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Urology and Reproduction by White, Elizabeth K. ISBN: 9780130356765 List Price: $23.09
User Acceptance of Health Telematics Applications by Iakovidis, I., Maglavera, S... ISBN: 9789051994155 List Price: $97.00
Superantigen Protocols by Krakauer, Teresa ISBN: 9780896039841 List Price: $99.50
Saunders Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Laboratory Medicine and Technology by Bennington, James L. ISBN: 9780721617145 List Price: $85.00
Clinical Guide to Laboratory Tests by Tietz, Norbert W. ISBN: 9780721624860 List Price: $42.95
Critical Issues in Medical Technology by Cravalho, Ernest G., McNeil... ISBN: 9780865690707
Health Technology Transfer: Whose Responsibility? - Z. Bankowski - Paperback by Bankowski, Z., Ada, Gordon L. ISBN: 9789290360438 List Price: $20.00
Technology and the Quality of Health Care by Egdahl, Richard H., Gertman... ISBN: 9780894430251 List Price: $46.00
Career Guide to the Animal Health Field by Simmons, M. L. ISBN: 9780932036100
Medical Technician Instructor by National Learning Corporation ISBN: 9780837313702 List Price: $39.95
Surgically Shaping Children Technology, Ethics, And the Pursuit of Normality by Parens, Erik ISBN: 9780801883057 List Price: $55.00
Innovations in Health Care A Reality Check by Casebeer, Ann ISBN: 9781403947482 List Price: $100.00
Future of Intelligent and Extelligent Health Environment Studies in Health Technology and In... by Bushko, Renata Glowacka ISBN: 9781586035716 List Price: $129.00
Implanted Antennas in Medical Wireless Communications by Rahmat-Samii, Yahya, Balani... ISBN: 9781598290547 List Price: $40.00
Business Of Healthcare Innovation by Burns, Lawton Robert ISBN: 9780521838986 List Price: $99.99
World of Uncertainty by Kriz, Carey James ISBN: 9780742562042 List Price: $32.95
Introduction to Biomedical Technology by Carr, Brown, Kate ISBN: 9780134770352 List Price: $64.00
Handbook of Research on Distributed Medical Informatics and E-Health by Lazakidou, Athina A., Siass... ISBN: 9781605660028 List Price: $325.00
Automatic Performance Evaluation in Surgical Simulation by Sewell, Christoph ISBN: 9783836486279 List Price: $89.00
New Technology in Urology, An Issue of Urologic Clinics by Desai, Mihir, Desai, Nemesha ISBN: 9781437705553 List Price: $99.00
Building Foundations for Ehealth Progress of Member States by World Health Organization, ... ISBN: 9789241563352 List Price: $27.00
Nanomedicine An Issue of Medical Clinics by Wei, Chiming ISBN: 9781416035299 List Price: $83.00
Technology and the Future of Health Care Preparing for the Next 30 Years by Ellis, David ISBN: 9781556482656 List Price: $44.95
Technology in Hospitals Medical Advances in Their Diffusion by Russell, Louise B. ISBN: 9780815776307 List Price: $34.95
Molecular Techniques and Approaches in Developmental Biology by Chrispeels, Maarten Jan ISBN: 9780471156185
Mycology for the Clinical Laboratory by Moore, Gary S., Jaciow, Dou... ISBN: 9780835947718
Ihe - Integrating The Healthcare Enterprise by Starke, Stefan ISBN: 9783639040951 List Price: $64.00
Clinical Proteomics by Vlahou, Antonia ISBN: 9781588298379
New Trends in Medical Technologies and Hospital Management by Asian Productivity Organiza... ISBN: 9789283320999 List Price: $15.00
In Sickness and in Health: The Future of Medicine: Added Value & Global Access (Crosstalks) by Dupont, Alain, Noppen, Marc... ISBN: 9789054875499 List Price: $36.00
Technologized Images, Technologized Bodies by Edwards, Jeanette, Harvey, ... ISBN: 9781845456641 List Price: $90.00
Modelling the Physiological Human: Second 3D Physiological Human Workshop, 3DPH 2009, Zermat... by Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia ISBN: 9783642104688 List Price: $72.00
Biomedical Nanosensors (Pan Stanford Series on Biomedical Nanotechnology) by Irudayaraj, Joseph ISBN: 9789814303033 List Price: $149.95
The Future of Clinical Laboratory Science: A Delphi Study by Kirby, Beverly ISBN: 9783639247381 List Price: $7.00
Medical Technology by Hoffmann, Klaus-Peter, Kram... ISBN: 9783540746577 List Price: $199.00
Revolution in Medical Technology Education by Driver, Robienetta, Feeley,... ISBN: 9780398029609 List Price: $12.75
Development of Analytical Technique for Determination of Metronidazole by Hussain, Shafique, Saeed-ul... ISBN: 9783639277142 List Price: $65.00
Training and Utilization of Auxiliary Personnel for Rural Health Teams in Developing Countri... by World Health Organization, ... ISBN: 9789241206334 List Price: $5.00
Ontologies for Developing Things : Making Health Care Futures Through Technology by Jensen, Casper Bruun ISBN: 9789460912085 List Price: $49.00
Ontologies for Developing Things : Making Health Care Futures Through Technology by Jensen, Casper Bruun ISBN: 9789460912092 List Price: $99.00
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