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