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Do you speak French? Or more appropriately, parlez-vous Francais? If you would like to and you are in need of some affordable text books to help the process along, we can help out today. You can buy used French textbooks from us that will help every student from the beginner to the more advanced. We have titles such as French in Action: A Beginning Course in Language and Culture, the Capretz Method; The Ultimate French Review and Practice with CD-ROM; Grammaire Progressive Du Francais Niveau Avance; and Parlez-Vous Francais: Learn French, The Basics. These merely scratch the surface of the incredible and affordable range of pre-owned books we can offer you. Make sure you come back regularly to add more of the cheapest books to your collection. Buy cheap French textbooks and sell back at another time if you outgrow them. That is the beauty of using our website whenever you need these books.

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Formation and Evolution of the French Nasal Vowels by Rochet, Bernard L. ISBN: 9783484520585
Ways of Expressing Epistemic Modality in English and French by Melnic, Elena ISBN: 9783838375328 List Price: $61.00
Malenkii by Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de ISBN: 9785845108029
French Workshop by Straus ISBN: 9780757596445 List Price: $65.00
French in a Flash by Burchard, Elizabeth R. ISBN: 9781928804017 List Price: $8.95
FrenchNow! V9. 0 : (MM Box) by Unknown ISBN: 9781930550131 List Price: $39.99
French Writing Activities by Unknown ISBN: 9781931463164 List Price: $8.95
Mastering French Adjectives : Usage and Agreement by Unknown ISBN: 9781931463133 List Price: $7.95
Robert Dictionnaire des Expressions et Locutions Figurees by Rey, Alain ISBN: 9780785956518 List Price: $75.00
French Grammar Is Fun by Naux-McVicker, S. ISBN: 9781468148930 List Price: $11.99
attrition of French as a foreign Language by Weltens, Hubertus H. ISBN: 9783111982953
Pacon de Parler French Practical Grammar by Aries, Angela, Debney, Domi... ISBN: 9781444115994
Realisations: Teacher's Resource Book by Neather, Ted, Maun, Ian, Ro... ISBN: 9780748737031 List Price: $113.00
Pattern Drills in Language Teaching by Etmekjian, James ISBN: 9780814701409 List Price: $10.95
Cours d'Analyse Grammaticale by Grevisse, Maurice ISBN: 9780828833233 List Price: $19.95
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