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If you are visiting Germany in some capacity or you simply want to learn the language, you can rent used German textbooks here. Renting pre-owned textbooks is a smart way to make the most of them before returning them for someone else to rent. Cheap German textbooks can also be bought from us though, so consider which option would work best in your case. Among the books you can choose from are German Quickly: A Grammar for Reading German; Frequency Dictionary of German: Core Vocabulary for Learners; Modern German Grammar; and Hammer's German Grammar and Usage. Our prices are clearly marked in red, so you can always afford the best because you will know exactly how much you want to spend. Whenever you want to get the cheapest deals you know you need to come to Valore Books. When you do you will keep more cash for future purchases and spend less with us.

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Hoi Zaeme : Schweizerdeutsch leicht Gemacht by Lievano, Sergio J., Lievano... ISBN: 9783905252149 List Price: $18.20
Nemecko-Slovensky Slovnik by Cierna ISBN: 9788008014083
Grundgramatik Deutsch by Kars, J., Haussermann, Ulrich ISBN: 9788008018388
Nemecko-Slovensky a Slovensko-Nemecky Slovnik by Kovacsova, Pechyova, Vokounova ISBN: 9788008021562
German in a Flash by Unknown ISBN: 9781928804031 List Price: $8.95
GermanNow! V9. 0 : (MM Box) by Unknown ISBN: 9781930550148 List Price: $39.99
Studies on German-Language Islands by Putnam, Michael T. ISBN: 9789027287403
Say It in German App : New Edition by Wolf,, M. Charlotte, MChar... ISBN: 9780486311371 List Price: $5.95
Etymologisches W�rterbuch der Deutschen Sprache by Kluge, Friedrich ISBN: 9781276521857 List Price: $38.75
Soll die plattdeutsche Sprache gepflegt oder ausgerottet Werden by Ludolf Wienbarg ISBN: 9781468035209 List Price: $8.00
Comprehensive Pennsylvania German Dictionary, Volume Twelve : Supplement by Beam, C. Richard, Trout, Je... ISBN: 9781601262981 List Price: $18.00
Denk Mal! : Deutsch Ohne Grenzen by Barske, Tobias ISBN: 9781605768779
English Dictionary for South Africa by Dictionaries, Pharos ISBN: 9781868901197
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