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Student Affairs Budgeting and Financial Management in the Midst of Fiscal Crisis: New Direct... by Student Services Staff, Jon... ISBN: 9780470637753 List Price: $29.00
Student Services for Athletes by Woodward, Dudley, Student S... ISBN: 9780787957575 List Price: $29.00
In Search of Safer Communities: Practices for Student Affairs in Addressing Campus Violence by SS (Student Services) Staff... ISBN: 9780470467237 List Price: $10.00
Total Quality Management Applying Its Principles to Student Affairs by Bryan, W. A., Student Servi... ISBN: 9780787999322 List Price: $29.00
Case Studies for Implementing Assessment in Student Affairs, No. 127: New Directions for Stu... by Student Services Staff, Bre... ISBN: 9780470554746 List Price: $29.00
Contemporary Financial Issues in Student Affairs by Student Services Staff, Sch... ISBN: 9780787971731 List Price: $29.00
Bi and Multiracial Students by Student Services Staff, Ren... ISBN: 9780470422199 List Price: $29.00
Fostering the Increased Integration of Students with Disabilities: New Directions for Studen... by Student Services Staff, Hug... ISBN: 9781118095119 List Price: $29.00
Beyond Law and Policy Reaffirming the Role of Student Affairs by Cooper, Diane L., Lancaster... ISBN: 9780787942144 List Price: $29.00
Leadership and Management Issues for a New Century by Student Services Staff, Kom... ISBN: 9780787954451 List Price: $29.00
New Directions for Student Services, Vol. 125 by Student Services Staff, Fai... ISBN: 9780470497241 List Price: $29.00
Managing Parent Partnerships by Student Services Staff, Car... ISBN: 9780470373804 List Price: $29.00
New Challenges for Greek Letter Organizations: Transforming Fraternities and Sororities into... by Whipple, Edward G., Student... ISBN: 9780787942137 List Price: $24.00
Government Financial Aid Book: The Insider's Guide to State and Federal Government Grants an... by Student Financial Services ... ISBN: 9781881199038 List Price: $14.95
Dealing with the Behavioral and Psychological Problems of Students: A Contemporary Update: N... by Student Services Staff, Dun... ISBN: 9780470592656 List Price: $29.00
Understanding and Supporting Undocumented Students : New Directions for Student Services, No... by Student Services Staff, Pri... ISBN: 9780470922491 List Price: $29.00
Advancement Work in Student Affairs : The Challenges and Strategies by Student Services Staff, Mil... ISBN: 9780470880043 List Price: $29.00
Emerging Issues and Practices in Peer Education: New Directions for Student Services (J-B SS... by Student Services Staff, Wil... ISBN: 9781118024652 List Price: $29.00
New Directions for Student Services by Student Services Staff ISBN: 9781118151167 List Price: $29.00
Creating a Veteran-Friendly Campus: Strategies for Transition and Success: New Directions fo... by Student Services Staff, Ack... ISBN: 9780470537350 List Price: $29.00
Promoting Student Success in the Community College by Helfgot, Steven R., Culp, S... ISBN: 9780787999520 List Price: $27.00
Minority and Women's Complete Scholarship Book by Student Services L. L. C. S... ISBN: 9781570711930
Graduate Student's Comp.scholarship Bk. by Student Services L. L. C. S... ISBN: 9781570711954 List Price: $18.95
B Students (Or Lower) Complete Scholarship Book by Student Services L. L. C. S... ISBN: 9781570711442 List Price: $18.95
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