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Adam Where Are You? Why Most Black Men Don't Go to Church by Kunjufu, Jawanza, Wright, J... ISBN: 9780913543436 List Price: $14.95
What Makes You So Strong? Sermons of Joy and Strength from Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. by Ross, Jini Kilgore, Wright,... ISBN: 9780817011987 List Price: $15.00
When Black Men Stand Up for God Reflections on the Million Man March by Reid, Frank Madison, III, W... ISBN: 9780913543481 List Price: $12.95
Africans Who Shaped Our Faith by Wright, Jeremiah A., Jr., B... ISBN: 9780940955295 List Price: $7.95
My Rose An African American Mother's Story of AIDS by Bell, Geneva, Wright, Jerem... ISBN: 9780829811605 List Price: $13.00
Sankofa Moment : The History of Trinity United Church of Christ by Wright Jr., Jeremiah A. ISBN: 9780982619629
From One Brother to Another Voices of African American Men by Wright, Jeremiah A., Jr. ISBN: 9780817013622 List Price: $11.00
Good News! Sermons of Hope for Today's Families by Wright, Jeremiah A., Jr., R... ISBN: 9780817012366 List Price: $12.00
Leader's Guide Africans Who Spaed Our Faith by Wright, Jeremiah A., Jr., B... ISBN: 9780940955301 List Price: $6.95
Tempted to Leave the Cross by Flores, Ernest R., Wright, ... ISBN: 9780817015244 List Price: $14.00
Beyond Greens and Cornbread Reflections on African American Christian Identity by Moffett, Diane Givens, Wrig... ISBN: 9780817014179 List Price: $10.00