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Many of us collect one thing or another, and if you happen to be focused on coins or medals, we can provide you with some discounted text books to help. When you buy cheap coins, currency and medals textbooks from our marketplace you can buy the cheapest books you will see. They are pre-owned and provide heavy discounts on the normal prices. These books include the likes of Strike it Rich with Pocket Change; The Official Red Book; State Quarters for Kids; and Official American Numismatic Association Grading Standards of United States Coins. You can even rent used coins, currency and medals textbooks if you wish, giving you another reason to dig deep and explore our website for the books you want. When it is this easy to learn more about your chosen subject, it encourages you to become familiar with success. Enjoy using our website today and sell back later if you need to as well.

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CoinManage Coin Collecting Software Getting Started Guide by Unknown ISBN: 9781933475028 List Price: $59.95
1858 Cents of Provincial Canada by Turner, Rob ISBN: 9781934379448
Nomisma by Von Fritze, Hans, Gaebler, ... ISBN: 9783487053851
Monnaies Royales de France Sous la Race Carolingienne by Gariel, Ernest ISBN: 9783487052281
Kleinasiatische Munzen by Imhoof-Blumer, Friedrich ISBN: 9783487051765
Coinage of the European Continent by Hazlitt, W. Carew ISBN: 9780890050378 List Price: $50.00
Dictionnaire de Sigillographie Pratique by Chassant, Louis-Alphonse, D... ISBN: 9783487079424 List Price: $55.00
Collecting World Coins by Bruce, Colin R. ISBN: 9780873411004 List Price: $13.95
Investor's Guide to United States Coins by Berman, Neil S., DiGenova, ... ISBN: 9780871844026 List Price: $27.95
United States Paper Money 2009 by Hudgeons, Marc, Hudgeons, T... ISBN: 9780375721717
Standard Catalog U. S. Paper Money by Lemke, Robert, Krause, Ches... ISBN: 9780873411486 List Price: $21.95
Standard Price Guide to World Crowns and Talers by Davenport, John S., Drascov... ISBN: 9780873410625 List Price: $19.50
Indian Peace Medals Issued in the United States, 1789-1889 by Belden, Bauman L. ISBN: 9780910598040 List Price: $9.50
United States Copper Cents (1816-1857) by Newcomb, Howard R., Wright,... ISBN: 9780880001274 List Price: $50.00
2012 US Coin Guide History Grading and Coin Values Based upon Completed Auctions by McDonald, Stan ISBN: 9781467995429 List Price: $12.97
Norwegian Collections Part II : Anglo-Saxon and British Coins, 1016-1279 by Screen, Elina ISBN: 9780197265598 List Price: $99.00
Roman Seal-Boxes in Britain by Andrews, Colin ISBN: 9781407310411
Victory As a Coin Type by Bellinger, Alfred Raymond, ... ISBN: 9780598351302 List Price: $30.00
New Jersey State Coppers : History, Description, Collecting by Siboni, Roger S., Howes, Jo... ISBN: 9780897223287
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