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From general topics to books about meetings and presentations, it certainly bears fruit to read about various aspects of business and communication. You can buy cheap business communication textbooks from our collection today and secure some of the most affordable deals you have ever seen. Among our collection of thousands of titles you can find Strategies for Technical Communication; Presenting to Win; Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences; and The Knowledge Creating Company: How Japanese Companies Create the Dynamics of Innovation. We have dozens of discounted books available for you to rent as well, which means you will always be in for a good deal. You can sell your business communication books back once they have served their purpose, and buy or rent more of them too. Our purpose here at Valore Books is always to make sure you have easy access to pre-owned books that will help you at college.

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Communicating for Results - With CD by Meyer, Carolyn ISBN: 9780195428520 List Price: $55.00
How to Present Like a Pro! Getting People to See Things Your Way by Arredondo, Lani ISBN: 9780070025059 List Price: $12.95
Effective Meetings Improving Group Decision-Making by Tropman, John E. ISBN: 9780761900214 List Price: $67.95
How to Wow by Jones, Frances Cole ISBN: 9780345501783
Sales Presentation Techniques (That Really Work!) by Schiffman, Stephan ISBN: 9781598690606 List Price: $9.95
Planning Successful Meetings and Events A Take-Charge Assistant Book by Boehme, Ann J. ISBN: 9780814479957 List Price: $12.95
Fearless Presenting-self-help Wkbk... by Maisel, Eric ISBN: 9780823088348 List Price: $16.95
Surviving Group Meetings: Practical Tools for Working in Groups by Powell, James Larry ISBN: 9781599425214 List Price: $29.95
Presentations by McClain, Gary ISBN: 9781598691535 List Price: $10.95
Business English At Work-w/cd by Jaderstrom, Susan, Miller, ... ISBN: 9780028025414 List Price: $51.00
Communication in a Virtual Organization by Collins, Sandra D., O'Rourk... ISBN: 9780324152562 List Price: $46.95
Critical Corporate Communications A Best Practice Blueprint by Langford-Wood, Naomi, Salte... ISBN: 9780470847633 List Price: $70.00
The Modern Rules of Order by Tortorice, Donald A. ISBN: 9781590317921 List Price: $29.95
Get Connected: The Social Networking Toolkit for Business by Hall, Starr, Rosenberg, Chadd ISBN: 9781599183589 List Price: $21.95
Presentations Kit 10 Steps for Selling Your Ideas by Wilder, Claudyne ISBN: 9780471310891 List Price: $26.95
Truth About Getting Your Point Across ...And Nothing but the Truth by Pacelli, Lonnie ISBN: 9780131873711 List Price: $18.99
Manager's Pocket Guide to Effective Meetings by Kaye, Steve ISBN: 9780874254495 List Price: $12.95
Effective Apology: Mending Fences, Building Bridges, and Restoring Trust by Kador, John ISBN: 9781576759011 List Price: $19.95
E-Technology and the Fourth Economy by O'Rourke, James, Boulger, C... ISBN: 9780324152555 List Price: $46.95
Digital Strategies for Powerful Corporate Communications by Argenti, Paul A., Barnes, C... ISBN: 9780071606028 List Price: $34.95
Business by Bovee, Courtland L., Thill,... ISBN: 9780070068766 List Price: $56.25
Better Construction Briefing by Barrett, Peter, Stanley, Ca... ISBN: 9780632051021 List Price: $114.99
Business in Networks by Ford, David I., Gadde, Lars... ISBN: 9780470749630 List Price: $74.95
Business Communication Today by Bovée, Courtland L., Thill,... ISBN: 9780394351377
Teach Business English by Donna, Sylvie, Ur, Penny ISBN: 9780521585576 List Price: $37.00
Business English and Communication: Teacher's Annotated Edition by Clark, Lyn, Zimmer, Kenneth... ISBN: 9780028009919 List Price: $42.00
Business Grammar, Style & Usage A Desk Reference for Articulate and Polished Business Writin... by Aspatore Books Staff, Abell... ISBN: 9781587620263 List Price: $14.95
The Four Conversations: Daily Communication That Gets Results by Ford, Jeffrey, Ford, Laurie H. ISBN: 9781576759202 List Price: $19.95
Chairman of the Board A Practical Guide by Lechem, Brian ISBN: 9780471228899 List Price: $57.95
How to Prepare Business Cases: An essential guide for accountants by Remenyi, Dan ISBN: 9781856176668 List Price: $59.95
Organizational Communication Balancing Creativity and Constraint by Eisenberg, Eric M., Goodall... ISBN: 9780312201753 List Price: $74.55
Graphic and Visual Communication for Managers by O'Rourke, James, Sedlack, ... ISBN: 9780324161786 List Price: $44.95
How to Take the Fog Out of Business Writing by Gunning, Robert, Kallan, Ri... ISBN: 9780850132328 List Price: $12.95
Taking Minutes of Meetings by Gutmann, Joanna ISBN: 9780749445591 List Price: $17.95
Communicating for Results : A Canadian Student's Guide by Meyer, Carolyn Margaret ISBN: 9780199006304 List Price: $85.00
Executive Guide to E-mail Correspondence Including Model Letters for Every Situation by Baude, Dawn Michelle ISBN: 9781564149107 List Price: $15.99
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