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When you want to learn something about the law you need reliable text books to make the process easier. Buy cheap civil procedure textbooks from our collection today and have the reliability you need on this topic. Look out for affordable deals on all the books we have for you. These include Civil Procedure; Fundamentals of Litigation for Paralegals with CD; Emanuel Law Outlines: Civil Procedure; and Cases and Materials on California Civil Procedure (American Casebooks). These types of books can be notoriously expensive, but if you know where to look it can be easier than you think to get the cheapest offers. That's why we are here - to provide you with the most affordable deals on a wide range of discounted and pre-owned text books. Every aspect of law is challenging to get to grips with, especially if you want to become a lawyer. We help make it easier.

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Friedman and Collins - the Law of Civil Procedure, Cases and Materials, 2d Edition, 2008 Sup... by Friedman, Joel William, Col... ISBN: 9780314190482 List Price: $17.00
Federal Rules Civil Procedure W/ Study Resources 2010-2011 by Subrin ISBN: 9780735590663 List Price: $42.50
Basic Civil Litigation by Feuerhake, Herbert G. ISBN: 9780735544598 List Price: $94.95
Complex Litigation Cases And Materials On Advanced Civil Procedure by Marcus, Richard L., Sherman... ISBN: 9780314147349 List Price: $135.00
Kane and Levine's Civil Procedure in California : State and Federal Supplemental Materials f... by Kane, Mary Kay, Levine, Dav... ISBN: 9780314906779 List Price: $70.00
Teply and Whitten's Civil Procedure, 3d Edition, 2008 Supplement by Teply, Larry L., Whitten, R... ISBN: 9781599414867 List Price: $13.00
Federal Rules Civil Procedure by Yeazell, Stephen C. ISBN: 9780735572218 List Price: $39.50
Cost and Fee Allocation in Civil Procedure : A Comparative Study by Reimann, Mathias ISBN: 9789400722620 List Price: $139.00
Three Paths of Justice : Court Proceedings, Arbitration, and Mediation in England by Andrews, Neil ISBN: 9789400722934 List Price: $139.00
Civil Procedure by Abramson, Leslie W., Cross,... ISBN: 9780314179777 List Price: $27.00
Student's Guide to Federal Rules of Civilization Proc. by Baicker-Mckee, Steven, Jans... ISBN: 9780314190048 List Price: $51.00
Civil Procedure Used for Enforcement of Ec Competition Law by the English, French and German... by Spitz, Brad, Janal, Ruth, C... ISBN: 9789041124715 List Price: $138.00
Civil Procedure in Denmark, 2nd Revised Edition by Werlauff, Erik ISBN: 9789041132208 List Price: $92.00
Civil Procedure: Subrin Minow Brodin and Main by Casenotes Publishing Co., I... ISBN: 9780735571709 List Price: $38.95
See You in Court How the Right Made America a Lawsuit Nation by Geoghegan, Thomas ISBN: 9781595580993 List Price: $24.95
Law Of Evidence In The European Union/Das Beweisrecht in der Europaischen Union/Le Droit de ... by Freitas, Jose Manuel Lebre de ISBN: 9789041121370 List Price: $295.00
Civil Procedure by Teply, Larry L., Whitten, R... ISBN: 9781587787478 List Price: $45.00
Iel Civil Procedures in South Africa by Kelbrick ISBN: 9789041133090
Civil Litigation in a Globalising World by Kramer, X. E., Rhee, C. H. van ISBN: 9789067048163
Civil Procedure - Fleming James - Hardcover - 4th ed by James, Fleming, Hazard, Geo... ISBN: 9780316352635 List Price: $48.00
New Civil Court in Action The New Civil Court by Barnard, David, Houghton, Mark ISBN: 9780406002686 List Price: $44.00
New York State Civil Practice Law & Rules Plus Appendix/With 1995/96 Supplement by Looseleaf Law Publications Inc ISBN: 9780930137120 List Price: $36.95
Civil Procedure for All States : A Context and Practice Casebook by Madison, Benjamin V., 3rd ISBN: 9781594605109 List Price: $55.00
Inside Civil Procedure: What Matters and Why (Inside Series) by Erichson, Howard ISBN: 9780735564084 List Price: $38.95
Civil Procedure and Courts in the South Pacific by Care, Jennifer Corrin ISBN: 9781859417195 List Price: $74.00
Civil Procedure Friedenthal Miller Sexton Hershkoff by Casenotes ISBN: 9780735582620 List Price: $36.95
1987 Civil Procedure Supplement Containing Selected Federal and State Statutes, Rules, Probl... by Cound, John J., Friedenthal... ISBN: 9780314593436 List Price: $10.95
Paralegal Litigation: Forms and Procedures by Fawcett-Delesandri, Marcy ISBN: 9780471115694 List Price: $98.00
International Civil Litigation in United States Courts by Rutledge, Peter B., Born, G... ISBN: 9780735563070 List Price: $152.00
Civil Practice for Paralegals in New York State Practical Interpretation of the Crucial Elem... by Coleman, Charles E., Willia... ISBN: 9781889031903 List Price: $34.95
Florida Civil Procedure Cases And Materials by Ramirez, Juan, Jr. ISBN: 9781594601323 List Price: $100.00
Advocacy Case Files by Rose, Charles H. ISBN: 9780314268181 List Price: $33.00
Win Your Lawsuit: Sue in California Superior Court Without a Lawyer by Duncan, Roderic ISBN: 9781413310757 List Price: $39.99
Story of a Civil Suit by Crump, David, Berman, Jeffr... ISBN: 9780916081034 List Price: $18.00
Blonds Civil Procedure by Blond ISBN: 9780735586062 List Price: $30.95
California Public Administration by Salzman, Ed, Quinn, T. Anthony ISBN: 9780930302511 List Price: $4.95
Legal Path Civil Procedure (Keyed to: Friedenthal, 9th ED) by Unknown ISBN: 9780976871668 List Price: $21.95
Community of the College of Justice by Finlay, John ISBN: 9780748645770
Federal Civil Rules Booklet, January 2006 Edition by Unknown ISBN: 9780977372911 List Price: $20.00
Actual Innocence When Justice Goes Wrong and How to Make It Right by Scheck, Barry, Neufeld, Pet... ISBN: 9780451203656 List Price: $7.50
Anti-Suit Injunction Updating Supplement by Raphael, Thomas ISBN: 9780199588473 List Price: $79.95
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