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Teaching Strategies for Children in Conflict: Curriculum Methods and Materials by Reinert, Swanson, H. L. ISBN: 9780675205917 List Price: $50.00
International Research in the Business Disciplines, 1996 The Growing Complexity of the Globa... by Swanson, Carl L., Alkhafaji... ISBN: 9781559386227 List Price: $82.95
Educational and Psychological Assessment of Exceptional Children Theories, Strategies, and A... by Swanson, H. Lee, Watson, Bi... ISBN: 9780675206563 List Price: $77.00
Learning Disabilities Theoretical and Research Issues by Swanson, H. L., Keogh, Barbara ISBN: 9780805803921 List Price: $110.00
Neonatal Hormone Treatment and Adult Sexual Behavior in Rodents by Lisk, R. D., Ward, I. L., S... ISBN: 9780842271257 List Price: $25.50
Corporate Strategy, Public Policy, and the Fortune 500: How America's Major Corporations Inf... by Ryan, Mike H., Swanson, Car... ISBN: 9780631153450 List Price: $39.95
Learning to Achieve : A Review of the Research Literature on Serving Adults with Learning Di... by Michael Hock, Paul J. Gerbe... ISBN: 9781482090413 List Price: $16.97