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From the business aspects of the profession to film and video and everything beyond, we make it easy to study the arts. You can buy used performing arts textbooks that make light work of discovering the ins and outs of this area. Buy books such as Philosophy Through Film; America on Film: Representing Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality at the Movies; and DSLR Cinema: Crafting the Film Look with Large Sensor Video. There are many other discounted text books among our collection as well, each one offering a small window onto a particular area of this topic. Whenever you rent used performing arts textbooks you can read the books for a semester or alternatively for a quarter before returning them to us. Whatever you do you will be able to benefit from the cheapest prices that can take as much as 99% off the usual amount you'd pay for brand new books.

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Puppets, Puppetry and Gogmagog : A Manual for Constructing Puppets by Hunt, Deborah ISBN: 9780985338435 List Price: $35.00
Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry by Grandin Hood Publishers, Gr... ISBN: 9780983821854 List Price: $35.00
Jam the Box 1 Music by Alberty, John ISBN: 9781940525099 List Price: $9.99
The Beyond Within: Post-Cinematic Possibilities of Play and Action by Hlynur Helgason ISBN: 9780989428415 List Price: $25.95
Made in Mexico / Hecho en Mexico : Hollywood Films South of the Border by Reyes, Luis ISBN: 9781626400146 List Price: $29.95
Writing and Selling : Crime Film Screenplays by Lee Street, Karen ISBN: 9781842439746
Screening Twilight : Critical Approaches to a Cinematic Phenomenon by Clayton, Wickham, Harman, S... ISBN: 9781780766652
Screening Twilight : Critical Approaches to a Cinematic Phenomenon by Clayton, Wickham, Harman, S... ISBN: 9781780766669
Least Likely Hero by Alberty, John ISBN: 9781940525105 List Price: $9.99
Me and Murder, She Wrote by Peter S Fischer ISBN: 9780988657137 List Price: $18.95
What I Wish I Knew Before I Moved to Hollywood by Locke, T. R. ISBN: 9780981898339
Divina Dora y Los Propagandistas by Milton, Jan Paul ISBN: 9781620306604
Travis Edward Pike's Odd Tales and Wonders : 1964-1974 a Decade of Performance by Pike, Travis ISBN: 9780989893602 List Price: $19.95
Failure : Served with Songs, Snacks and Awkward Silences: a Big Stupid Mess by Goodman, Carla ISBN: 9780578128993 List Price: $49.95
Five Fears of Fatherhood by Weems, Michael ISBN: 9781934962763 List Price: $11.95
In Search of Princess White Deer : The Biography of Esther Deer by Galperin, Patricia ISBN: 9780989787703 List Price: $16.95
Blue Ribbon : Amazing Women, Powerful Giving by Goodwin, Betty ISBN: 9781626400115
Vom Wort Zum Bild : Das Neue Theater in Deutschland and den USA by Bauschinger, Sigrid, Cocali... ISBN: 9780685484739
Actor Movement : The Physical Expression of Human Condition by Ewan, Vanessa, Green, Debbie ISBN: 9781408134412
Chickenshed : An Awfully Big Adventure by Thomson, Elizabeth ISBN: 9781909653139
Let's Kill Grandma This Christmas by Gianci, Brian ISBN: 9781934962770 List Price: $12.95
Ingenue : A Portrait of the Film by Chaplin, Kate, Chaplin, Kat... ISBN: 9780989813204 List Price: $14.99
Match of the Day Quiz Book by Match of the Day ISBN: 9781849906722 List Price: $17.95
Dining with the Dearly Departed, 2007-2013 by Fortner, Kim, Southern Kent... ISBN: 9780578128061 List Price: $20.00
Walk with ME : September 26, 2012 - May 18, 2013/ a Collection of Performances and Reflections by Catolico, Alen, Tighe, Paige ISBN: 9780989578905 List Price: $50.00
In the Cockpit with Cliff Robertson by Freeze, Di ISBN: 9780985810344 List Price: $16.99
Beatrice Learns to Dance by Akah, Binaebi, Akah, Binaeb... ISBN: 9780983078630 List Price: $12.99
Across the World with the Johnsons : Visual Culture and Empire in the Twentieth Century by Ahrens, Prue, Lindstrom, La... ISBN: 9781409423294 List Price: $99.95
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