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Old items and antiques are precious treasures that reflect a particular age or time period. They may be valued for their rarity, unique features, and historical worth. People have always been interested in discovering the significance of such precious pieces, which may be collected for business, pleasure, or educational purposes. But only people who understand the worth of such collectibles can appreciate them. For such people, there are plenty of antiques and collectibles textbooks available. These books aim to share information regarding antiques and collectibles. At ValoreBooks, you can search for and compare prices on these books, finding them at prices you can actually afford.

Value of antiques and collectibles textbooks
Antiques and collectibles textbooks uncover the worth of the items they discuss, focusing on the historical significance. These books contain a lot of valuable information that may be useful for those who are doing research.

Range of antique and collectibles textbooks
Antiques and collectibles textbooks cover their subjects from unique angles that include: the methods of preserving these valued items, their origin, the artistic value they represent, and information on how to buy or sell them. These books also cover topics including: learning about the identity and value of antiques and collectibles, tips for buying the right art items, and getting to know the price guides for antiques. In addition to these, you can find information on archaeological collections, marble antiques, precious gems, museum collectibles, classic antiques, Byzantine and early Mediaeval antiques, Greek, Egyptian and Japanese antiques, English pottery, and more.

Purpose of antiques and collectibles textbooks
The purpose of antiques and collectibles textbooks is to share knowledge on these collections for educational and informational purposes.

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2014 Nat Pk 25C P&d Color Fldr (10) by Littleton Coin Company ISBN: 9781933256412 List Price: $4.95
2013 Nat Pk 25C P&d Color Fldr (10) by Littleton Coin Company ISBN: 9781933256405 List Price: $4.95
2018-2032 Amer Innov$ Proof Alb (57) by Littleton Coin Company ISBN: 9781933256399 List Price: $22.95
2018-2032 Amer Innov$ P&d Album(114) by Littleton Coin Company ISBN: 9781933256382 List Price: $29.95
OW All over Character Icon Notebook by Blizzard Entertainment ISBN: 9781945683350 List Price: $10.00
German Tinnie Collecting by Cassidy, Joseph ISBN: 9781631835544 List Price: $79.95
Oil Lamps II : Glass Kerosene Lamps by Thuro, Catherine M. V. ISBN: 9781635618426 List Price: $21.95
Sweetest Charity : A Collection of Broadway Memorabilia Acquired During the AIDS Crisis by Garguilo, Thomas ISBN: 9780999863749 List Price: $150.00
American Rifle Sights by Rowe, Tom ISBN: 9781618501417 List Price: $79.00
Copper Coins of Vermont and Interrelated Issues 1783-1788 by Bowers, Q., Williams, Ray ISBN: 9780988740358
Narcotic Tax Stamps by Unknown ISBN: 9780978607456
New American Giver : Proceedings of the Symposium by Stull, Martin G. ISBN: 9780962101304 List Price: $8.95
Coins from the Excavations at Sardis : Their Archaeological and Economic Contexts by Evans, Jane DeRose, Cahill,... ISBN: 9780674987258 List Price: $90.00
Encased Coins of Wisconsin : A Guide for Collectors and Dealers by Skwarek, James ISBN: 9780692084915 List Price: $159.00
Prexie Era : Postal History and Stamp Production 1938-1962 by Fiset, Louis, Fiset, Louis,... ISBN: 9780933580817 List Price: $43.00
Cataloging U. S. Commemorative Stamps : 1950 by Posner, Charles ISBN: 9780933580800 List Price: $24.99
Stamp of the Century by Diamanti, Kellen, Fisher, D... ISBN: 9780933580831 List Price: $24.99
U. S. Large Banknotes Identification Guide by Pipes, Bob, Einhorn, Steve ISBN: 9780933580770 List Price: $20.00
Insights into U. S. Postal History, 1855-2016 by Wawrukiewicz, Anthony ISBN: 9780933580794 List Price: $50.00
U. S. Domestic Postage Rates, 1872-2011 - Third Edition by Beecher, Henry, Wawrukiewic... ISBN: 9780933580787 List Price: $60.00
Repairing and Restoring Antiques by Unknown ISBN: 9780317550177 List Price: $19.95
IncrediBuilds : DC Comics: Superman Logo Ornament by Editions, Insight ISBN: 9781682983256 List Price: $9.99
IncrediBuilds : DC Comics: Batman Logo Ornament by Editions, Insight ISBN: 9781682983249 List Price: $9.99
IncrediBuilds : DC Comics: the Flash Logo Ornament by Editions, Insight ISBN: 9781682983270 List Price: $9.99
IncrediBuilds : DC Comics: Wonder Woman Logo Ornament by Editions, Insight ISBN: 9781682983263 List Price: $9.99
Collecting Nantucket : Artifacts from an Island Community by Harrison, Michael R., Allen... ISBN: 9781882201037 List Price: $39.95
Fame and Immortality : The Scher Collection of Portrait Medals by SCHER, Stephen K. ISBN: 9781907804878
Beginner's Guide to Identifying Byzantine Coins by Fitts, Prue Morgan ISBN: 9781907427558
Medieval Coins of Bohemia, Hungary and Poland by Frynas, Jedrzej George ISBN: 9781907427527
English Silver Coinage from 1649 by Bull, Maurice, Rayner, P. Alan ISBN: 9781907427503
Heritage Auctions US Coin Auction Catalog 1258 by Unknown ISBN: 9781633514409
�sterreichische M�nz- und Geldgeschichte : Von Den Anf�ngen Bis 1918 by Probszt-Ohstorff, G�nther, ... ISBN: 9783205981817
Kuchuk Kohne Hoard by Newell, Edward Theodore ISBN: 9780598218292 List Price: $30.00
Hoard of Silver Coins from Carystus by Robinson, David Moore ISBN: 9780598219763 List Price: $30.00
Greek and Roman Plated Coins by Campbell, William ISBN: 9780598219749 List Price: $73.50
Composition of Ancient Greek Bronze Coins by Caley, Earle Radcliffe ISBN: 9780598274502 List Price: $67.90
Colts of Ambracia by Ravel, Oscar ISBN: 9780598368348 List Price: $70.70
Richborough Hoard of 'Radiates' 1931 by Mattingly, Harold, Stebbing... ISBN: 9780598368782 List Price: $48.40
Victory Issues of Syracuse after 413 B. C. by Brett, Agnes Baldwin ISBN: 9780598368836 List Price: $30.00
Earlier Staters of Heraclea Lucaniae by Work, Eunice ISBN: 9780598368805 List Price: $30.00
Miscellanea Numismatica : Cyrene to India by Newell, Edward Theodore ISBN: 9780598368799 List Price: $37.90
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