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If you thought the Valore Books website was all about offering pre-owned and affordable college text books and nothing else, think again. We provide a large collection of self-help books as well, and as you can see here they delve into all kinds of topics! Buy cheap sexual instruction textbooks here today and make your love life better than ever as well as your college years. Look for examples such as Tickle His Pickle!: Your Hands on Guide to Penis Pleasing; Lesbian Sex 101: 101 Lesbian Lovemaking Positions; Best Sex Positions Ever!; and New Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook. As you can see there are plenty of diverse and fascinating titles here so you can always find the cheapest and best books to serve your needs. Whatever you might be looking for you can buy used sexual instruction textbooks from Valore Books without having to pay full price for them.

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The Little Bit Naughty Book of Kama Sutra Positions by Summers, Ann ISBN: 9781569756539
Instant Orgasm by Bodansky, Steve, Bodansky, ... ISBN: 9780897935081
Squirms, Screams and Squirts: Going from Great Sex to Extraordinary Sex by Rubel, Robert J. ISBN: 9781887895644 List Price: $19.95
Drivers License for Women by Stahl, Frank R. ISBN: 9781847536631 List Price: $24.50
The Ultimate Guide to Women and Orgasm by Heart, Mikaya, Blue, Violet ISBN: 9781573447119 List Price: $17.95
Foreplay and Fellatio by Sussman, Lisa ISBN: 9781847322142
Over 100 S&M Tips by Sussman, Lisa ISBN: 9781847322012
Better Sex Through Yoga Easy Routines to Boost Your Sex Drive, Enhance Physical Pleasure, An... by Greaux, Jacquie Noel, Langh... ISBN: 9780767920582 List Price: $17.95
Art of Tantric Sex by Lacroix, Nitya ISBN: 9780789414779 List Price: $25.00
Nice Girls Do: And Now You Can Too - Irene C. Kassorla - Mass Market Paperback by Kassorla, Irene C. ISBN: 9780425089835 List Price: $4.99
Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Sex: Every Woman's Guide to Pleasure and Beyond by Scantling, Sandra R., Browd... ISBN: 9780525936404 List Price: $20.00
Sex Adviser The 100 Most Asked Questions About Sex Between Men by Palerno, Tony ISBN: 9781555834852 List Price: $11.95
Sex Everything You Want to Know and Why! by Saunders, Charmaine ISBN: 9781863511537 List Price: $12.95
Sex over 50 by Block, Joel D., Bakos, Susa... ISBN: 9780735200586 List Price: $15.95
Sexuality, Learning Difficulties and Doing What's Right by Fairbairn, Gavin J., Bowen,... ISBN: 9781853462924 List Price: $45.00
Sex Tips from Rock Stars : In Their Own Words by Miles, Paul ISBN: 9781849384049
Her Sweet Spot : 101 Sexy Ways to Find and Please It by Schell, Jude ISBN: 9781587610066
Rock Her World : The Sex Guide for the Modern Man by Glasser, Adam, aka Seymore... ISBN: 9781592405831 List Price: $16.00
Essential Tantra A Modern Guide to Sacred Sexuality by Stubbs, Kenneth Ray, Spence... ISBN: 9781585420148 List Price: $24.95
Sex And the Seasoned Woman by Sheehy, Gail ISBN: 9781400062638 List Price: $25.95
Rich Sex: The Sexual Dynamics of Money by Sayles, Ginie ISBN: 9780595426911 List Price: $12.95
Adventurous Couple's Guide to Strap-on Sex by Blue, Violet ISBN: 9781573442787 List Price: $14.95
Art of Tantric Sex by LaCroix, Nitya, Harwood, Mark ISBN: 9780756618773 List Price: $16.95
Golden Lotus The Erotic Essence of China by Norton, Bret ISBN: 9789654941402 List Price: $15.95
Pandora's Book of Sexual Fantasies Discover a New Dimension of Pleasure by Hayman, Suzie ISBN: 9781842220344 List Price: $18.95
Everything Great Sex Book From Sensuous to Sizzling, the Hottest Tips, Tricks, and Technique... by Heumann, Suzie, Campbell, S... ISBN: 9781580627399 List Price: $14.95
How to Drive Your Woman Wild in Bed by Masterton, Graham ISBN: 9780451156570 List Price: $7.99
How to Have an Orgasm...As Often As You Want by Swift, Rachel ISBN: 9780881849547 List Price: $14.00
Intelligent Woman's Guide to Dating and Mating by Ellis, Albert ISBN: 9780818402777 List Price: $7.50
Men's Health Guide to the Best Sex in the World by Unknown ISBN: 9781594867262
Chinese Kama Sutra by Serejski, Eric ISBN: 9780615153100
How To Maximize Your Manhood by Peters, Clive ISBN: 9781434371515 List Price: $13.49
Into Adolescence: A Curriculum for Grades 5-8 by Zevin, Dale ISBN: 9780941816663
What Women Really Want in Bed: The Surprising Secrets Women Wish Men Knew About Sex by Gentry, Cynthia W., Fredsti... ISBN: 9781592333394 List Price: $16.99
Orgasmic Diet A Revolutionary Plan to Lift Your Libido And Bring You to Orgasm by Lindberg, Marrena ISBN: 9780307352651 List Price: $23.95
For Yourself: The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality by Barbach, Lonnie ISBN: 9780451159502 List Price: $4.50
Human Sexuality Meeting Your Basic Needs by Miracle And Miracle Staff ISBN: 9781428801431 List Price: $12.95
302 Advanced Techniques for Driving a Man Wild in Bed by St. Claire, Olivia ISBN: 9780609610565 List Price: $18.00
365 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life From the Files of the Playboy Advisor by Petersen, James R. ISBN: 9780452275768 List Price: $13.95
Sex-by Prescription by Szasz, Thomas ISBN: 9780385158985 List Price: $10.95
Sex Education by Bailey, Kristen ISBN: 9780737724189 List Price: $29.95
Your Long Erotic Weekend Four Days of Passion for a Lifetime of Magnificent Sex by Holstein, Lana, Taylor, Dav... ISBN: 9780452286269 List Price: $15.00
Sex Toy Tales by Semans, Anne, Winks, Cathy ISBN: 9780940208216 List Price: $12.50
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