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Often, readers tend to be more interested in real life experiences. Luckily, biography and autobiography books take you on a journey through the lives of others so that you may learn about their experiences firsthand. These books are often inspiring, motivating, interesting or simply good reads. Notably, Valore Books houses biographies of some of the famous people in history.

Biographies and autobiography books are usually popular because they generate much interest in their target audience; when such books chronicle the famous, readers cannot wait to grab the books in order to discover the inside stories of their lives. Reading about someone's triumphs, joys, struggles and failures is a learning experience in itself, and these books hold unique value: they are not just fictional stories or pieces of imagination, but true accounts that positively and powerfully influence each reader.

Celebrities, politicians, athletes, successful entrepreneurs and others from diverse walks of life have their biographies and autobiography books on the market, and they are all available at Valore Books. Sometimes, biographies and autobiographies focus on certain personal struggles, and they often reflect on how to lead a successful life. With this in mind, you can also read biography and autobiography books from less famous authors, which are also quite insightful.

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Etty Hillesum An Interupted Life the Diaries, 1941-1943 and Letters from Westerbork by Hillesum, Etty, Hoffman, Eva ISBN: 9780805050875 List Price: $19.00
With Malice Toward None A Life of Abraham Lincoln by Oates, Stephen B., Oates, Step ISBN: 9780060924713 List Price: $17.99
Blue Like Jazz Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality by Miller, Donald ISBN: 9780785263708 List Price: $14.99
Chief Joseph Guardian of the People by Moulton, Candy ISBN: 9780765310644 List Price: $12.95
Beatrix Potter by Lear, Linda ISBN: 9780312377960
Country Music : A Cultural and Stylistic History by Neal, Jocelyn R. ISBN: 9780199730599 List Price: $49.95
Not Even My Name by Halo, Thea ISBN: 9780312277017 List Price: $16.00
Night by Wiesel, Elie, Rodway, Stell... ISBN: 9780553272536 List Price: $5.99
Queen of Fashion What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution by Weber, Caroline ISBN: 9780312427344 List Price: $15.00
George Washington, 1789-1797 by Burns, James MacGregor, Dun... ISBN: 9780805069365 List Price: $22.00
Rommel: Leadership Lessons from the Desert Fox by Messenger, Charles, Clark, ... ISBN: 9780230609082
James Buchanan by Baker, Jean H., Schlesinger... ISBN: 9780805069464 List Price: $20.00
George H. W. Bush by Naftali, Timothy, Wilentz, ... ISBN: 9780805069662
Cutty, One Rock Low Characters And Strange Places, Gently Explained by Kleinzahler, August ISBN: 9780374530181 List Price: $12.00
John Adams by Diggins, John P., Schlesing... ISBN: 9780805069372 List Price: $20.00
The Man Who Would Not Shut up: The Rise of Bill O'Reilly by Kitman, Marvin ISBN: 9780312385866
Blue Collar, Blue Scrubs: The Making of a Surgeon by Collins, Michael J. ISBN: 9780312610913 List Price: $14.99
Imperfect God George Washington, His Slaves, And The Creation Of America by Wiencek, Henry ISBN: 9780374529512 List Price: $18.00
Fatal Purity Robespierre And the French Revolution by Scurr, Ruth ISBN: 9780805082616 List Price: $19.00
Time Was Soft There A Paris Sojourn at Shakespeare & Co. by Mercer, Jeremy ISBN: 9780312347406 List Price: $14.00
Travels of Marco Polo by Polo, Marco, Latham, Ronald... ISBN: 9780140440577 List Price: $13.95
Periodic Table by Levi, Primo ISBN: 9780805210415 List Price: $14.00
Richard M. Nixon by Drew, Elizabeth ISBN: 9780805069631 List Price: $22.00
James Monroe The American Presidents by Dalleck, Robert ISBN: 9780805069389 List Price: $23.00
Curies A Biography Of The Most Controversial Family In Science by Brian, Denis ISBN: 9780471273912 List Price: $35.00
Growing Up by Baker, Russell ISBN: 9780451168382 List Price: $7.99
Scar Tissue by Kiedis, Anthony, Sloman, Larry ISBN: 9781401307455 List Price: $13.00
Classic American Autobiographies by Andrews, William L. ISBN: 9780451529152 List Price: $7.95
American Chica Two Worlds, One Childhood by Arana, Marie ISBN: 9780385319638 List Price: $14.00
The Portable Abraham Lincoln by Lincoln, Abraham, Delbanco,... ISBN: 9780143105640 List Price: $18.00
Lying A Metaphorical Memoir by Slater, Lauren ISBN: 9780142000069 List Price: $15.00
Mao Zedong by Spence, Jonathan D. ISBN: 9780143037729 List Price: $14.00
Running to the Mountain A Midlife Adventure by Katz, Jon ISBN: 9780767904988 List Price: $12.95
Reflections of a Citizen Teacher Literacy, Democracy, and the Forgotten Students of Addison ... by DeStigter, Todd, Carey-Webb... ISBN: 9780814129715 List Price: $35.95
Politics Presidents Make Leadership from John Adams to Bill Clinton by Skowronek, Stephen ISBN: 9780674689374 List Price: $26.00
Underground Life The Memoirs of a Gay Jew in Nazi Berlin by Beck, Gad, Brown, Allison, ... ISBN: 9780299165048 List Price: $18.95
Labyrinth of Exile A Life of Theodor Herzl by Pawel, Ernst ISBN: 9780374523510 List Price: $35.00
Rocket Boys by Hickam, Homer H., Jr. ISBN: 9780385333214 List Price: $16.00
Marbury V. Madison The Origins and Legacy of Judicial Review by Nelson, William E. ISBN: 9780700610624 List Price: $14.95
Francis of Assisi and His World by Galli, Mark ISBN: 9780830823543 List Price: $16.00
American Holocaust The Conquest of the New World by Stannard, David E. ISBN: 9780195085570 List Price: $24.99
Freedom in Exile The Autobiography of the Dalai Lama by Dalai Lama XIV ISBN: 9780060987015 List Price: $15.99
Modern American Memoirs by Dillard, Annie, Dillard ISBN: 9780060927639 List Price: $16.99
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